Chinese Desserts Recipes

Chinese desserts recipes

Chinese desserts recipes include cookies, tarts, fortune cookies, fruit-based dishes, puddings and cakes. These are tried and tested Chinese recipes for authentic and delicious Chinese desserts at home. … Chocolate Ginger Lychees, Custard Tarts, Almond Cookies, Ginger Date Wontons and interesting ways to prepare fruit. Chocolate Ginger Lychees This recipe makes about 2 dozen. Ingredients … Read more Chinese Desserts Recipes

How to Prepare Chinese Tea


Preparing Chinese Tea Learning how to prepare Chinese tea properly is easy enough if you follow a few basic guidelines. The best tea in the world can taste horrible if prepared incorrectly, and conversely a very inexpensive tea can be very satisfying if made well. Some tea comes with specific steeping suggestions on the back … Read more How to Prepare Chinese Tea

Chinese Meat Recipes

Chinese Meat Recipes - Roast Pork

Chinese meat recipes are many & varied, encompassing Pork, Chicken, Beef, Duck, Fish etc. Pretty much anything that moves is a candidates for the dinner table. [toc title=”List of Chinese Meat Recipes:” title_tag=”strong” list=”ul” depth=”1″] Fish Balls Yield: 1 Servings Ingredients 2 c Potatoes; chopped fine 1 c Cod; flaked 1 tb Butter Pepper to … Read more Chinese Meat Recipes