Khanom Tang Taek Recipe – Broken Barrel Candy

Khanom Tang Taek recipe – translated as “Broken Barrel” candy began life as a dessert for poor people. Also known as Poor Man’s Pancake, it is cheap to make, the main ingredients being rice flour and sugar. These days, its a lot more than just flour and sugar and street and market vendors normally offer a variety of fillings, including custard cream, coconut meat, sliced corn and sundry other options.

Khanom Tang Taek recipe

Sometimes found in markets, its also a roadside snack in many towns. To a Western palate, its more like a waffle than a pancake. The batter of the pancake has a mixture of flour and eggs and is cooked in a deep pan. The pancake is most often topped with shredded coconut, sugar and sesame seeds.

Khanom-Tang-Taek Stall

Street Food Video: Khanom Tang Taek Recipe


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