Burmese Names

Meanings of Myanmar Names Almost every syllable has its meaning in Myanmar language. Names of towns, names of people, all have meanings. And they are interesting. Names of Myanmar Towns Yangon: Formerly called Rangoon in English. Means “end of strife” Dagon: Derived from Tain-goat-tra Mandalay: Named after the Mandalay Hill. Derived from Pali word “Mandalar”, … Read more Burmese Names

Kings of Burma

Culture of Kabul

Many Thanks to: www.friesian.com The Burmese speak a Sino-Tibean language, more closely related to Tibetan and Karen than to Chinese itself. But, despite frequent political and military involvement with China, Burma has always been a sub-Indian culture, with Theravadin Buddhist religion and a Sanskrit based alphabet. The interesting circular form of Burmese letters is a consequence … Read more Kings of Burma

Historical Myanmar and Burmese Clothing

Around AD 1000, women clothes of the Pyu era, were made from silk and cotton.  During the Bagan period, embroidered shawl is worn over the shoulders as a popularity. They also had bands around their arms.  During the Yadanar Bon period, a Htai Ma Thein Jacket is worn with Anoh. Emerald shawl is wrapped over … Read more Historical Myanmar and Burmese Clothing

People and Races

Culture of Kabul

Myanmar is a union of 135 ethnic groups with their own languages and dialects. The major races are the Kachin, the Kayah, the Kayin, the Chin , the Mon, the Bamar, the Rakhine, and the Shan. The name Myanmar embraces all the ethnic groups. Composition of the Different Ethnic Groups under the 8 Major National Ethnic Races in Myanmar (A) Kachin comprises 12 different … Read more People and Races

Myanmar Folk Dances

Culture of Kabul

Myanmar folk dances developed together with folk music and songs. So they are inseparably linked with folk music and songs. These three performing arts are complementary and agro-based. As Myanmar is an agricultural country the majority of its people are peasants and their cultural performance reflect their occupation and daily life style. Just as their … Read more Myanmar Folk Dances