Korean Culture

Korean society is based on the tenets of Confucianism, a system of ethics developed in China around 500 BC. Confucianism is big on devotion and respect – for parents, family, friends and those in positions of authority. Confucius also emphasised justice, peace, education, reform and humanitarianism. Many Koreans attribute their country’s remarkable success in recent … Read more Korean Culture

Korean Buddhism

Charles Muller First Published: July, 1996; Updated: August 14, 2003 1. Introduction 2. Three Kingdoms (三國) Buddhism 3. Unified Silla Period (統一新羅; 668-918) 4. Goryeo Period (高麗; 918-1392) 5. Joseon Period (朝鮮; 1392-1909) 1. Introduction Since Korean Buddhism has come to the attention of Western scholarship rather late compared with Chinese and Japanese Buddhism, it … Read more Korean Buddhism

Korean Tea Culture

Culture of Kabul

Historical Tea History and Customs In ancient times humans considered tea to be an edible plant or medicine, but it gradually evolved into a beverage thanks to its merits-good taste, stimulating effect and easy preparation. Eventually, tea drinking developed into a cultural form. “Tea culture” encompasses all the material paraphernalia involved in the process of … Read more Korean Tea Culture