Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe: Quick and Easy Recipes to Satisfy Your Umami Cravings

beef ramen bowl recipe

Beef ramen noodle is a much-loved noodle dish that has amassed global popularity due to its rich flavor and quick preparation time. Many are familiar with the instant ramen noodles that are often a part of student dormitory life. However, making ramen noodle soup at home can be an enjoyable culinary experience that transcends the simplicity of instant ramen.

Beef Ramen Noodle

Understanding the Components of a Ramen Bowl

A bowl of ramen noodle comprises several components – noodles, broth, meat, and garnish. Here, our protein of choice will be beef – specifically steak. 

Ramen Noodle

Ramen Noodle

The star feature of a ramen bowl is undoubtedly the noodle. Fresh ramen noodles can be found in Asian stores, while dried ramen noodles can often be sourced from local supermarkets.  



The broth forms the heart and soul of a delicious beef ramen noodle bowl. It is typically made by simmering bones and other ingredients over several hours to extract maximum flavor.


 Beef Steak

Selection of the right cut of steak can make a difference in your beef ramen recipe. Sirloin steak or flank steak are both excellent choices for this dish.

Beef Ramen Recipe in a Slow Cooker

Creating a slow cooker beef ramen can allow the flavors to develop profoundly over time, leading to an incredibly delicious result.


– Thinly sliced sirloin steak or ground beef

– Soy sauce, fish sauce, and sesame oil for marination and flavor

– Dried or fresh Ramen noodles 

– Ingredients like green onion, cilantro, sriracha for seasoning and garnish

– Beef broth as base for soup 

Preparation Steps

1. Season your thinly sliced steak or ground beef with salt and pepper.

2. In a large pan or skillet over medium-high heat, sear the seasoned beef until nicely browned. 

3. Add your seasoned beef into the slow cooker along with your ingredients for the broth.

4. Let it simmer until flavors have thoroughly melded.

5. In a separate pot, bring water to a boil and cook your chosen type of Ramen noodles according to package instructions.

6. Once cooked, ladle your broth into bowls, and add the cooked Ramen noodles.

7. Top off each bowl with slices of perfectly cooked steak (or ground beef), sprinkle chopped green onions as well as other garnishes.

Quick Spicy Beef Ramen Recipe

For those seeking to add some spice into their lives or those simply working with limited time constraints, this easy weeknight spicy beef ramen recipe is for you.


– Ground pork or ground beef

– Sesame seeds as garnish

– Dried instant Ramen noodles

– Sriracha sauce for spice

– A mix of seasonings for flavor 

– Vegetables such as sliced mushrooms or white parts of green onion

Preparation Steps

1. Heat oil in a large deep skillet or saucepan over medium heat.

2. Add the ground beef/pork into the skillet – cook till browned, then remove from heat.

3. Evaluate how spicy you want your dish to be, then generously apply Sriracha sauce accordingly.

4. Add your stock/broth onto a skillet along with seasonings and bring to a boil – once boiling, lower the heat and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Incorporate your favorite vegetables to enhance nutritional value.

6. On another cooker, bring 2 cups water to a boil, then add dried instant Ramen noodles – cook till tender should take not more than 3 minutes as per package instructions.

7. Once ready, combine all elements together – firstly, lay down noodles on bowls followed by your already prepared broth, then finally top them off with your preferred toppings along with sesame seeds for garnish.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to prepare these delicious bowls. Whether it’s using an inexpensive cut like ground beef or upping the game with sirloin steak slices – making restaurant-quality ramens at home is indeed both tasty and gratifying. Be it slowly savoring homemade slow cooker creations on relaxed weekends – or given busy weekday schedules – needing quick but satisfying recipes, this versatile Japanese favorite & easy-to-make delight would fit in well with any meal schedule.

Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe FAQ

How long does it take to make the Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe?

The Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe takes only a few minutes to make. You can have a delicious and satisfying bowl of ramen ready in no time!

What heat should I use for cooking the Savory Beef Ramen Noodles?

To cook the Savory Beef Ramen Noodles, you’ll want to use medium-high heat initially when browning the ground beef and bringing the broth to a simmer. However, once you add the noodles, you can reduce the heat to medium to allow the flavors to meld together.

Can I add vegetables to the Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe?

Absolutely! The Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe can be customized to your liking. Adding vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, or bok choy can enhance the flavor and nutritional value of the dish. Simply chop the vegetables into small pieces and add them to the beef mixture to cook along with the noodles.

How can I make the Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe even more delicious?

There are several ways to elevate the flavor of the Savory Beef Ramen Noodle Recipe. Some suggestions include adding a soft-boiled egg on top, garnishing with chopped green onions or cilantro, or drizzling some chili oil for a spicy kick. Feel free to experiment and find your favorite combination of toppings.

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