Under a Broken Sky

Mongolia’s nomads travel a wintry land of hypnotic beauty. But as Phil Zabriskie discovers, their way of life is under threat    BY PHIL ZABRISKIE Monday, Feb. 17, 2003 It’s almost noon, and Bayarsakhan looks as if he has just woken up. His jaw hangs slack, and his face is marred by fresh gouges—the result, he says, … Read more Under a Broken Sky

Behind Karen lines

Culture of Kabul

BITTER WAR : Extreme hardship is a constant companion in the Karens’ bitter war against the Burmese junta. But there’s always the prospect that it will be worth it in the end.. and the comfort that it’s even worse for their enemies. George Mcleod It is a hot, humid morning in Southern Burma. Rain pours … Read more Behind Karen lines

The Coconut Monk

  Followers regard him as a saint, or at least a holy man. Detractors regard him as a crank, an impostor or a mad monk. In the past he has invited world leaders to the conference hall on his floating Christian-Buddha pagoda to settle the problem of peace in Vietnam. His airy abode is located … Read more The Coconut Monk