Philippine Wedding Customs and Superstitions

Philippine Wedding Culture and Superstitions From: Filipinos still adhere to numerous widely-held folk beliefs that have no scientific or logical basis but maybe backed-up by some past experiences (yet can be dismissed as mere coincidence). Below are just a few that concerns weddings. Some are still practiced to this day primarily because of ‘there’s nothing … Read more Philippine Wedding Customs and Superstitions

Tagalog Languge

Basic Tagalog:Some words commonly used by visitors and tourists. English Tagalog English Tagalog accept tanggap lunch tanghalian afternoon hapon map mapa snack merienda medicine gamot apple mansanas mirror salamin ask tanong money pera aunt tiya morning umaga banana saging mother nanay bank banko moviehouse sinehan beautiful maganda name pangalan bed kama near malapit beer beer … Read more Tagalog Languge

Philippines Human Rights Report 2007

Philippines Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  - 2007 Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor March 11, 2008 The Philippines, with a population of 89 million, is a multiparty republic with an elected president and bicameral legislature. On May 14, approximately 73 percent of registered citizens voted in mid-term elections for both houses … Read more Philippines Human Rights Report 2007