Why crush garlic & how to mince it

Mincing Garlic

Why crush garlic & how to mince it

The next time you use garlic for its renowned antibacterial effects, consider fresh garlic instead of those bottles of chopped garlic. Researchers in Japan report that fresh garlic maintains higher levels of a key healthy ingredient than preserved versions and may be better for you.

Another study reports what scientists term the first scientific evidence that freshly crushed garlic has more potent heart-healthy effects than dried garlic. It also challenges the widespread belief that most of garlic’s benefits are due to its rich array of antioxidants.

Instead, garlic’s heart-healthy effects seem to result mainly from hydrogen sulfide, a chemical signaling substance that forms after garlic is cut or crushed and relaxes blood vessels when eaten. ( Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 2008)

Steps 1-3: 
Mash the head of garlic under a kitchen towel to break up the cloves. 

Mincing Garlic - Step 1Mincing Garlic - Step 2Mincing Garlic - Step 3
Steps 4-5:
Mash each clove under large metal knife (not my Ming Tsai series ceramic knife!) You may also use a small sauté pan to smash the garlic on the cutting board while pressing firmly down. 
Mincing Garlic - Step 4Mincing Garlic - Step 5
Step 6:
This will make the skin come loose around the clove. Now you can easily remove the skin. 
Mincing Garlic - Step 6
Step 7-8:
Cut the clove from left to right and then from top to bottom.
Mincing Garlic - Step 7

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