Chicken Gizzard Yakitori recipe (sunagimo)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken gizzard or sunagimo is an organ found on the chicken’s digestive tract. The chicken gizzard meat is low in fat and contains Vitamin B12 that is good for our brain. Aside from that, gizzard also offers other nutritional benefits to our body. Because of that, chicken gizzard is among the popular food all over … Read more Chicken Gizzard Yakitori recipe (sunagimo)

Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

what is japanese yakitori

In this recipe article, we will show you how to prepare a Chicken Tender yakitori (sasami) using easy-to-do steps. Chicken Tender yakitori or sasami is a tenderloin chunk of a chicken breast. Our menu for today is made of tender chunks of chicken breast thread on the bamboo skewers and seasoned with a sweet soy … Read more Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

How to Make a Traditional Japanese Breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal that everyone should take after rising from a long night of sleep. It is composed of a complete meal usually served during lunch or dinner time. It helps stimulate your metabolism to burn calories all through the day. Thus, giving you enough energy to sustain any activities you have … Read more How to Make a Traditional Japanese Breakfast