Singapore Ghost Stories

Changing Eyes

A true experience

This experience was told to me by the very person who experienced it.

It was the weekend and I was new to Singapore. My cousins brought me along to every party in town and it would always get really late before we went home. Tonight was no different.

After the party, someone suggested taking the party down to one of the local cemeteries, just for kicks. Everyone took to the idea, especially the daredevil in me. We took the booze and drove down to the nearest cemetry.

When we got there, we just partied among the tombstones and were enjoying ourselves. Suddenly, one of the girls in the group threw herself in my arms and started calling me her ‘lover’ (bear in mind that I’m new to the country, much less this girl) and kissed me passionately. I remember kissing her back due to the effects of the alcohol in my bloodstream and the atmosphere.

When we broke the kiss, I looked into her eyes and saw the pupils were changing color, from blue to green to I-can’t-remember-what-other-color. It wouldn’t have been so bad if I could blame it on the lighting of the area, but here’s the deal. The girl is Chinese and has only brown eyes, black at most, which means the color should not be even be noticable. On top of that, this girl has a boyfriend who was at the party too and had been pretty close to him throughout the party earlier.

I totally freaked out (who wouldn’t in a cemetery late at night?) and pushed the girl away. I told my cousins about it and we all just bundled the girl and everyone and got the Hell out of the place.