How To Remove Ants From Rice

How To Remove Ants From Rice

The same as with all living creatures, ants also want food, water and shelter. That is why the ants invade human homes to find food and water, in this case, ants on the rice. Although these bite-sized insects are not harmful (except when they bite), it can be displeasing to look at especially when on top of your uncooked rice. We often noticed ants crawling on our containers where there is rice inside. But not to worry because in today’s post we are going to share the ways on how to remove ants from rice.

How To Remove Ants From Rice

While the ants are often found outside, there can also be ants inside the house because these tiny insects tends to have a habit of invading human homes for water and food especially during summer time or the temperature is dry. Most of the time, a one ant head inside and for all you know a whole army of ants are following.

Also, ants are attracted to starchy and sweet foods such as honey and sugar. Make sure to keep these foods in an air tight container or are sealed in plastic bags.

To help remove ants on rice, there are several ways on how to do it and it will be listed below.

Bay Leaves

If you are searching for the best solution on in getting rid of ants on your rice or in your pantry you can use Bay leaves. Ants do not like the smell and the taste of bay leaves that is why placing a few bay leaves in you pantry or in any food can block and repel ants.

Bay leaves can also be added to containers with grains, flour or rice will keep it insect-free. Aside from ants, bay leaves can also ward off cockroaches, moths, flies and even mice because of its bitter smell from the leaves. You don’t need fresh bay leaves, dried bay leaves will do too.


Another way to kill ants on your rice is by using cloves. It will fight insects and bugs that prevents ant infestation.


Putting unpeeled garlic in rice containers can help get rid of ants crawling. Try to put garlic when you see ants actively crawling, you will notice that the ants will avoid the area where there is garlic.

Although garlic pods will eventually dry out and may no longer be effective, you can change the pods and place new pods again on rice container so that the ants will not return.

Use Citrus Fruits

Lemons, limes and oranges are a few examples of Citrus fruits that works well and acts as an ant repellent naturally.

Placing lemons and lemon juice in your pantry will help get rid of ants and away from rice.

Peppermint oil

Essential oils such as peppermints and Spearmints acts as ant repellants especially the Argentine ants. Just a few drops of these oils placed in the burner and placed near the rice container will prevent ant infestation.

Likewise with Tea Tree oil, it also works as an insect or ant repelling. Although most of the time, these oils are place in the cabinet of you bathroom. It also works well by placing a few drops near rice containers.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper are not just seasonings but also works well in repelling ants. Spreading salt near the area where the rice container is located or in areas where the entry points of the ants are, it will definitely keep them away.

Black and Cayenne pepper are a good ant repellants too.


When placing cinnamon in your pantry, it will not only make your pantry smell fresh but will also keep ants from invading your homes. The ants does not like the smell of cinnamon therefore they will avoid the area.

Place cinnamon on the area where the rice container is located to prevent ant infestation.

Use Chalk

Chalk is proven to act as an ant repellant. You can simply draw chalk near or going to the where the container with rice is placed in the kitchen.

Store rice in the refrigerator

It is recommended to place and store the rice inside the refrigerator for several days, this is to make sure that ants will be removed and killed.

If the ants are on your food, you can store and place the food in a resealable or air tight container. Since the containers are thick the rice will be protected from ants and other crawling insects.

Aside from storing in releasable plastic containers, you can also use glass containers as well making sure that the lid fits the container well.

Pouring Boiling Water

Since we are talking about removing ants from rice, pouring boiling water does mean pouring it directly on the rice. If the rice container is near a hole or any holes, it is either you transfer the container to another location or you just pour boiling water to the holes.

Pour boiling is another effective method in removing and preventing ants from coming back and infesting your rice.

Keep Pantry Clean

As mentioned, ants invade our homes to find food and water. In that case, it is important to always keep your pantry clean. This means that cleaning mess and spills as well as removing crumbs, debris and ingredients that are spilled that way it cannot attract ants. The trash should always be disposed of properly and regularly.

The area where you keep your rice container should also be kept clean. Make sure to wash the shelves or where you are keeping rice containers using soap and water.


‘The ways mentioned are some of the effective ways on removing ants from rice. The techniques are easy to follow and most of them are found easily at home. Therefore instead of using chemicals to get rid of insets and ant, you might want to use home remedies instead and these home remedies are mentioned above.

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