Thai Classical Dance

  The diverse arts and culture of Thailand have a fascination of their very own, and one of the most fascinating is Thai classical dance and its rituals and traditions. Visitors don’t really feel they have seen Thailand until they’ve witnessed at least one performance of Thai classical dancing–but many understand very little of what … Read more Thai Classical Dance

Vehicles in Thailand

Thailand is in love with the automobile; everybody wants one or already has one or two, and the automobile industry is very big business. Too right, with Bangkok being well known for its traffic jams and pollution. But Thailand has many more kinds of vehicles than just the automobile, as you will see in the … Read more Vehicles in Thailand

Motorcycling in Thailand

So, you want to tour Thailand by motorcycle! Great!! Thailand is a very motorcycle-friendly country with some of the best roads in terms of scenery and challenge. For the off-roader, you will find as much excitement as you can handle. For the road cruiser, cruise on smooth fast superhiways or enjoy the banked, curving mountain … Read more Motorcycling in Thailand

Touring in Thailand

Road Conditions Road surfaces and conditions in Thailand vary from perfect smooth asphalt to the most muddy,slippery, potholed roads you can imagine. The main problem you will have in driving is that the condition of the road you are on can change with little or no notice of what’s coming up. You might be cruising … Read more Touring in Thailand

Ritual Loom

Weaving, cutting, dying, sewing. In a remote part of the Kingdom a group is keeping alive an almost-extinct tradition. In a remote village in northern Thailand, Mae Ui Jai carefully checks to make sure her weaving machine is in good condition. She will be weaving cotton into robes for monks in the Kathin Laen ceremony … Read more Ritual Loom

The Bee-Keeper

Honey bees collect nectar and, at the same time, attract tourists. For a peek at their lifestyle visit Uncle Sa-ard’s farm in Lop Buri.  For most of the year uncle Sa-ard Sariphan is busy securing the source of food for his bees. He keeps track of what flowers are in bloom where and at which … Read more The Bee-Keeper

A Thai Travel Story

A panoramic view of the mountain in Burma Tired of a docile life in Chiang Mai, Pim Kemasingki drives off into the sunset with just one objective – to be back by Monday morning – and gets more adventure than she bargained for. According to John Ruskin, “All travelling becomes dull in exact proportion to … Read more A Thai Travel Story

My Life with Orphans

“It was fifteen years ago today,” recalls Tasanee Keereepraneed, 48, Director of Safe Haven Orphanage that cares for orphans at Tha Song Yang, a remote village in Tak province, “when a relative of a dead mother walked five hours to inform me of a newborn girl whose life was under threat.” “If I didn’t take … Read more My Life with Orphans

Thailand Human Rights Report 2007

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  – 2007 Thailand is a constitutional monarchy with a population of more than 65 million. The king is revered and exerts strong informal influence. The interim prime minister, appointed by military leaders of the September 2006 coup, who called themselves the Council for National Security (CNS), continued to govern together … Read more Thailand Human Rights Report 2007