Mincing Ginger

Step 1-2: 
When you buy ginger, try to find a large, un-bruised hand of ginger. Cut off a long piece of ginger, then peel it it using the back end of a chef’s knife or peeler and cut off the hairy or hard ends. 

Mincing ginger - Step 1Mincing ginger - Step 2
Step 3: 
Then make thin slices 1/16th inch along the length keeping them together. 
Mincing ginger - Step 3
Step 4: 
Turn these slices so that they are stacked up on their sides. Slice them again in very thin 1/16th inch slices. 
Mincing ginger - Step 4
Steps 5-7: 
Hold all of these thin strips together and cut them horizontally so that you have tiny pieces of ginger otherwise called brunoise.
Mincing ginger - Step 5Mincing ginger - Step 6Mincing ginger - Step 7
Step 8:
Close up