What Is Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Induction Heating Rice Cooker

Induction heating rice cooker gets the heat from a rotating electric current coming from an active wall outlet. The technology known as induction heating gives some rice cookers the edge from the standard rice cookers in terms of cooking rice.

So what really are the benefits of using an induction heating rice cooker and what makes it special. Let us tackle all these in this article.

What Is Induction Heating Rice Cooker


Induction heating technology is not only used for rice cookers, but also to other appliances. It is attained when the current passes through metal coils, usually made of copper. This movement creates a magnetic field in which the pan of the rice cooker is inserted. The magnetic field will then generate an electrical current in the cooking pan and produce heat.

Hence, induction heating utilizes electromagnetic conduction in cooking rice. 

If the rice cooker is  made out of a magnetic material, heat can also be produced because of the occurrence known as hysteresis. The magnetic materials manifest a resistance to any rapid alteration of their magnetic strength. Thus, this resistance produces friction that supplies the cooking heat. 


Ten years after the idea of induction heating had been introduced at the World’s Fair by Frigidaire in 1933, a prototype for induction heating appliances has been exemplified. And around 1970, they presented the actual device in the market for commercial sales, but unfortunately, it didn’t thrive.

In 2009, Panasonic developed an absolute metal induction burner. Even though the product was not as systematic as expected, the companies embarked on this line of business and manufactured more induction heating  products.

It was earlier in 1988 when the first induction heating rice cooker was manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial Company.

At present, induction heating technology is becoming popular.

How Does Induction Heating Enhances Rice Cookers? 

  • The cooking pan’s level of heat in an induction rice cooker can be altered anytime by increasing or reducing the generated magnetic field.
  • The area’s heat distribution can enclose the interior of the cooking pan, producing uniformly cooked food.
  • Induction rice cookers have more accurate temperature-sensing methods that allow definite adjustments in temperature.

The advantage of using an induction heating rice cooker is its ability to make minute adjustments to both time and temperature in case human measuring error occurred. This is because of its temperature sensitivity and explicit capacity to control it.


Aside from the above-mentioned enhancements, there are more reasons to opt using an induction rice cooker. 

Safe To Use

Induction rice cooker promotes safe cooking since the heat stays inside the pot as it’s been generated within the electromagnetic field. 

Unlike the standard rice cookers. induction rice cooker’s outer and underneath parts do not get hot. Therefore, it is safe to touch as long as the inner pot is still not in the appliance. 

And since the pot itself produces the heat, the circuit and the power will be automatically disconnected once the pot is removed from the cooker.

So even if you turn on the induction rice cooker, nothing will happen if the inner cooking pan is still not inside the cooker.

´╗┐Cooks Rice Without Burning It

Most induction rice cookers have non-stick coated inner containers, and the bottom part does not get any hotter. Thus, the rice won’t stick to the bottom nor get burned since the bottom part’s temperature is not excessive. So you’ll be confident enough to cook the rice in an electric rice cooker without burning it.

Cooks Food Quickly

Compared to regular electric rice cookers, induction heating rice cookers can cook your food faster due to the capability of its heat temperatures to boil water in a span of 90 seconds. So if you are in a hurry but need to cook rice, use an induction rice cooker to cook exceptional rice.

Even if it cooks food faster, it is a guarantee that an induction rice cooker evenly cooks food.

Accurate Temperature Control

An electric rice cooker with induction heating technology gives you absolute control over the appliance temperature settings. Its advanced technology is way better than gas-powered rice cookers and other rice cookers due to its precise temperature adjustments.

Conserves Energy

Induction cooker literally does not waste energy even though it uses the same amount of energy as other electric rice cookers. This is because the whole appliance turns off by itself whenever the inner pan is removed from the unit. Therefore, there is no need to manually turn the induction heating cookers off to stop cooking. Again, the induction cookers no longer generate heat once the inner pot is out.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning an induction rice cooker isn’t that complicated. Since it has an inner cooking pan, simply remove it to wash. For the unit, you can simply wipe it down with a clean cloth or a sponge.

Induction pressure rice cooker also guarantees a fluffy and better tasting rice. And unlike some electric rice cookers, induction rice cookers won’t require you to pre-boil the rice. Since it cooks food quickly, it always follows that it also boils the water in just a minute or two, cooking rice thoroughly and in no time.

Because of this superior induction heating quality, induction heating rice cookers are way more expensive than regular electric rice cookers.

4 Best Induction Heating Rice Cookers in 2024

Induction rice cookers are a great option in cooking various types of rice such as white rice, Jasmine rice, sushi rice, sprouted brown rice, germinated brown rice, basmati rice, jasmine white rice, and others. Here are some of the best induction rice cookers with special heating method and high tech induction heating technology.

induction heating rice cooker

1. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH Induction Heating System Rice Cooker

Zojirushi rice cooker is both an induction rice cooker and warmer. It has multi-menu cooking functions and healthy cooking options. You can cook any kind of rice such as brown rice, GABA brown rice, or germinated brown rice.

There are different settings in the Zojirushi induction rice cooker. It has a special setting for GABA brown rice, mixed rice settings, porridge setting, sushi rice, scorched setting, and others.

Zojirushi rice cooker uses a superior induction heating technology that generates high heat that prepares flawless rice. It has a keep warm function that keeps the cooker rice warm over an ideal serving temperature.

Zojirushi rice cooker is coated with clear washable stainless steel which is easy to clean. 

2. Tiger JKJ-G18U Induction Heating Rice Cooker and Warmer

Tiger induction rice cooker has an inner pot with a grip handle which makes it easy to carry. It has a preset cooking timer with high-power induction heating and high-temperature steaming. 

The induction cooker comes with a measuring cup, a non-stick coating inner pan, removable lid (inner/outer), and a steam vent cap.

Tiger induction rice cooker also comes with multi-cooking menu functions like bread baking program and slow cooler. It can perfectly cook various types of rice like jasmine rice, sticky rice, sweet rice, white rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and others.

Tiger induction cooker is not only limited to cooking rice, but also in making bread and pastries.

induction heating rice cooker

3. Cuckoo CRP-EHSS0309F Smart IH Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo induction rice cooker has an x-wall stainless steel inner pot that comes with 2 atmospheric pressures. It has a stainless steel ventilation pipe system and a full stainless steel interior which will make your induction cooking one of a kind. 

This induction pressure cooker also comes with a blue LED screen with touch selection menu, voice navigation, double layer packing, and a distinctive body structure. The voice navigation feature is available in three languages such as Korean, Chinese, and English.

The appliance comes with a rice paddle and a measuring cup. The cooking process using this induction rice cooker is very easy and it will guarantee you an evenly cooked rice that may stay fresh for days.

induction heating rice cooker

4. Sanyo ECJ-JG10W Induction Rice Cooker

Sanyo ECJ-JG10W Induction Rice Cooker is a type of induction cooker with induction heating and variable pressure control. 

It has a lock feature designed for safe pressure cooking, and comes with a measuring cup, rice spoon, and a manual. The unit has an LCD clock and a 24 hour delay timer. The unit also includes an extra-thick non-sticking inner pan and the outside is copper-coated.

Other great features this induction rice cooker offers are the texture options, a 1 touch menu, auto keep-warm mode, steam and slow cook function.

You can also cook meat, stews and soup using this induction rice cooker. Just like most of the induction cookers, Sanyo is easy to use and cooks rice deliciously.

So that covers everything about induction rice cookers and induction cooking. Rice cooking will never be that boring if you cook it using one of the best induction rice cookers available in the market today. You’ll not only have an evenly cooked food, but a fresh and delicious one!

Thank you for reading and happy cooking!

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