Burmese Measuring System

Burmese Measuring System mostly uses the imperial units.

Both Imperial and metric units have been seen used on official government sites, and they even announced the adoption of the metric system.

The progress of the adoption to metric system has been slow and not yet finalized.

Myanmar is now one of a few remaining countries in the world that do not currently use the Metric system.

Other notable countries include the United States and Liberia.

Table 1: Myanmar Weight

Myanmar WeightGramKilogramGrainOuncePound
1 Yway Lay0.1360777060.0001360782.10.00480.0003
1 Yway Gyi0.2721554120.0002721554.20.00960.0006
1 Pae Thar1.0205828330.00102058315.750.0360.00225
1 Mu Thar2.0411656650.00204116631.50.0720.0045
1 Mat Thar4.082331330.00408233163.00.1440.009
5 Mue Thar8.164662660.008164662126.00.2880.018
1 Kyat Thar (tical)16.329325320.016329325252.00.5760.036
A Wat Thar204.11656650.2041165673150.07.20.45
A Seit Thar408.2331330.4082331336300.014.40.9
50 Sae Thar816.4662660.81646626612600.028.81.8
1 Pate Thar1632.9325321.63293253225200.057.63.6
A Chane Ta yar163293.2532163.29325322520000.05760.0360.0
A Chane Ta Htaung1632932.532

Table 2: Myanmar Measures

Myanmar MeasuresMetric System (Millimetre)Metric System (Litre)British System (Imperial gallon)British System (Bushel)
1 La My7.99095070.0079909510.0175781250.002197266
1 La Myate15.98190140.0159819010.035156250.004394531
1 La Mae31.96380290.0319638030.07031250.008789063
1 Sa lae63.92760590.0639276060.1406250.017578125
1 Kwat127.8552110.1278552120.2812510.03515625
1 Pyi255.710420.2557104240.56250.0703125
1 Sate1022.841691.022841692.250.28125
1 Kware2045.683392.045683394.50.5625
1 Tin40913.667940.91366799.01.125

Myanmar, a country rich in culture and tradition, has its unique system of measurements that has been passed down through generations. This system, deeply rooted in the country’s history, is a fascinating blend of indigenous units and those borrowed from the British imperial system and the metric system. This article delves into the intricacies of Myanmar’s measurement systems, exploring the various units used and their equivalents in the metric and British systems, providing a glimpse into the country’s unique approach to quantifying the world around them.

Myanmar’s Traditional Measurement System:

Myanmar’s traditional measurement system is composed of several unique units, each serving its specific purpose. These units include La My, La Myate, La Mae, Sa lae, Kwat, Pyi, Sate, Kware, and Tin. Each of these units has its equivalent in both the metric system and the British system, allowing for conversions and comparisons to be made.

Detailed Analysis:

1. La My:

  • Metric System: 7.9909507 mm, 0.007990951 Litres
  • British System: 0.017578125 Imperial gallons, 0.002197266 Bushels

2. La Myate:

  • Metric System: 15.9819014 mm, 0.015981901 Litres
  • British System: 0.03515625 Imperial gallons, 0.004394531 Bushels

3. La Mae:

  • Metric System: 31.9638029 mm, 0.031963803 Litres
  • British System: 0.0703125 Imperial gallons, 0.008789063 Bushels

4. Sa lae:

  • Metric System: 63.9276059 mm, 0.063927606 Litres
  • British System: 0.140625 Imperial gallons, 0.017578125 Bushels

5. Kwat:

  • Metric System: 127.855211 mm, 0.127855212 Litres
  • British System: 0.281251 Imperial gallons, 0.03515625 Bushels

6. Pyi:

  • Metric System: 255.71042 mm, 0.255710424 Litres
  • British System: 0.5625 Imperial gallons, 0.0703125 Bushels

7. Sate:

  • Metric System: 1022.84169 mm, 1.02284169 Litres
  • British System: 2.25 Imperial gallons, 0.28125 Bushels

8. Kware:

  • Metric System: 2045.68339 mm, 2.04568339 Litres
  • British System: 4.5 Imperial gallons, 0.5625 Bushels

9. Tin:

  • Metric System: 40913.6679 mm, 40.9136679 Litres
  • British System: 9.0 Imperial gallons, 1.125 Bushels

The Story Behind the Units:

These units tell a story of a country that has preserved its traditions while adapting to external influences. The La My, the smallest unit, is a testament to the precision inherent in Myanmar’s traditional measurement system. As we move up the scale to units like the Tin, we see the system’s adaptability to larger quantities, showcasing its versatility.

The blend of the metric and British systems within Myanmar’s traditional measurements reflects the country’s historical interactions and exchanges with different cultures and civilizations. It symbolizes a harmonious blend of the old and the new, the indigenous and the foreign, creating a unique tapestry of units that are as diverse as they are unified.

Myanmar’s Measurement System

Myanmar’s measurement system is a fascinating amalgamation of tradition, precision, and adaptability. It not only serves as a functional tool for quantification but also as a symbol of the country’s rich cultural heritage and its ability to integrate various elements into a cohesive whole. Understanding these units provides a deeper insight into Myanmar’s history and its approach to interpreting the world, making it a significant aspect of the country’s cultural identity.

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