Thai Ingredient Substitutions

Many times the ingredients called for in Thai recipes may not be available in your locality or the prices may be very high. Here are some possibilities that may be substituted for Thai ingredients, but remember, to make it authentic, there is no real substitution for Thai ingredients if you want that REAL taste.. (Some items courtesy of Moi’s Kitchen)

shallots red or spanish onions
bamboo shoots in fried dishes you may use asparagus
Thai chilis: prik ki nu Mexican chilis: habanero
Thai chilis: prik chi fa Mexican chilis: jalapena
coconut milk whole [cows] milk
fermented fish anchovy paste
fermented pork Spam, marinaded in lime juice
lime juice lemon juice
limes lemons
gord gourd leaves (bai dumleung) watercress
phak kana (Thai kale) broccoli
makheau phuang (Thai pea eggplants) garden peas
green mangoes sour green cooking apples
palm sugar light brown sugar
shrimp paste anchovy paste
swamp cabbage cabbage (blanch if required ‘raw’
Thai basil a mixture of Italian basil and mint
tamarind juice 5 parts tomato catsup to 1 part vinegar
mooli (white radish) turnip
Kaffir lime lime zest

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