Pakistani Vegetarian Dishes

Pokara Red Kidney Beans Red Lentil Soup Rice With Potatoes, Cilantro And Mint Vegetables in a Yoghurt and Coconut Sauce Spiced Potatoes In Tamarind Sauce Pumpkin Fugadh Pumpkin Soup Uppama Alu Carrot Pickle Eggplant In Ginger-Tamarind Sauce   Red Kidney Beans (Rajma) Serving Size : 6 Ingredients 2 c Red kidney bean 3 qt Water … Read more Pakistani Vegetarian Dishes

Pakistani Meat Dishes

Chicken Jalfarezi Ginger Chicken Palak Muragh Anokhay Kabaab Raan Masaledar Prawns in Spicy Coconut Sauce Chicken Masalah Lamb Pasanday Taway kay Kabab Nauratan Galawat kay Kabab Shahi Korma Chicken Jalfarezi Ingredients 3 lb. Chicken breast-boneless 8 oz Green Pepper 8 oz Tomato 8 oz Onion (Red-Large) 1 t Cumin Seed 10 Garlic cloves 2 oz … Read more Pakistani Meat Dishes

Pakistan Culture

The pleasures of Pakistan are old: Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples, Islamic palaces, tombs and pleasure grounds, and widely spaced Anglo-Mogul Gothic mansions – some in a state of dereliction which makes their grandeur even more emphatic. Scuplture is dominated by Graeco-Buddhist friezes, and crafts by ceramics, jewellery, silk goods and engraved woodwork and metalwork. Even … Read more Pakistan Culture

Pakistan Human Rights Report 2007

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  - 2007 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor – March 11, 2008 Pakistan is a federal republic with a population of approximately 168 million. The head of state is President Pervez Musharraf, who assumed power after overthrowing the civilian government in 1999 and was elected president … Read more Pakistan Human Rights Report 2007