Tibetan Vegetarian Dishes


Surprise your family and friends with these Tibetan vegetarian recipes, including the Dalai Lama’s Momos! We’ve a tasty list of traditional vegetable-based recipes from Tibet; The Dalai Lama’s Momos Then Thuk – Noodle Soup Potato Soup Potato Curry Tibetan Vegetable Soup Greens with Tofu (Tse Tofu) Corn Soup (Ashom Tang) Tibetan Noodle Stew Tukpa: Tibetan … Read more Tibetan Vegetarian Dishes

Kings of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas

Culture of Kabul

Many Thanks to: www.friesian.com Tibet enters history with the introduction of Buddhism and the organization of a kingdom in competition with T’ang China. Eventually, the Tibetans ended the Chinese presence in Central Asia and even briefly occupied the T’ang capital, Ch’ang-An. The Tibetan language is related to Chinese, but culturally Tibet is a sub-Indian rather … Read more Kings of Tibet and the Dalai Lamas