Cambodian Desserts Recipes

Traditional Cambodian desserts (Khmer sweets) include taro and rice-based puddings and custards. Dishes using both bananas and mango are also popular; Kuay Namuan Banana Rice Pudding Boua Loy Coconut Custard Mung Bean Pudding Chet Ang Nung Tirk Doung Grilled Banana With Coconut Sauce Borbo Lpaov Pumpkin and Potatoes Pudding Bobor Trao Taro Root Pudding Sticky … Read more Cambodian Desserts Recipes

Burmese Desserts


Gin Thoke (Ginger Mix) Palm Sugar Sago  (Thagu-Pyin)  Seaweed Jelly  Rich Semolina  (Sanwinmakin) Hidden Treasure Monpetok) Moh Let Saung (Coconut Milk with Sago) Coconut Cream Sherbet (Shwe-Yin-Aye) Wrapped Bananas  (Kauknyintok) Mango Cake Gin Thoke (Ginger Mix) This after meal digestive tid bit is pronounced jintho . The Burmese are a very relaxed people. They sit … Read more Burmese Desserts

Laos Dessert Recipes


Laotian desserts recipes, whilst very similar to Thailand in both name and form, may sometimes exhibit subtle differences; Sticky Rice and Mango (Khao Nieow Ma Muang) Baked Coconut Rice Pudding Oranges in Syrup Light Orange-blossom Oranges Bananas in Coconut Cream Banana Rice Pudding Another Banana Dessert Kuay Namuan – Bananas Cooked In Coconut Milk Serves. … Read more Laos Dessert Recipes

Malaysian Desserts


Bubur Pulut Hitam Kue Mangkok Multilayered Butter Cake Crisp Sweet Striped Cookies Sticky Rice Cake in Brown Sugar Sauce Sweet Dodo Kueh Bahulu Almond London Cookies Nutty Blossom Cookies Coconut Sweet Potato Cake Spiced Fruit Salad Banana Fritters Sticky Rice Rolls Stuffed Pancake Roll Sweet Coconut Rice Balls Coconut Mooncake (Yeh Yoong Mooncake) Ping Pei … Read more Malaysian Desserts

Tibetan Desserts


Whilst Tibet is more likely to conjure up visions of mountains than desserts, Tibetan cuisine does include a small range of sweet recipes, especially for special occasions. Cream Cheese Barfi Carrot Barfi Sikarni Rasbari Dessert Khir Cream Cheese Barfi (Sweetened Cream Cheese Cake) Ingredients 1.5 lb cream cheese 1.5 lb sour cream 1 can sweet … Read more Tibetan Desserts