Portuguese, Dutch & British in Indonesia

In their search for spices, the Portuguese arrived in Indonesia in 1511, after their conquest of the Islamic kingdom of Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. They were followed by the Spaniards. Both began to propagate Christianity and were most successful in Maluku, also known as the Moluccas. The Beginning Of Dutch Colonialism Meanwhile, the Dutch … Read more Portuguese, Dutch & British in Indonesia

Kings of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas

Culture of Kabul

Many Thanks to: www.friesian.com Tibet enters history with the introduction of Buddhism and the organization of a kingdom in competition with T’ang China. Eventually, the Tibetans ended the Chinese presence in Central Asia and even briefly occupied the T’ang capital, Ch’ang-An. The Tibetan language is related to Chinese, but culturally Tibet is a sub-Indian rather … Read more Kings of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas

Kings of Burma

Culture of Kabul

Many Thanks to: www.friesian.com The Burmese speak a Sino-Tibean language, more closely related to Tibetan and Karen than to Chinese itself. But, despite frequent political and military involvement with China, Burma has always been a sub-Indian culture, with Theravadin Buddhist religion and a Sanskrit based alphabet. The interesting circular form of Burmese letters is a consequence … Read more Kings of Burma

Kings of Cambodia

Many Thanks to: www.friesian.com CAMBODIA CHEN-LA Bhavavarman I mid 6th cent. AD Mahendravarmanfl end of 6th cent. Isanavarman I early 7th cent. Bhavavarman II earlier 7th cent. Jayavarman I mid 7th cent. Jayadevi (f) early 8th cent. Nripatindravarman   Pushkaraksha Sambhuvarman 8th cent. Rajendravarman I late 8th cent. Mahipativarman KHMER Ângkôr, c. 890-1432 Jayavarman II 802-850 … Read more Kings of Cambodia