Nepalese Dances

Mahakali Dance This is one of the most popular masked dances of the Newars. It is based on the religious story from a Hindu Puran Called ‘Mahakali Mahalaxmi’. According to this , the three goddess Mahakali, Mahalaxmi, and Kumari (three of the eight deities that protect the eight directions of Kathmandu Valley and have different … Read more Nepalese Dances

Myanmar Folk Dances

Culture of Kabul

Myanmar folk dances developed together with folk music and songs. So they are inseparably linked with folk music and songs. These three performing arts are complementary and agro-based. As Myanmar is an agricultural country the majority of its people are peasants and their cultural performance reflect their occupation and daily life style. Just as their … Read more Myanmar Folk Dances

Thai Classical Dance

  The diverse arts and culture of Thailand have a fascination of their very own, and one of the most fascinating is Thai classical dance and its rituals and traditions. Visitors don’t really feel they have seen Thailand until they’ve witnessed at least one performance of Thai classical dancing–but many understand very little of what … Read more Thai Classical Dance