Herbal Folklore

Old Wives’ Tales, Folklore, Myths and Legends

The subject of herbs is  steeped in interesting old wives tales, folklore, myths and legends. Here are some hints on how herbs can be indispensable in your everyday life.

If you are looking for a sweet heart you should:

    • anoint yourself with  marjoram  before sleeping you and you will dream of your future spouse
    • put a pot of basil on the balcony as a tacit sign that you are  ready to receive a suitor
    • wear some thyme and it will be sure to bring you a sweetheart
    •  smuggle some borageinto the drink of a prospective husband to give him courage to propose   marriage
    • wear some  lovage to assure your sweetheart’s undying devotion

OK… you’ve snagged him/her  and you are married…….

    • Plant some sage (and hope it grows/doesn’t grow) because sage only prospers where the wife rules
    • Whoever has a better vocabulary of cuss words let him/her  plant the basil…because it will only grow if cussed out properly

 If you are having trouble in the bedroom:

    •  Chervil – is supposed to promote lust
    •  Savory- has a reputation for regulating the sex drive
        • Winter savory to decrease it
        •  Summer savory to act as an aphrodisiac

If you want to keep from growing old:

    • Sweet Cicely is very good for old people “who are dull and without courage”
    • A Chinese proberb says “How can a man grow old when he has sage in his garden

Love Potion #9

Grind one handful of lovage blossoms, leaves, stems and roots into a powder. For one cup of tea, pour boiling water over 1 tablespoon of powder, and let steep for 15 minutes. Offer and sip slowly.

The power of love is closest to the fountain of life. Of all things, love is what keeps us young, flexible, joyful and healthy. Love brings us close to life itself and it must be approached with deep respect and reverence. This vital spark does not depend on age. It is a matter of a radiant, positive attitude toward life.

Lovage…also called sea parsley, love stem or nine-stem.