2 Recent Khmer Rouge Reports

Forgive and Forget Ex-rebel: Need for reconciliation outweighs that for revenge Songpol Kaopatumtip Prom Soo (right) and colleague Maj-Gen Thaem: “No headache”. _ SONGPOL KAOPATUMTIP FormerKhmer Rouge commander Prom Soo is not worried about the prospect of a genocide trial. “It won’t give me a headache,” he smiled. Prom Soo is no stranger to political … Read more 2 Recent Khmer Rouge Reports

Cambodia Cultural Info


Khmer architecture reached its zenith during the Angkorian era (seen in Angkor Wat and the structures of Angkor Thom). Many fine examples of Khmer sculpture can be found in the National Museum in Phnom Penh. Cambodia’s classical dance is highly stylised and usually accompanied by an orchestra or choral narration. Theravada Buddhism is the dominant … Read more Cambodia Cultural Info

Cambodia Human Rights Report 2007

Cambodia Country Reports on Human Rights Practices-2007 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 11, 2008 Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy with an elected government and a population of approximately 14 million. Following national elections in 2003, the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), led by Prime Minister Hun Sen, and the National … Read more Cambodia Human Rights Report 2007

Khmer Family Structure

Cambodia (Kampuchea) Cultural Info Khmer Household and Family Structure The family is the major unit of both production and consumption. Within this unit are the strongest emotional ties, the assurance of aid in the event of trouble, economic cooperation in labor, sharing of produce and income, and contribution as a unit to ceremonial obligations. A … Read more Khmer Family Structure

Constitution of Cambodia

Cambodia (Kampuchea) Cultural Info Preamble Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Chapter IV Chapter V Preamble We, the people of Cambodia Accustomed to having been an outstanding civilization, a prosperous, large, flourishing and glorious nation, with high prestige radiating line a diamond Having declined grievously during the past two decades, having gone through suffering and … Read more Constitution of Cambodia

Kings of Cambodia

Many Thanks to:www.friesian.com CAMBODIA CHEN-LA Bhavavarman I mid 6th cent. AD Mahendravarmanfl end of 6th cent. Isanavarman I early 7th cent. Bhavavarman II earlier 7th cent. Jayavarman I mid 7th cent. Jayadevi (f) early 8th cent. Nripatindravarman Pushkaraksha Sambhuvarman 8th cent. Rajendravarman I late 8th cent. Mahipativarman KHMER ngkr, c. 890-1432 Jayavarman II 802-850 … Read more Kings of Cambodia