Tibetan Food

The cuisine in Tibet

1.The cuisine in Lhasa.

Lhasa is very rich of the food providing, as a tourist, besides your personal favourable caddy, biscuit, etc, you don’t need to bring too much heavey extra food with you.

One day if you are in Lhasa, you will be amased to find out its rich variety on food , you have the opportulatey to enjoy the local Tibetan food, Cantonese food, the north China typical food, Hulan typical food (the mother land food from Chirman Ma Zei dong’s home town). The most populer and favourable food are Sichuan food and enjoyed very much by the local people and the tourist. Actually, the most travel agencies in Tibet always arrange one Tibetan meal with simple Tibetan folk show for their client. If you like, it’s easy for you to spend arround us$6 each to have a taste of the local food in Lhasa.You can arrange your meals both in hotel and outside.

2.The cuisine in Tsedang, Shigatse,Gyantse, Nychi:

In these regions, it’s possible to have your meals not only in the hotel, but also can be arranged outside. But most of the tourists prefer to take their meals inside the hotel and generally, the hotel provide Sichuan typical food for the tourist.

3.The food providing for expedition group to Mt.Kailashi, the east of Tibet etc.

If you take the expedition trip to the place like Mt.Kailashi, the east of Tibet, etc, you can have two ways on your meal arrangement: cooked by yourself, and take the meals in the local resturuant on the way.At present, if your group is not specialized for trekking inside the depopulation area in Tibet, it’s quite possible for you to take the meals in the roadside resturuant.You can easy to find out such roadside resturuant in every big stop on the way.So please take our advise not to cook by your self if you take the route to Mt.Kailashi, to the east of Tibet, the north of Tibet, the general trekking route in Mt.Everest. (with the picture of the roadside resturuant)