Cambodian (Khmer) Ingredients


 Many ingredients in Cambodian recipes are similar to those used in adjacent countries; Rice paddy herb. Ma-om Fishwort. Chee poel trey Sweet basil leaves. Chee_korhom Asian coriander. Xang_hum Chive Ka-chay Pepper mint. Chee ankam derm Cilantro. Chee van_suy Chen Saw leaf. Chee pa-la(chee parang). Ginger. Chnay Asian Rhubard. Kdath Long string bean. Sdet_kur Asian Eggplant. … Read more Cambodian (Khmer) Ingredients

Cambodian Meat Recipes

Authentic Cambodian cuisine includes an array of delicious meat recipes for fish, pork and chicken, using curries, spices, local condiments, fruit and vegetables; Aioan Chua Noeung Phset Kretni Cambogee Beef Red Beef Curry Cambogee Eggplant with Pork & Shrimp Coconut Fish Curry Parcels  Amok Trei Pakon Char Poat Koun (Shrimp with baby corn) Tamarind Chicken … Read more Cambodian Meat Recipes

Cambodian Desserts Recipes

Traditional Cambodian desserts (Khmer sweets) include taro and rice-based puddings and custards. Dishes using both bananas and mango are also popular; Kuay Namuan Banana Rice Pudding Boua Loy Coconut Custard Mung Bean Pudding Chet Ang Nung Tirk Doung Grilled Banana With Coconut Sauce Borbo Lpaov Pumpkin and Potatoes Pudding Bobor Trao Taro Root Pudding Sticky … Read more Cambodian Desserts Recipes