French Influence on Filipino Cuisine

Filipino cuisine as we know it today is a multi-layered expression of culture and history. It has a very Malay matrix in the “native” or indigenous foods likeásinigang,ápinangatáandápinais. It has very strong Chinese influences, as we see from everyday food likeálumpia,pancitáandámami. The very visible Spanish layer one sees in fiesta food likeálechon,árelle˝oáandámorcon; Arab and Indian … Read more French Influence on Filipino Cuisine

Philippine Cuisine

Philippine Cuisine Philippine cuisine has evolved over several centuries from its Malayo-Polynesian origins to a mixed cuisine with many Hispanic cultural influences, due to the many Latin American and Spanish dishes brought to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period. It has also received varying degrees of influence from Chinese, American, and other Asian cuisine. … Read more Philippine Cuisine

Thailand Cuisine – Royal & Regional

Thailand Cuisine -Royal & Regional

Northern Thailand Cuisine Northern Thailand cuisine – the traditional Thai food recipes of the north, in some way, is cooked with the sole thought for the taste for the northern people. The recipe consists of vegetable and ingredients available in their immediate vicinity. The common meal includes steamed glutinous rice, chili sauces which come in … Read more Thailand Cuisine – Royal & Regional

Introduction to Indian Cuisine

Introduction to Indian cuisine

What’s for dinner tonight? Cumin, coriander and cardamom; mustard, mango powder, ginger; asafetida, fenugreek and chilies. And then there’s turmeric, tamarind and saffron, curry leaf, coconut milk and kewara water, almonds, cashews and pistachios — and those are just the seasonings! Only one place on the map incorporates this riot of sensory stimulation in its … Read more Introduction to Indian Cuisine

Chinese Food History

Chinese food history

Chinese Food History – An Anthropological Study Chinese food history, adapted from K.C. Chang, Food in Chinese Culture: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1977. Reprinted with permission from Yale University Press. To say that the consumption of food is a vital part of the chemical process of life is to … Read more Chinese Food History