Bangladesh Desserts Recipes

Bangladeshi sweets & desserts

Bangladeshi desserts owe their origins to Western Bengali influences – and the sweets and confectionery of the eastern region of Bengali are among the most delicious across all Asia. The popularity of such desserts and sweet snacks (mishti) is widespread, and includes recipes such as rasgulla, sandesh and mishti doi… [toc title=”List of Bangladeshi Sweets … Read more Bangladesh Desserts Recipes

Chapati Bread


Chapati bread is the commonest, simplest, most popular bread in the sub-continent of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.). It is the perfect accompaniment for spicy dishes, seafood and eggs. Bits of torn off chapati can be used as scoops for any main dish. It is a flat, tortilla-like bread which is cooked on a … Read more Chapati Bread

Bangladesh Vegetarian Recipes

Bangladeshi vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian recipes are popular in Bangladesh, and vegetarian dishes and vegetarian snacks are mouth watering delicacies indeed. Whilst greatly influenced by the largely vegetarian cuisine of West Bengal, there is perhaps a greater emphasis on meat in Bangladeshi cooking. [toc title=”Vegetarian Recipes List:” title_tag=”strong” list=”ul” depth=”1″] Masoor Daal (Lentil) Ingredients masoor daal (lentil) 1 cup … Read more Bangladesh Vegetarian Recipes