Air Fryer Tempura: A Crispy Delight

air fryer tempura

One of the most popular Japanese dishes is tempura, a light and crispy dish often served as an appetizer or side dish. Traditionally, tempura consists of shrimp or vegetables that have been battered and deep-fried, resulting in a crunchy exterior coating.

Shrimp tempura

Making Tempura at Home with an Air Fryer

While traditional tempura is deep-fried, one can achieve the same crispiness by using an air fryer. Air frying is a healthier option than deep frying as it requires less oil. It uses hot air to circulate around the food, making it crispy and evenly cooked. Thus, if you’ve ever wondered how to make air fryer tempura at home, this guide will provide all the answers.


Ingredients Needed for Air Fryer Tempura 

The ingredients needed for air fryer tempura are relatively simple and may already be in your kitchen:

– Shrimp (for shrimp tempura) or various vegetables (for vegetable tempura)

– Flour mixture that includes garlic powder and onion powder

– Eggs

– Panko breadcrumbs

– Salt to taste

For alternate versions like easy air fryer sweet potato or chicken strips, just swap out the shrimp or veggies with sweet potatoes or chicken respectively.

Creating a batter for tempura is a straightforward process. While there are some differences based on what you’re making (air fryer shrimp tempura vs. air fryer vegetable tempura), the batter generally contains basic components like flour and eggs.

As part of the preparation process, remember to preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F.

Making the Tempura Batter

The key to achieving crispy air fryer tempura lies in the batter. To mix the batter for air frying, whisk together eggs and flour until it forms a smooth consistency. Then prepare the shrimp or vegetables before dunking them into the batter. 

Ensure that each piece is fully coated before transferring it to a plate dusted with panko breadcrumbs for that additional crunch. Be careful to shake off any excess batter before transferring the food into the basket of your preheated air fryer.

Air fryer

Cooking Times For Air Fryer Tempura

The cooking time for an air fryer tempura depends on the specific recipe and the model of your appliance. However, it typically takes about 10 minutes at 400 degrees F for a batch of shrimp or vegetables.

Start by arranging your battered shrimps or veggies in a single layer within your preheated air fryer basket.Then set your timer appropriately; note that halfway through the cooking time, you’ll need to pause and flip over each piece before continuing so that your dish cooks evenly.

Should you have remaining vegetables or multiple batches of shrimp after filling your basket, don’t worry – just cook in stages.

Also remember not to overfill; crowding can result in soggy tempura instead of crispy ones as overcrowding may limit hot airflow circulation within your air fryer basket.

What Sauce Suits Tempura?

Air-fried tempura typically goes well with dipping sauces such as soy sauce-based dips and sweet-and-sour-sauce variations among others. Some people prefer enjoying their light and crispy coating sans sauce which is equally satisfying.

Best Way To Reheat Tempura In An Air Fryer 

If you have leftovers from your meal, don’t fret! Reheating crispness back into any left-over tempura by using an air fryer is one effective way that works wonders! Preheat your air fryer to 400 degrees F then lay out leftovers on an even layer inside its basket; avoid stacking pieces up. Spray lightly with a bit of oil then heat for about 3 minutes max – ensure you don’t burn them!

Easy Recipes For Exciting Variations Of Tempura

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The Bottom Line

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Air Fryer Tempura FAQ

How do I preheat the air fryer before making tempura?

A: Preheating the air fryer is an important step to ensure even cooking. To preheat, set the air fryer to the desired temperature as specified in your tempura recipe, and allow it to heat up for a few minutes.

What is tempura and is it a Japanese dish?

A: Tempura is a Japanese dish that consists of battered and deep-fried seafood or vegetables. It originated in Japan and is known for its light and crispy batter.

Can I make tempura chicken in the air fryer?

A: Yes, you can make tempura chicken in the air fryer. You will need to coat the chicken pieces in batter and place them in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Cook at the recommended temperature and time for best results.

Can I use a fork to spoon the tempura batter into the air fryer?

A: Yes, you can use a fork or spoon to spoon the tempura batter into the air fryer. Make sure to coat the desired ingredient lightly in the batter before placing it in the air fryer.

Can I make tempura shrimp in the air fryer?

A: Absolutely! Tempura shrimp can be made in the air fryer. Dip the shrimp in the tempura batter, place them in a single layer on a baking sheet or directly in the air fryer basket, and cook until the batter is crispy.

Can I make tempura with frozen tempura pieces?

A: Yes, you can make tempura with frozen tempura pieces. Simply follow the cooking instructions provided with the frozen tempura, and adjust the cooking time accordingly for the air fryer. It is important to use a cooking spray to lightly coat the tempura before air frying for best results.

What is the best air fryer tempura recipe?

A: The best air fryer tempura recipe will depend on personal preferences, but a popular choice is shrimp tempura. The crispy batter and succulent shrimp make for a delicious combination. There are various shrimp tempura recipes available online for you to try.

How should I store leftover tempura?

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