Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

what is japanese yakitori

In this recipe article, we will show you how to prepare a Chicken Tender yakitori (sasami) using easy-to-do steps. Chicken Tender yakitori or sasami is a tenderloin chunk of a chicken breast. Our menu for today is made of tender chunks of chicken breast thread on the bamboo skewers and seasoned with a sweet soy … Read more Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

What is Yakitori Japanese Skewer and its context

What is Yakitori Japanese Skewer? Japan is the fourth largest island country in the world situated in the east coast of Asia that is composed of around 6,852 islands. Tokyo, which is the capital City of the country, is famous because of its tall and modern buildings, numerous shopping centers, and most especially of its … Read more What is Yakitori Japanese Skewer and its context