Pakistan Country Information

Pakistan has borders with Afghanistan, India, Iran and the Arabian Sea. The terrain varies from rugged and mountainous to flat, alluvial plains. Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea near the mouth of the Indus. The streets are lively with hundreds of street restaurants, teahouses, samosa and … Read more Pakistan Country Information

Pakistani People

People The population of the country is 135.28 million (1997 estimates). The current growth rate of 2.82% is the highest among nine most populous countries of the world. Of the four provinces Punjab has 56.5% of the total population, Sindh has 22.6%, NWFP including Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) is 15.7%, and Balochistan has 5.1%. Sindh … Read more Pakistani People

Music of Pakistan

By far the most dynamic and popular music of Pakistan is qawwali, which has been internationally popularized by stars like Nusrat Ali Khan. Qawwali, in multiple forms, is widespread throughout Pakistan and Northern India. Qawwali refers to both the performance and the genre of music. Qawwals typically consist of a lead vocalist, two back-up vocalists … Read more Music of Pakistan

Pakistan Culture

The pleasures of Pakistan are old: Buddhist monuments, Hindu temples, Islamic palaces, tombs and pleasure grounds, and widely spaced Anglo-Mogul Gothic mansions – some in a state of dereliction which makes their grandeur even more emphatic. Scuplture is dominated by Graeco-Buddhist friezes, and crafts by ceramics, jewellery, silk goods and engraved woodwork and metalwork. Even … Read more Pakistan Culture