Thai Sauce Recipes

Thai Sauce Recipes - Peaunt Sauce

Thai Sauce Recipes – Descriptions & Uses Thai sauce recipes vary region to region, and are generally delicious – albeit spicy… regional Thai cuisine is rich and complex Prik Naam Plaa Sauce: Fish sauce made with sliced chilies and sometimes, lime juice. This sauce goes with any dish. Sort of like a universal sauce. Fish … Read more Thai Sauce Recipes

Thai Meat Recipes & Dishes


Thai Meat Recipes & Dishes – Pork, Chicken, Prawns, Beef. The recipes vary by region, and are influenced by neighbouring countries, centuries of invasions and immigration. Chinese cuisine origins are often evident in both methods and dishes. Approximately 10% of the population is of Chinese ethnic origin. Chicken Curry Gaeng Gari Gai Red Curry Recipe … Read more Thai Meat Recipes & Dishes

Khanom Tang Taek Recipe – Broken Barrel Candy


Khanom Tang Taek recipe – translated as “Broken Barrel” candy began life as a dessert for poor people. Also known as Poor Man’s Pancake, it is cheap to make, the main ingredients being rice flour and sugar. These days, its a lot more than just flour and sugar and street and market vendors normally offer … Read more Khanom Tang Taek Recipe – Broken Barrel Candy