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  What’s for Breakfast?
Chinese rarely have bacon and eggs for breakfast. Instead, they have a bowl of hot rice congee with a few pickled vegetables or other side dishes. On the run, instead of a doughnut and coffee, Chinese have you tiao ( fried cruller ) and doujiang ( soybean milk ). If you’d like to try breakfast Chinese-style, ask a local friend where to find these favorite items:

Chinese menu reader

Bao zi - Steamed Dumplingbao ziSteamed dumpling
da mi zhou -rice congeeda mi zhourice congee
dou sha bao - steamed bean-paste dumplingdou sha baosteamed bean-paste dumpling
 pao cai - pickled vegetablepao caipickled vegetable
rou song - shredded dried meatrou songshredded dried meat

  What’s for Dinner?

You’ve finally found a place to eat. You’re seated at the table, and the waiter has handed you the menu. Now what? If you are puzzled by the menu at hand, try pointing to some of the choices below and asking You mei you zhe ge? ( Do you have this? ) The items here are standard dishes available at most restaurants.


xiang su ji - crispy fried chickenxiang su jicrispy fried chicken24.jpg (3500 bytes)
gong bao ji ding - hot spicy chicken with peanutsgong bao ji dinghot spicy chicken with peanuts
tang cu yu - sweet-and-sour fishtang cu yusweet-and-sour fish
hong shao yu - braised fish in brown saucehong shao yubraised fish in brown sauce
mu xu rou - mushu porkmu xu roumushu pork
yu xiang rou si - pork in hot garlic sauceyu xiang rou sipork in hot garlic sauce
ma po dou fu - hot spicy bean curdma po dou fuhot spicy bean curd
sha guo dou fu - bean curd casserolesha guo dou fubean curd casserole
chao dou ya - sauteed bean sproutschao dou yasauteed bean sprouts
suan la tang - hot-and-sour soupsuan la tanghot-and-sour soup


The most popular beverage in China is tea. Tea is said to have many curative effects, from improving eyesight and preventing tooth decay to helping reduce weight. Below are the names of the basic teas in China.

Green tea - Cha l cha

An unfermented tea with a clear taste and dark green color. The most famous green tea is West Lake Dragon Well Tea ( xi hu long jing cha ) produced in Hangzhou. It is known for its delicate taste.

Green Tea:
Hong cha - Black tea hong cha

A fermented tea with a fruit fragrance and mellow taste. A famous black  tea is Keemun Tea ( qi hong ) produced in Qimen, Anhui province. It has a sweet aftertaste.

Black Tea:
wo long cha wu long cha

A semi-fermented tea produced in Fujian and Taiwan. A famous oolong tea is Iron Goddess of Mercy Tea ( tie guan yin cha ) which has a sweet aroma and concentrated taste.

Oolong Tea:
Hua Cha hua cha

A tea produced by smoke-processing tea leaves with flower petals. Jasmine Tea ( mo li hua cha ) is popular for its clear taste and jasmine fragrance.

Scented Tea

    Local Snacks

As you travel throughout China, you will have the chance to sample many local snacks. Below are some of the most popular snacks in four major cities.

bing tang hu lu - candied haws on a stickbing tang hu lucandied haws on a stick

shuan yang rou - Mongolian hot potshuan yang rouMongolian hot pot
wan dou huang - pea-flour cakewan dou huangpea-flour cake
xing ren cha - almond-flour teaxing ren chaalmond-flour tea
yang rou chuan - mutton shish kebabyang rou chuanmutton shish kebab
dou sha baosweet bean-paste dumplings
xiao long baosmall steamed dumplings
zhi ma tang yuansesame sweet-rice dumplings in soup
shi zi bingfried persimmon cake
yang rou pao mocrumbled unleavened bread soaked in lamb stew
chun juanspring roll

23.jpg (1919 bytes)

shao maisteamed pork dumpling
xia jiaoshrimp dumplings
he ye fanrice wrapped in fresh lotus leaf
zha xia qiufried shrimp balls

    What You Will Hear


Cheers! Bottoms up.Gan bei!
Would you like anything else?Hai yao shen me?
How many people?Ji wei?
What would you like to drink?Ni men xiang he shen me?
Do you have a reservation?Ni men yu ding le ma?
Check please.Qing jie zhang.
Do you want rice?Yao mi fan ma?
To your health!Zhu ni jian kang!





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