Cooking With Herbs & Spices

 The American Spice Trade Association has prepared this handy chart to acquaint you with a variety of spices and their uses. Until familiar with a spice, it’s best to start with 1/4 teaspoon (less for the red pepper spices) to a pint of sauce, soup or vegetable, or to a pound of meat, fish or fowl.

Appetizer, Soup, Meat & Eggs, Fish & Poultry

  Appetizer Soup Meat & Eggs Fish & Poultry
Allspice Cocktail
Pot Au Feu Ham steak Oyster Stew
Anise Licorice candy Beef/Veal Stew, Cottage cheese, Chocolate pudding
Basil Cheese Stuffed
Manhattan Clam Chowder Ragout of Beef Shrimp Creole
Bay Leaf Pickled Beets Vegetable Soup Lamb Stew Simmered Chicken
Caraway   Seed Mild Cheese Spreads Sauerbraten
Cardamon       Curried Chicken, Curried Shrimp
Cayenne Deviled Eggs Oyster Stew Barbecued Beef Poached Salmon, Hollandaise
Celery   Salt and Seed Ham Spread (Salt) Cream of Celery (Seed) Meat Loaf (Seed) Chicken Croquettes (Salt)
Chervil Fish Dips Cream Soup Omelet Chicken Saute’
Chili   Powder Sea Food, Cocktail Sauce Pepper Pot Chili con Carne Arroz con Pollo
Cloves Fruit Punch Muligatawney Boiled tongue Baked Fish
Curry Powder Curried Shrimp Cream of Mushroom Curry of Lamb Chicken Hash
Dill Seed Cottage Cheese Split Pea Grilled Lamb Steak Drawn Butter for Shellfish
Salt, Powder
Clam Dip Vegetable Soup Roast Lamb Bouillabaisse
Ginger Broiled Grapefruit Bean Soup Dust lightly over Steak Roast Chicken
Mace Quiche Lorraine Petite Marmite Veal Fricassee Fish Stew
Marjoram Fruit Punch Cup Onion Soup Roast Lamb Salmon Loaf
Mint Fruit Cup Sprinkle over Split Pea Veal Roast Cold Fish
  Powdered Dry
Ham Spread Lobster Bisque Virginia Ham Deviled Crab
Nutmeg Chopped Oysters Cream DuBarry Salisbury Steak Southern Fried Chicken
Powder, Salt, Flakes,
Instant Minced
Avocado Spread   (Powder) Consomme’   (Flakes) Meat Loaf   (Instant Minced) Fried Shrimp   (Salt)
Oregano Sharp Cheese Spread Beef Soup Swiss Steak Court Bouillon
Paprika Creamed Sea Food Creamed Soup Hungarian Goulash Oven Fried Chicken
Parsley   Flakes Cheese Balls Cream of Asparagus Irish Lamb Stew Broiled Mackerel
Rosemary Deviled Eggs Mock Turtle Lamb Loaf Chicken a’ la King
Sage Cheese Spreads Consomme’ Cold Roast Beef Poultry Stuffing
Savory Liver Paste Lentil Soup Scrambled Eggs Chicken Loaf
Tarragon Mushrooms a la Grecque Snap Bean Soup Marinated Lamb or Beef Lobster
Thyme Artichokes Clam Chowder Use sparingly in Fricassees Poultry Stuffing