Indian Freedom Fighters

Today as we freely move around in our country without anyone questioning or imposing any kinds of restrictions on us we feel satisfied and contended. But this satisfaction is due to the efforts taken by our freedom fighters to free our country from the British rule. Its because of our freedom fighters that today we … Read more Indian Freedom Fighters

Historical Indian Timeline

Indian timeline takes us on a journey of the history of the subcontinent. Right from the ancient India, which included Bangladesh and Pakistan, to the free and divided India, this time line covers each and every aspect related to the past as well as present of the country. Read on further to explore the timeline … Read more Historical Indian Timeline

Emblems of India

National Anthem Jana-Gana-Mana-Adhinayaka, Jaya He Bharata-Bhagya-Vidhata Punjab-Sindhu-Gujarata-Maratha- Dravida-Utkala-Banga Vindhya-Himachala-Yamuna-Ganga Ucchhala-Jaladhi Taranga Tava Subha Name Jage Tava Subha Ashisha Mage Gahe Tava Jaya Gatha. Jana-Gana-Mangala Dayaka, Jaya He Bharata-Bhagya-Vidhata, Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya He, Jaya Jaya Jaya, Jaya He The following is a translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s rendering of the stanza: Thou art the ruler … Read more Emblems of India

Folk Theatre of India

Inhabited by over a billion diverse racial groups, India presents a colourful assortment of Folk culture, best portrayed through the unique art of Folk Theatre. Variously known as the Jatra (Bengal, Orissa and Eastern Bihar), Tamasha (Maharashtra), Nautanki (Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab), Bhavai (Gujarat), Yakshagana (Karnataka), Therubuttu (Tamil Nadu), folk theatre reaches out to … Read more Folk Theatre of India

Human Rights Report – 2007

Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and LaborMarch 11, 2008 India is a multiparty, federal, parliamentary democracy with a bicameral parliament and a population of approximately 1.1 billion. Manmohan Singh became prime minister following his Congress Party-led coalition’s victory in the 2004 general elections, which were considered free and fair, despite scattered instances … Read more Human Rights Report – 2007

Languages of India

Languages of India

Here is a list of those Indian languages spoken by more than a million people. English is spoken as a second language by more than ten million Indians. This data has been extracted from the Ethnologue database. The highlighted links lead to documents on this server. These documents list resources available on the net on … Read more Languages of India