Thailand Cuisine – Royal & Regional

Thailand Cuisine -Royal & Regional

Northern Thailand Cuisine Northern Thailand cuisine – the traditional Thai food recipes of the north, in some way, is cooked with the sole thought for the taste for the northern people. The recipe consists of vegetable and ingredients available in their immediate vicinity. The common meal includes steamed glutinous rice, chili sauces which come in … Read more Thailand Cuisine – Royal & Regional

Thai Dessert Recipes

Traditional Thai dessert recipes

Thai dessert recipes are referred to as “khanom” in the Thai language – meaning a snack or dessert. This is a combination of the words “khao”? (rice) and “khnom” (sweet). More information on traditional Thai desserts & sweets. Ingredients Thai Sticky Rice & Mango (Khao Nieow Ma Muang) 1 1/4 cups raw sticky rice (sweet … Read more Thai Dessert Recipes