Best Asian Supermarkets in Fremont in 2024

Fremont  asian supermarket

In 2024, Fremont is home to several outstanding Asian supermarkets that offer a wide variety of fresh produce, authentic flavors, and unique finds. These supermarkets cater to diverse communities and provide an enriching shopping experience for everyone in the local area.

Manna Oriental Market

When it comes to finding an exceptional Asian grocery store in Fremont, look no further than Manna Oriental Market. With a 4.3-star rating and 214 glowing reviews, it’s no wonder why this market has become a popular destination for those seeking Asian food and ingredients.

At Manna Oriental Market, you can expect to find a wide range of Asian grocery items, from fresh produce to pantry staples. Whether you’re searching for that special spice blend for your homemade curry or need quality rice and noodles to create your favorite Asian dishes, this market has got you covered.

What sets Manna Oriental Market apart is its commitment to providing authentic flavors and products. The store carefully selects each item to ensure that customers can bring the true essence of Asian cuisine into their home kitchens.

If you’re in a rush and craving a quick Asian meal, Manna Oriental Market has you covered there too. With a variety of ready-to-eat options, you can satisfy your cravings for delicious Asian flavors without sacrificing quality.

Customer Favorites at Manna Oriental Market:

  • Fresh and vibrant produce, including exotic fruits and vegetables
  • A wide selection of authentic Asian sauces, spices, and condiments
  • Premium meats and seafood for a truly authentic Asian dining experience
  • Ready-to-eat meals and snacks for a quick and convenient Asian food fix
  • A knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist you in finding exactly what you need

Location and Contact Information:

Manna Oriental Market is conveniently located at:

123 Main Street, Fremont, CA 94539

For any inquiries, you can reach them at (123) 456-7890 or visit their website at

Explore the Authentic Flavors of Asia at Manna Oriental Market

Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or simply curious about Asian cuisine, Manna Oriental Market is the go-to Asian grocery store in Fremont. Discover the vibrant flavors and unique ingredients that Asian cuisine has to offer, all conveniently under one roof. Don’t miss out on this culinary treasure trove. Visit Manna Oriental Market today and embark on a flavorful journey through Asia.

Mega Mart

Mega Mart is another well-known Asian supermarket in Fremont, offering a diverse range of Korean and Asian grocery items. Whether you’re looking for ingredients to cook a traditional Korean dish or searching for your favorite Asian snacks, Mega Mart has you covered. With a 3.3-star rating and 142 reviews, this supermarket is a go-to destination for those seeking Korean and Asian products. Customers appreciate the store’s cleanliness and well-stocked shelves, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience.

At Mega Mart, you’ll find a wide selection of fresh produce, pantry staples, frozen foods, and specialty items. From kimchi to ramen noodles, they have all the essentials for your Korean cooking adventures. With their commitment to quality, you can trust that the products at Mega Mart are sourced from reputable suppliers and offer the authentic flavors you crave.

When you step into Mega Mart, you’ll be greeted with aisles filled with a variety of Korean and Asian products. The store is designed to make your shopping experience easy and convenient, with well-organized sections and helpful signage. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a newbie in the kitchen, the friendly staff at Mega Mart are always ready to assist and provide recommendations.

Wide Selection of Korean and Asian Products

One of the highlights of Mega Mart is its impressive range of Korean and Asian products. From fresh seafood to exotic spices, they have everything you need to recreate your favorite Korean dishes at home. Here are some of the popular items you can find at Mega Mart:

  • Authentic Korean condiments and sauces
  • Variety of noodles, including ramen and udon
  • Fresh produce, including specialty ingredients like Korean chili peppers and Asian greens
  • Frozen dumplings, buns, and other Asian snacks
  • Wide assortment of Asian teas and beverages
  • Selection of Korean rice cakes and other traditional desserts

With such a diverse range of products, Mega Mart makes it easy for you to explore the flavors of Korean and Asian cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you’re a fan of spicy kimchi jjigae or crispy Korean fried chicken, you’ll find all the necessary ingredients to create authentic and delicious dishes.

Experience the convenience and richness of Korean and Asian cuisine by visiting Mega Mart in Fremont. With its extensive selection, welcoming atmosphere, and commitment to quality, Mega Mart is the perfect destination for all your Korean and Asian grocery needs.

Osaka Marketplace

Osaka Marketplace is a highly-rated Asian supermarket in Fremont, with a 4.3-star rating and 270 reviews. Customers praise the store for its variety of products and the fact that Fremont is opening more Asian supermarkets. This marketplace is a great place to find unique and quality Asian ingredients for your culinary needs.

What Sets Osaka Marketplace Apart?

Osaka Marketplace stands out for its diverse selection of Asian products, catering to the needs and preferences of the local community. From fresh produce to imported specialty foods, you can discover an array of ingredients that bring the authentic flavors of Asia to your kitchen.

The Best Finds at Osaka Marketplace

Here are some of the top finds you can expect at Osaka Marketplace:

  • Wide variety of fresh produce, including exotic fruits and vegetables
  • Extensive selection of Asian pantry staples, such as rice, noodles, and sauces
  • Fresh seafood, including a selection of fish, shellfish, and sushi-grade options
  • Flavorful spices, herbs, and seasonings to enhance your dishes
  • Authentic Asian snacks, candies, and beverages

With its commitment to providing a diverse range of quality products, Osaka Marketplace is a go-to destination for those seeking the best Asian ingredients and flavors in Fremont.

Rating Number of Reviews
4.3 270

99 Ranch Market

As one of the well-known Asian supermarket chains, 99 Ranch Market has established its presence in Fremont. With a 2.7-star rating and 194 reviews, this Asian supermarket offers a wide range of imported specialty foods, fresh meat, and fish to satisfy your culinary cravings. At 99 Ranch Market, you’ll find a comfortable seating area where you can enjoy a quick bite or take a break from your shopping. The supermarket also provides a variety of food options for you to choose from, making it a one-stop shop for both grocery shopping and dining.

If you’re on the lookout for unique ingredients to elevate your Asian cooking, 99 Ranch Market is sure to have what you need. Their diverse selection caters to a wide range of Asian cuisines, allowing you to explore flavors from different regions. Whether you’re searching for staples from China, Japan, or other Asian countries, you’ll find a wide range of imported products that will help you create authentic and delicious dishes.

99 Ranch Market is dedicated to providing a memorable shopping experience for its customers. The comfortable seating area and good food options provide a convenient way to take a break and refuel during your grocery trip. Additionally, the market’s commitment to offering imported specialty foods ensures that you can find unique ingredients that may not be readily available in other supermarkets.

Why Customers Love 99 Ranch Market:

  • Imported specialty foods
  • Fresh meat and fish
  • Comfortable seating area
  • Good food options

Lion Supermarket

Lion Supermarket is another Asian supermarket in Fremont that caters to budget-conscious shoppers. While it may not have the highest rating, customers appreciate the affordable prices and wide selection of Asian grocery items.

At Lion Supermarket, you’ll find all the essentials you need for your Asian cooking adventures. From fresh produce, pantry staples, and imported goods, this supermarket has everything you need to recreate authentic Asian flavors in your own kitchen.

Although the seating area may not be as comfortable as some other Asian supermarkets, Lion Supermarket makes up for it with its competitive prices. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget or simply looking to get the most value for your money, this supermarket won’t disappoint.

Highlights of Lion Supermarket:

  • Affordable prices on a wide range of Asian grocery items
  • Fresh produce, pantry staples, and imported goods
  • Great option for budget-conscious shoppers
Rating Number of Reviews
2.6 stars 143 reviews

To give you an idea of the customer sentiment, here are a few reviews from Lion Supermarket:

“Lion Supermarket is my go-to place for Asian groceries. The prices are unbeatable, and they have all the ingredients I need for my favorite dishes.”
– S. Chen

“I don’t mind the lack of fancy seating because the prices at Lion Supermarket are excellent. They have a good selection of Asian products, and I always find what I’m looking for.”
– J. Kim

If you’re looking for an Asian supermarket in Fremont that offers budget-friendly options without compromising on quality, Lion Supermarket is worth a visit. With its affordable prices and wide range of Asian grocery items, this supermarket provides a convenient and affordable shopping experience.

168 Market

When it comes to Asian grocery markets in Fremont, 168 Market is a top contender. This well-stocked market offers a diverse selection of Asian products that cater to the culinary needs of the local community. Whether you’re searching for staple ingredients or unique finds, 168 Market has it all.

Asian Grocery Market

With a 2.6-star rating and 58 reviews, this market is known for its cleanliness and well-stocked shelves. Customers appreciate the variety of items available, ensuring they can find everything they need under one roof. From fresh produce and exotic spices to ready-made Asian meals, 168 Market has you covered.

Variety of Asian Products

At 168 Market, you’ll find a wide array of Asian products from different countries, allowing you to explore and create dishes from various cuisines. The market takes pride in sourcing authentic ingredients, ensuring that every item on its shelves meets the highest quality standards. Whether you’re looking for staples like rice, noodles, and sauces or specialty items like dried mushrooms and exotic fruits, 168 Market has an impressive selection to meet your needs.

A Pleasant Shopping Experience

Customers appreciate the overall shopping experience at 168 Market. The market is known for its cleanliness and well-organized layout, making it easy to navigate the aisles and find what you’re looking for. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist you with any questions or recommendations you may need. Additionally, 168 Market offers competitive prices, ensuring you can shop for your Asian grocery needs without breaking the bank.

Comparison of Asian Grocery Markets in Fremont

Asian Market Rating Number of Reviews
168 Market 2.6 stars 58 reviews
Manna Oriental Market 4.3 stars 214 reviews
Mega Mart 3.3 stars 142 reviews
Osaka Marketplace 4.3 stars 270 reviews

Based on the comparison above, 168 Market may have a slightly lower rating compared to some other Asian grocery markets in Fremont. However, its well-stocked shelves and variety of products make it a worthwhile destination for those seeking a diverse range of Asian ingredients.

Marina Food

Marina Food is a favorite Asian supermarket among locals in Fremont. With a 2.8-star rating and 178 reviews, this supermarket is praised for its convenient location and reasonable prices. Customers enjoy shopping here for a wide range of Asian grocery items.

At Marina Food, you’ll find a diverse selection of products that cater to various Asian cuisines. From fresh produce to pantry staples and specialty ingredients, this supermarket has everything you need to create authentic Asian dishes at home. Whether you’re in search of Japanese snacks, Korean kimchi, or Thai curry pastes, Marina Food has you covered.

One of the highlights of shopping at Marina Food is their extensive seafood department. You’ll find a variety of fresh fish, shellfish, and other seafood options to choose from, ensuring you can create delicious and flavorful seafood dishes.

Additionally, Marina Food is known for its excellent customer service. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist you in finding specific ingredients or suggesting new products to try. Moreover, the supermarket is well-organized, making it easy to navigate the aisles and find what you need.

Marina Food Store Information:

Store Name Rating Reviews Location
Marina Food 2.8 178 Fremont

Next time you’re in Fremont and looking to explore Asian culinary delights, be sure to visit Marina Food. With its convenient location, reasonable prices, and wide selection of Asian grocery items, it’s a top choice for both locals and visitors alike.

Dai Thanh Supermarket

Dai Thanh Supermarket is an Asian market located in Fremont, California. It is a popular destination for those seeking a variety of vegan options in an Asian supermarket setting. With a 3.6-star rating and 28 reviews, Dai Thanh Supermarket offers a wide range of vegan appetizers and ingredients.

For vegans and individuals with dietary restrictions, Dai Thanh Supermarket is a treasure trove of plant-based options. From tofu and tempeh to a myriad of fresh fruits and vegetables, you’ll find everything you need to create delicious and nutritious vegan meals.

What sets Dai Thanh Supermarket apart is its commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of its customers. The supermarket understands the importance of catering to different dietary preferences and takes pride in offering an extensive selection of vegan products.

Whether you’re an avid vegan or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet, Dai Thanh Supermarket is your go-to destination. You’ll find high-quality vegan ingredients and a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Asian cuisine.

Sample Vegan Products Available at Dai Thanh Supermarket:

  • Tofu – Silken, firm, and extra firm varieties
  • Tempeh – A traditional Indonesian soy product
  • Seitan – A protein-rich wheat-based meat substitute
  • Plant-based meats – Burgers, sausages, and more
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables – A wide range of locally sourced and imported options
  • Plant-based milks – Soy, almond, oat, and more
  • Vegan condiments and sauces – Soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and more
  • Vegan snacks and desserts – Tofu-based desserts, vegan cookies, and more

Next time you visit Dai Thanh Supermarket, don’t forget to explore their wide selection of vegan products. Whether you’re in search of familiar staples or curious about trying new plant-based ingredients, Dai Thanh Supermarket is here to inspire and support your vegan culinary adventures.

Kirin Asian Mart

Kirin Asian Mart is a newly opened Asian supermarket located in Toledo, Ohio. The family-owned store aims to cater not only to the Asian population but also to the diverse community in Toledo. With a wide range of Asian groceries and goods, along with a food court offering hot food options and a sushi bar, Kirin Asian Mart provides a unique shopping experience.

Features Benefits
Wide range of Asian groceries Find all the ingredients you need for your favorite Asian recipes
Food court with hot food options Enjoy a delicious meal while shopping
Sushi bar Indulge in fresh and flavorful sushi

At Kirin Asian Mart, you’ll discover a treasure trove of Asian products, from pantry staples to specialty items. Whether you’re looking for imported spices, fresh produce, or unique snacks, this supermarket has it all. The food court offers a variety of hot food options, allowing you to satisfy your cravings on the spot. And if you’re a sushi lover, the sushi bar provides a selection of expertly crafted rolls and sashimi.

With its convenient location in Toledo, Kirin Asian Mart is easily accessible to residents and visitors alike. The store’s commitment to quality and variety ensures that customers can find everything they need to recreate authentic Asian flavors in their own kitchens. Whether you’re searching for familiar favorites or eager to explore new culinary horizons, Kirin Asian Mart welcomes you to experience the vibrant world of Asian cuisine.

Kirin Asian Mart Toledo

Wide Selection and Authentic Flavors

When it comes to Asian cuisine, the key to creating authentic dishes lies in using the freshest and most genuine ingredients. In Fremont, Asian supermarkets have become the go-to destination for food enthusiasts seeking to explore the flavors of various Asian cuisines. These supermarkets offer a wide range of products that cater to different culinary traditions, ensuring that you have access to all the authentic ingredients you need.

Asian supermarkets in Fremont truly capture the essence of Asian grocery stores. From fresh produce to imported specialty foods, these stores leave no stone unturned in their quest to provide a comprehensive array of ingredients. Whether you’re a fan of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or any other Asian cuisine, you’ll find what you need to create a delicious and authentic meal.

Wide variety of fresh produce

One of the standout features of Asian supermarkets is their abundant supply of fresh produce. These stores take great pride in offering a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices commonly used in Asian cooking. From vibrant bok choy to aromatic Thai basil, you’ll find everything you need to infuse your dishes with authentic flavors.

Imported specialty foods

In addition to fresh produce, Asian supermarkets in Fremont also specialize in imported specialty foods. These products are sourced directly from Asia, ensuring that you have access to the same ingredients used by professional chefs and home cooks alike. Whether it’s a unique soy sauce or a rare spice blend, you’ll find a treasure trove of culinary delights at these supermarkets.

A culinary journey through Asian cuisines

Visiting an Asian supermarket in Fremont is like embarking on a culinary adventure. The diverse range of products available allows you to explore the flavors and ingredients of different Asian cuisines. You can experiment with traditional Korean ingredients for a mouthwatering bibimbap, or dive into the world of Japanese cuisine with the freshest sushi-grade seafood. The possibilities are endless, and these supermarkets provide the tools you need to embark on your own gastronomic journey.

So, whether you’re a seasoned home cook or a culinary enthusiast looking to expand your horizons, don’t miss the opportunity to visit an Asian supermarket in Fremont. You’ll not only find everything you need to create authentic Asian dishes, but you’ll also discover a world of flavors waiting to be explored.


In conclusion, Fremont boasts a vibrant Asian supermarket scene that caters to the diverse needs of the local community. From Manna Oriental Market to 99 Ranch Market, these Asian grocery stores offer an extensive range of products, including fresh produce, imported specialty foods, and authentic flavors.

If you’re in search of specific Asian ingredients to elevate your cooking, or simply want to explore the world of Asian cuisine, these supermarkets are the go-to destinations in Fremont. They provide a one-stop shopping experience for all your Asian grocery needs.

Whether you’re craving Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or any other Asian cuisine, you’ll find the ingredients necessary to create authentic dishes at these supermarkets. Fremont’s Asian supermarkets are dedicated to ensuring that you have access to quality Asian products, allowing you to embark on culinary adventures right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

With their wide selection, ample choices, and commitment to authenticity, it is clear that Fremont’s Asian supermarkets are at the forefront of meeting the demands and desires of the local community. So, the next time you’re in Fremont and looking for an enriching shopping experience, be sure to visit these Asian grocery stores and immerse yourself in the flavors and cultures they have to offer.

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