Singapore Ghost Stories

Someone’s watching you

A true experience

Many people claim to know of someone with the third eye and I claim I carry the dormant gene that enables the third eye in me. My maternal grandmother has what many calls ‘dogs’ eyes’, which means that she is able to see people of the third kind.

Here is one of the tales she has told us when we gather around her…

My maternal grandfather was and still is a heavy gambler and often did not come home to the family till the wee hours of the morning…occasionally not returning at all. My grandmother was left to take care of 8 children (all her own) with my grandaunt in a tiny chicken coop they had to call home in the Hougang area. Life was fairly simple…except for my grandmother.

Every night after she had tucked everyone into bed, my grandmother would patiently wait for her husband’s return in the chicken coop. And every night, ‘someone’ joins her.

Through the creaks between the planks of wood that make up the chicken coop, she could always peep out onto the road leading to the home and every night, she would see a woman with long black hair, dressed in white standing on the road…waiting…staring…straight at her.

My grandmother knew what the true nature of what she saw and never told her children about the events of every night, but whenever one of them woke up and asked what the matter was, she would quickly chase them back to bed and tell them to keep quiet before she resumed her watch again. This went on for a year and no one knew anything of what went on those dark nights.

One night, my grandfather came home from gambling…late as usual. As he walked down the road towards the coop, he saw a lady with long black hair standing in the middle of the road in front of his home with her back facing him. He was rather grumpy that night, because he had lost a fair amount of money, so he called out to the lady and asked her what she wanted.

The lady did not turn around and ignored him.

By this time, my grandfather felt that something was strange and did not like the way she ignored him. He looked at his watch and realised how late it was…nobody would be out at this hour in this neighbourhood. He began to feel the hairs pricking behind his neck…

My grandfather was beginning to freak out and turned around to run back down the road, only to return in the morning at the first sign of light.