Best Asian Supermarkets in Milwaukee in 2024

Milwaukee  asian supermarket

Welcome to Milwaukee, where the local Asian supermarket scene is thriving! If you’re a fan of Asian cuisine and are looking for a one-stop shop for all your favorite ingredients, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll explore the best Asian supermarkets in Milwaukee, including the exciting new addition coming to West Allis later this year.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin’s first Pan-Asia Supermarket is set to open in West Allis in late 2024. The supermarket chain currently has five stores in other states and offers over 10,000 Asian food products from various cuisines. Construction on the new Milwaukee location is expected to begin in early 2024.

But that’s not all Milwaukee has to offer when it comes to Asian groceries. We’ll also explore the diverse product selections at existing Asian markets, such as Pacific Produce, Mo’s Food Market, and Viet Hoa Supermarket. Plus, we’ll take a look at the smaller, community-specific grocers that cater to different immigrant communities in the city.

If you’re a food enthusiast or simply curious about Asian cuisine, join us on this culinary journey as we discover the best Asian supermarkets in Milwaukee. Get ready to expand your palate, stock up on essential ingredients, and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of Asian cooking.

Pan-Asia Supermarket’s Diverse Product Selection

At Pan-Asia Supermarket, you’ll find an extensive array of Asian food products that cater to a variety of palates. With a focus on diverse cuisines, this supermarket ensures that you have access to the flavors and ingredients from all corners of Asia. From staple items to specialty products, Pan-Asia Supermarket has it all.

Here is a glimpse of the diverse range of Asian cuisines and food products available at Pan-Asia Supermarket:

Chinese Cuisine

Experience the rich flavors of Chinese cuisine with an extensive selection of sauces, noodles, and ingredients. From Sichuan peppercorns to homemade dumplings, you can create authentic Chinese dishes in your own kitchen.

Japanese Cuisine

Indulge in the nuances of Japanese cuisine with a wide range of sushi-grade fish, rice, seaweed, and condiments. Whether you’re a sushi enthusiast or a fan of ramen, Pan-Asia Supermarket has all the ingredients you need.

Indian Cuisine

Embark on a culinary journey through India with an extensive selection of spices, lentils, rice, and ready-to-cook meals. From fragrant curries to crispy dosas, you can explore the vibrant flavors of Indian cuisine at your fingertips.

Vietnamese Cuisine

Discover the freshness of Vietnamese cuisine with a variety of herbs, sauces, and rice paper wraps. Whether you’re craving a traditional Pho or Banh Mi, Pan-Asia Supermarket has everything you need to create authentic Vietnamese dishes.

Korean Cuisine

Take your taste buds on a spicy adventure with a range of Korean ingredients, including kimchi, gochujang, and sesame oil. From Bibimbap to Korean BBQ, you can recreate the bold flavors of Korean cuisine at home.

Thai Cuisine

Experience the perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors with a selection of Thai sauces, curry pastes, and tropical ingredients. Whether you’re craving a flavorful Pad Thai or a refreshing Thai iced tea, Pan-Asia Supermarket has everything you need to satisfy your Thai food cravings.

With over 10,000 Asian food products available, Pan-Asia Supermarket is a one-stop destination for all your culinary adventures. From pantry essentials to unique specialty items, you’ll find everything you need to create authentic Asian dishes in your own kitchen.

Cuisine Featured Products
Chinese Soy Sauce, Noodles, Oyster Sauce, Dumplings
Japanese Sushi Rice, Nori, Sashimi-grade Fish, Miso Paste
Indian Curry Powder, Lentils, Basmati Rice, Ready-to-cook Meals
Vietnamese Fish Sauce, Rice Paper, Vermicelli Noodles, Hoisin Sauce
Korean Gochujang, Kimchi, Sesame Oil, Instant Ramen
Thai Red Curry Paste, Fish Sauce, Coconut Milk, Thai Basil

As you can see, Pan-Asia Supermarket aims to provide a diverse selection of Asian food products to inspire your culinary journey. From traditional dishes to fusion experiments, you’ll find everything you need to create delicious meals that celebrate the rich and diverse cuisines of Asia.

Local Asian Markets in Milwaukee

In addition to the upcoming Pan-Asia Supermarket, there are several established Asian markets in the Milwaukee area. These local markets cater to a diverse community and offer a wide range of Asian products and ingredients.

1. Chu Hai Oriental Market

Located on Milwaukee’s northwest side, Chu Hai Oriental Market is a hidden gem for Asian food enthusiasts. Here, you can find imported specialty foods, fresh meat and seafood, a variety of produce, and delicious baked goods. Whether you’re looking for authentic Korean kimchi, Japanese sake, or Chinese sauces and spices, Chu Hai Oriental Market has you covered.

2. Mekong Cafe

Mekong Cafe is a unique establishment that serves as both a restaurant and an Asian market. You can enjoy a delicious meal at their restaurant and then explore the market to purchase your favorite Asian products. They offer a wide selection of Asian ingredients, sauces, noodles, and snacks. Don’t forget to try their homemade Vietnamese spring rolls!

3. Mo’s Food Market

If you’re in Downtown Milwaukee, Mo’s Food Market is the place to go for your Asian grocery needs. They have a diverse selection of products from different Asian cuisines, including Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. From fresh produce to pantry staples and specialty ingredients, Mo’s Food Market has it all.

4. Ono Kine Grindz

Ono Kine Grindz in Wauwatosa is not just a restaurant but also a catering company and a food market. They specialize in Hawaiian and Asian cuisine, offering a unique blend of flavors. In their market, you can find various Asian ingredients, spices, and snacks imported from different regions.

5. Sri Gayathri Foods

If you’re looking for Indian grocery items, Sri Gayathri Foods in Brookfield has you covered. They offer a wide selection of Indian spices, lentils, flours, pickles, and much more. Whether you’re planning to cook a traditional Indian meal or simply want to explore new flavors, Sri Gayathri Foods has everything you need.

These local Asian markets in Milwaukee provide a diverse and authentic shopping experience. Whether you’re searching for specific ingredients or looking to explore new flavors, these markets offer a wide range of products to satisfy your culinary needs.

Pacific Produce – Largest Asian Supermarket in Milwaukee

Pacific Produce stands as the premier destination for Asian groceries in the Milwaukee area. With its expansive selection of products from East and Southeast Asia, this Asian supermarket offers the perfect blend of variety and quality. Whether you’re looking for authentic ingredients or popular Asian snacks, Pacific Produce has you covered.

At Pacific Produce, you’ll find a wide range of must-have Asian products that will elevate your culinary endeavors. From tangy kimchi and exotic papayas to aromatic laksa paste and savory pickled mustard greens, the supermarket stocks an impressive array of flavors. Their selection also includes an assortment of instant noodles, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of a quick and flavorful meal.

For those seeking a taste of indulgence, Pacific Produce offers a tempting assortment of Asian junk food options. These delectable snacks will satisfy your cravings and introduce you to new and exciting flavors. Whether you’re in the mood for crispy rice crackers, sweet coconut candy, or savory shrimp chips, you’re sure to find something delightful.

With its dedication to providing authentic Asian products and unparalleled variety, Pacific Produce has earned its reputation as the largest Asian supermarket in Milwaukee. Whether you’re a seasoned Asian cuisine enthusiast or a curious beginner, this supermarket is the perfect place to explore the diverse flavors and ingredients that the Asian culinary world has to offer.

Mo’s Food Market – A Hot Pot Lover’s Paradise

Looking for the perfect ingredients to create a delicious hot pot? Look no further than Mo’s Food Market! As a hot pot lover’s paradise, Mo’s Food Market offers a wide selection of high-quality hot pot ingredients to enhance your dining experience.

At Mo’s Food Market, you’ll find everything you need to create a mouthwatering hot pot feast. Whether you’re a seasoned hot pot enthusiast or trying it for the first time, their extensive selection of hot pot ingredients will satisfy your cravings.

The Best Ingredients for Your Hot Pot

Mo’s Food Market takes pride in curating the finest hot pot ingredients from various Asian cuisines. Here are some of the must-have items you can find:

  • Seasoning Packets: Choose from a variety of flavor-packed seasoning packets to create a rich and aromatic broth. From spicy Sichuan to savory miso, there’s a seasoning packet for every palate.
  • Fresh Vegetables: Add vibrant colors and nutritional goodness to your hot pot with a selection of fresh vegetables like bok choy, mushrooms, and bean sprouts.
  • Frozen Thinly Sliced Meat: Indulge in the tenderness and flavor of thinly sliced lamb, beef, and pork, perfect for quick cooking in your hot pot.
  • Frozen Dumplings: Enjoy the delightful burst of flavors from frozen dumplings, available in various Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Kimchi: Enhance your hot pot with the tangy and spicy flavors of kimchi. Mo’s Food Market offers a wide range of kimchi options, including chives, radish, and white kimchi.

With these premium hot pot ingredients, you can create a personalized hot pot experience that suits your taste preferences. Whether you prefer a spicy, mild, or aromatic broth, Mo’s Food Market has the ingredients to bring your hot pot dreams to life.

Experience the ultimate hot pot adventure at Mo’s Food Market today. Their knowledgeable staff can provide guidance and recommendations to help you choose the best ingredients for your hot pot extravaganza. Visit Mo’s Food Market and elevate your hot pot game to the next level.

Indian Groceries & Spices – A Taste of India in Milwaukee

Indian Groceries & Spices, a renowned establishment celebrating its 50th anniversary, is the go-to destination for all your Indian food needs in the Milwaukee area. This beloved store offers an extensive selection of Indian food products, ensuring that you can find everything you need to create authentic and delicious Indian dishes right at home.

Whether you are an experienced Indian cook looking for specific ingredients or a beginner eager to explore the flavors of Indian cuisine, Indian Groceries & Spices has got you covered. Their wide variety of ingredients includes aromatic spices, lentils, rice, flours, and an array of specialty items that are essential in Indian cooking.

If you’re new to Indian cuisine and unsure where to start, Indian Groceries & Spices also offers pre-packaged meals that allow you to experience the flavors of India with convenience. These ready-to-eat meals are perfect for busy individuals who crave an authentic taste of India without the need for extensive preparation.

Indian Groceries & Spices is not just a grocery store; it’s a cultural experience. Alongside their diverse selection of food products, they also sell henna supplies for traditional body art, beautifully crafted bangles to accessorize your wardrobe, and incense sticks to create a calming ambiance in your home.

Discover the vibrant colors, aromatic spices, and rich flavors of India with a visit to Indian Groceries & Spices. Immerse yourself in the world of subcontinental foodstuffs and embark on a culinary journey like no other.

  • Wide variety of Indian ingredients
  • Pre-packaged meals for convenience
  • Henna supplies, bangles, and incense sticks

5XEN Market – Southeast Asian Delights

If you’re craving the vibrant flavors and unique ingredients of Southeast Asian cuisine, look no further than 5XEN Market. This bustling market transports you to the lively markets found throughout Southeast Asia, offering a diverse array of produce, traditional clothing, and even informal restaurants.

One of the highlights of 5XEN Market is its extensive selection of Southeast Asian produce. From exotic fruits like durian and dragon fruit to aromatic herbs like lemongrass and Thai basil, you’ll find everything you need to recreate authentic Southeast Asian dishes in your own kitchen. And if you’re in the mood for a taste of something different, the market also boasts specialty items like frozen quails, Laotian pork sausage, and frozen chickens from a local butcher.

5XEN Market isn’t just about food, though. The market is also home to stalls selling a variety of non-food items, such as soaps, balms, and medicines imported from Thailand. If you’re looking to add a touch of Southeast Asian culture to your home or wardrobe, you’ll find plenty of traditional clothing and accessories to choose from as well.

Southeast Asian produce

5XEN Market Produce Selection:

Fruits Herbs and Spices Meat and Poultry
Durian Lemongrass Frozen Quails
Dragon Fruit Thai Basil Laotian Pork Sausage
Mangosteen Kaffir Lime Leaves Frozen Chickens

Whether you’re a seasoned cook looking for authentic ingredients or an adventurous foodie in search of new flavors, 5XEN Market offers a delightful taste of Southeast Asia right here in Milwaukee.

Viet Hoa Supermarket – East and Southeast Asian Staples

Viet Hoa Supermarket is a one-stop shop for all your East and Southeast Asian culinary needs. This well-stocked supermarket offers a wide variety of fresh and frozen ingredients, ensuring that you can find everything you need to create authentic and delicious dishes from the region.

At Viet Hoa Supermarket, you’ll find an impressive selection of fresh produce, including exotic fruits like durian, gingko nuts, and fish mint. These ingredients are essential for traditional East and Southeast Asian cuisines and will add unique flavors to your dishes.

If you’re looking to incorporate seafood into your meals, Viet Hoa Supermarket has you covered. They offer a range of frozen options such as eel, squid, shrimp, and even frog legs. These ingredients are commonly used in dishes from coastal regions and will elevate your cooking to new heights.

For meat lovers, Viet Hoa Supermarket’s butcher section is a treasure trove. They carry various cuts of meat, including beef shank, chicken feet, and pork tongue. These meats are staples in many East and Southeast Asian recipes and will contribute to the authentic taste and texture of your dishes.

Viet Hoa Supermarket also caters to vegetarian and vegan customers, offering a wide selection of tofu varieties, fish cakes, and instant noodles. These plant-based alternatives provide the protein and texture that are essential in traditional Asian recipes.

No Asian meal is complete without the tangy and pickled flavors that add depth and complexity to the dishes. Viet Hoa Supermarket boasts an extensive range of pickled ingredients, ensuring that you can find the perfect accompaniments to enhance your meals.

This supermarket is not just a place to shop for ingredients; it’s also a hub for East and Southeast Asian culinary inspiration. The knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on specific ingredients and share tips and tricks to help you recreate your favorite Asian dishes.

Visit Viet Hoa Supermarket Today!

Whether you are an experienced Asian cook or just starting to explore the diverse world of East and Southeast Asian cuisine, Viet Hoa Supermarket is the place to go. With its wide range of high-quality ingredients, you can embark on a culinary adventure and create authentic dishes that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Asia.

Fresh Produce Seafood Meat Plant-Based Options Pickled Ingredients
Durian Eel Beef Shank Tofu Varieties Pickled Vegetables
Gingko Nuts Squid Chicken Feet Fish Cakes Pickled Ginger
Fish Mint Shrimp Pork Tongue Instant Noodles Pickled Radish
Bamboo Frog Legs Pickled Mustard Greens

Experience the vibrant flavors of East and Southeast Asian cuisine by visiting Viet Hoa Supermarket today!

Smaller Asian Grocers in Milwaukee

In addition to the larger supermarkets, smaller Asian grocers play an essential role in catering to specific immigrant communities in Milwaukee. These grocers offer a diverse range of products and ingredients that reflect the unique culinary traditions of their respective cultures. Let’s explore some of these smaller Asian grocers and the communities they serve:

Bharat Mart – Authentic Indian Groceries

Bharat Mart specializes in providing a wide selection of authentic Indian groceries for the local community. They offer a variety of rice, legumes, spices, instant curries, and other essential ingredients necessary for preparing traditional Indian dishes.

Asian International Market – Southeast Asian Delights

Asian International Market focuses on catering to the Southeast Asian community in Milwaukee. They offer a range of ready-to-eat dipping sauces, soups, salads, and other Southeast Asian delicacies, allowing customers to bring the flavors of Southeast Asia to their own kitchen.

Myanmar Asian Market – Burmese Cuisine Essentials

Myanmar Asian Market is one of several Burmese grocery stores in Milwaukee that provide ingredients specific to Burmese cuisine. Customers can find essential spices, condiments, and other ingredients necessary to recreate the authentic flavors of Burmese dishes.

If you’re looking to explore the culinary traditions of specific Asian communities or need authentic ingredients for your favorite Asian recipes, these smaller Asian grocers in Milwaukee offer a wonderful selection tailored to the needs of their respective communities.


MeiHua Market – Fresh and Organic Options

MeiHua Market is committed to providing you with the freshest and highest quality produce. Our selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, meat, and poultry will satisfy all your culinary needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ingredients for a healthy salad or a succulent piece of meat for your main course, MeiHua Market has got you covered.

In addition to our fresh produce, we also offer a variety of pre-made frozen foods and meals. These convenient options ensure that you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals even on your busiest days. Our frozen foods are carefully prepared to retain their nutritional value and flavor, so you can trust that you’re getting the best quality.

Fresh Produce at MeiHua Market

At MeiHua Market, we believe in the importance of organic options. That’s why we strive to offer a wide range of organic produce, giving you peace of mind that you’re choosing the healthiest options for yourself and your family. Our organic selection includes an array of fruits, vegetables, and other products that are free from harmful pesticides and chemicals.

When you shop at MeiHua Market, you can trust that you’re getting the freshest, highest quality produce available. With our commitment to freshness, organics, and convenience, we make it easy for you to enjoy healthy and delicious meals every day.

Asian Cuisine and Cultural Experience

Asian cuisine is a rich tapestry of flavors, textures, and spices that has captivated palates around the world. Each dish tells a story, reflecting the heritage and culture of its people. From the fiery heat of Sichuan cuisine to the delicate balance of flavors in Japanese sushi, Asian food offers a truly immersive culinary experience.

Embracing Asian cuisine allows you to embark on an epicurean journey, exploring the vast array of salty, sweet, and spicy flavors. The bold spices of Indian curries, the umami-rich taste of Korean barbecue, and the vibrant freshness of Vietnamese spring rolls are just a few examples of the incredible diversity found within Asian culinary traditions.

No exploration of Asian cuisine would be complete without experiencing the joy of sticky rice. A staple in many Asian cultures, this versatile grain can be found in various forms, such as steamed, fried, or even used to make sweet desserts. Its unique texture and ability to absorb flavors make it a must-try dish that exemplifies the essence of Asian cooking.

By incorporating Asian cuisine into your meals, you can create an authentic and unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re trying your hand at homemade sushi, experimenting with Thai curries, or indulging in a feast of dim sum, every bite brings you closer to the vibrant cultures and traditions that inspire these incredible dishes. So go ahead, savor the flavors of Asian cuisine and embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

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