Thai Ingredients Glossary

Thai is translated into English in many ways. The spellings below are just approximates and you will probably see the same Thai words spelled in other forms, but the basic sounds are the same;

  • Khao – rice
  • Nua – beef
  • Mu / Moo – pork
  • Kai – chicken
  • Khai / Gai – egg
  • Pet – duck
  • Pla – fish
  • Kung / Gung – shrimp
  • Pu / Bu – crab meat
  • Phak / Pak – vegetables


Kaeng – curry
Kaeng mat sa man – a rich beef curry with peanuts, not spicy
Kaeng ka ri – a mild flavored Indian type curry made with potatoes and most commonly chicken though sometimes other meats are used
Kaeng kai – chicken curry
Kaeng nua – beef curry
Kaeng pla duk – catfish curry
Kaeng som – fish and vegetable curry
Kaeng penang – spicy dry curry
Kaeng kio waan – green curry


Kaeng chut – a mild flavored soup made of vegetables and/or shrimp, chicken and pork
Kaeng chut wun sen – the same as kaeng chut but with shredded jelly
Kaeng liang – a typical Thai style vegetable soup
Tom yam – a chili hot and sour soup made with pork, shrimp, beef, chicken or fish
Tom – indicating that a dish is boiled
Khao tom mu – a mild rice soup flavored with pork
Khao tom pla – a mild rice soup flavored with fish
Khao tom kung – a mild rice soup flavored with shrimp
Tom khlong – salted fish boiled with tamarind and onions
Pet tun – steamed duck soup
Khao phot – corn soup
Hu cha lam sai pu – shark fin soup with crab meat

Egg Dishes

Khai – egg
Khai luak – soft boiled egg
Khai tom – hard boiled egg
Khai dao – fried egg
Khai tot – omelette
Khai tot sai mu – omelette filled with pork
Khai yat sai – omelette filled with meat, onions and sugar peas
Po pia – an egg roll containing bean sprouts, pork and crab meat (not fried)
Po pia tot – an egg roll containing bean sprouts, pork, crab meat (fried)

Fried Dishes

Khao – rice
Khao phat – fried rice
Pla tot – fried fish
Kai tot – fried chicken
Kai phat phrik – fried chicken and chilies
Kai yang – roasted chicken
Kung tot krob – crisp fried prawns
Priao wan – sweet and sour pork with vegetables
Phak kung phat – Thai fried vegetables made with morning glory stems and leaves
Hae kun – thin slices of shrimp eaten with a side order of Chinese syrup
Mi klob – crisp thin noodles (vermicelli) with bits of meat, shrimp and egg and sweet and sour sauce
Nua phat nam man hoi – fried beef with oyster-flavored sauce and green onion
Dok kalam phat mu – (kung, kai, nua) fried pork (shrimp, chicken, beef) with cauliflower


Pla prieo wan – sweet and sour fried fish
Kam pu tot – fried crab claws
Kam pu nung – steamed crab claws
Salad nua san – roast beef salad
Pla nam khao – stewed fish in white sauce

Rice Dishes

Khao – rice
Rat khao – any dish served over rice; ordinary Thai restaurants sell their dishes either in portions big enough for several eaters or as rat khao, a serving over rice portioned for one person
Khao man kai – sliced chicken served with plain rice
Khao na pet – sliced roast duck with plain rice
Khao na kai – sliced chicken with bamboo shoots and spring onions in a gravy over plain rice
Khao mu daeng – sliced cooked pork with egg and gravy over plain rice
Khao mu tot – sliced fried pork over plain rice (can be ordered with khai, egg, added on top)
Khao rat na nua – fried vegetables and beef in a gravy over plain rice

Noodle Dishes

Nam – literally meaning water, is used to indicate a soup dish
Haeng – literally just meaning dry, is used to indicate that a dish is without broth
Kuai tiao – rice noodles
Ba mi – wheat and egg noodles – Ba mee
Kuai tiao lat na – wide white noodles with meat, vegetables and gravy placed on top
Kuai tiao haeng – white noodles flavored with a small amount of meat, vegetables (preferably bean sprouts) and spices
Kuai tiao nam – same as above, but with a broth added
Kuai tiao phat – Thai thin white noodles fried with bean sprouts and a small quantity of many other ingredients including meats
Kuai tiao phat si iu sai khai – noodles fried with Chinese sauce, meat, vegetables and egg
Ba mi nam – boiled wheat and egg noodles with broth
Ba mi haeng – same as above but without broth
Ba mi na mu – (nua, kai, kung, pu) fried yellow noodles with pork (beef, chicken, shrimp, crab meat)
Ba mi na phak – same as above, but with vegetables
Ba mi krob rat na kung – crisp fried yellow noodles with shrimp
Ba mi krob rat na mu – same as above but with pork
Ba mi krob rat na kai – same as above, but with chicken
Kieo nam wanton – (meat ball) soup
Kieo haeng – wanton with bits of vegetables and spices