Chicken Thigh and Scallion yakitori recipe (negima)

Yakitori is a Japanese term which literally means grilled chicken. It is made of small sizes of chicken meat including the thigh part. In our recipe, we will give our yakitori recipe a little twist by adding a scallion. Read on and learn how to prepare chicken thigh & scallion yakitori at the comfort of … Read more Chicken Thigh and Scallion yakitori recipe (negima)

Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

In this recipe article, we will show you how to prepare a Chicken Tender yakitori (sasami) using easy-to-do steps. Chicken Tender yakitori or sasami is a tenderloin chunk of a chicken breast. Our menu for today is made of tender chunks of chicken breast thread on the bamboo skewers and seasoned with a sweet soy … Read more Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)