20 Different Types Of Strawberries With Images

types of strawberries

Strawberries (Fragaria Ananassa) is a kind of fruit that’s easy to grow and is loved my many. Strawberries are juicy, sweet and bright red in color. An excellent source of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Manganese, Folate and Potassium. Although strawberries may look the same, they are actually different in other ways such as the size, taste, flavor and bearing season. There are however different varieties of strawberries out there. If you want to know and learn more about the different types of strawberries, continue to read on this article.

Strawberry plants are classified into three different types:

Day neutral Strawberries

These types of strawberries have three peak period of fruit bearing that usually falls in months of early June, then mid-July and then late August. The peak period allows the crop to evenly spread out.

Ever Bearing Strawberries

These types of strawberries have modest sized crops but as soon as it can get at least 12 hours of sunlight it starts to bloom. Then continues to bear strawberry fruits until the end of summer (warm summer temperatures)

June Bearing Strawberries

These types of strawberries, hence the name, typically blooms in the months of June. June bearing produces one large crop per year. Most of the time, it bears fruits sometime early June or often Late June.

Different Types Of Strawberries

Albion Strawberry (Fragaria Ananassa)

Albion Strawberries are day-neutral (numerous runners) strawberries that are large and firm. These types of strawberries are very resistant to diseases.

Allstar Strawberry

These types of strawberries have a milder and paler color compared to other strawberry varieties that is bright red in color, although they have the same juicy and sweet fruit taste with the rest. All star strawberries are perfectly shaped fruit that it best to use in salads.

In comparison with other strawberry varieties, since all star is a very firm fruit it is ideal to be place in the garden as it can hold and carry its size too well.

Alpine Strawberry

These types of Strawberries are small plants with smaller berry fruit and lacks runners. Although small, they are sweet wild strawberry fruit. Its size is about the size of a fingernail.

Growing strawberry season for Alpine strawberry is from months of June to October.

Aroma Strawberry

These types of strawberries are large, firm fruit and deliciously sweet. They are bright red in color and can be eaten either fresh, frozen or made into jellies, jams and other desserts.

When Aroma strawberry plant is exposed to the sun for about 6 hours a day helps these strawberries make the best sweet flavor.

Camino Real Strawberry

Camino Real Strawberries is a very firm and is a dark red colored fruit. These types of Strawberries have a great and delicious flavor. Its size is a bit small as compared to other strawberry varieties however it can produce more fruit at a time than other types.

Diamante Strawberry

These types of Strawberries are flavorful berries. They are very large strawberries and a bright-red sheen color. As a matter of fact, Diamante Strawberries are known for as the strawberry that is very large in size but has really good flavor.

Diamante Strawberries are the deal variety for making pies. Not only that, when dip into chocolates with give that exceptionally great and delicious taste.

Earliglow Strawberry

Earliglow strawberries are another strawberry varieties that has is medium in size and has a firm and glossy skin. It has a sweet flavor that is perfect when eaten fresh or frozen.

Earliglow strawberries plants are June bearing strawberries. The fruits tends to ripen faster than other strawberry varieties.

These types of strawberries are root and leaf disease resistance.

Elsanta Strawberry

Elsanta Strawberry plants are day neutral strawberry varieties. These types of strawberries are very large, firm and has a very sweet and great flavor. Though this variety is not resistant to diseases therefore extra care needs to be done to its strawberry plants.

Fragaria Virginiana Strawberry

Fragaria Virginiana is also known as Virginia Strawberry, common strawberry and mountain strawberry. This is another version of a wild strawberry. They are deep red in color and are very delicious.

Garden Strawberry

Garden Strawberries are the most common strawberry plants grown in the US. They are characterized as large, study and firm fruits. . The delicious taste is similar to the taste of a traditional strawberry.

Strawberry plants that bear fruit of garden strawberry are versatile wherein they easily grow with any type of growing conditions.

Hood Strawberry

Hood Strawberry plants bear fruits on a short span of season. This means that you need to harvest them quickly as they only have a few weeks on their season.

Most of the time, especially in the pacific northwest region, Hood strawberries are used to make ice cream.

Hood Strawberries is characterized as a glossy red fruit then get even darker especially when it has fully ripen. It has a very sweet taste and they are considered to be of high quality strawberry varieties. Other than used for premium ice cream, hood strawberries are best used for making preserves, jams and other desserts.

Jewel Strawberry

These types of strawberries lacks runners or only produces little runner. Jewel Strawberries are large and has a sweet fruit.

Jewel Strawberry plants are considered to be ever bearing strawberry plants and these plants are disease resistance.

Northeaster Strawberry

Northeaster strawberry are June bearing strawberries. It is characterized as large fruit with very generous yield. It is a sweet and juicy berries. Northeaster berries can be baked, made into jams and jellies or can also be eaten raw.

Northeastern Strawberry plants can reach a maximum height of about 8 inches high then spreading to 24 inches width.

Quinault Strawberry

These types of strawberries are everbearing strawberry varieties. Quinault Strawberry plant produces very large, and sweet but very soft fruit.

Quinault Strawberry varieties are ideal to use for making preserves but also best for when eaten raw.

Rosa Linda Strawberry

These types of strawberries is characterized as bright red, medium sized strawberry varieties. It has a very full flavor and taste.

Growth for Rosaline strawberry plant is upright and produces berry fruits in early December with early yields that are moderate.

Seascape Strawberry

These types of Strawberries are small but have a perfect strawberry shape. It is bright red in color with a glossy skin. Although sweet, but not sweet enough as compared to other strawberry varieties.

Seascape strawberries are everbearing strawberries that produces berry fruits all throughout its growing season.

Sweet Charlie Strawberry

These type of strawberry varieties is one unique kind. While it is orange-red in color skin on the outside, the inside has an orange streaked with a little white in color.

Sweet charlie strawberries are very sweet perhaps because of its sugar to acid ratio that is very high. Though not as tasty as other varieties.

Sweet Charlie Strawberry plants are June-bearers that produces large berries.

Tillamook Strawberries

Tillamook Strawberry plants are early bloomers that is high yield and produce fruit that are large size berries that is very sweet and is very firm.

Tillamook Strawberries are ideal for when used in making jams and preserves but can also be eaten as fresh strawberries.

Ventana Strawberry

Ventana Strawberry plants are June bearing strawberries that produce large berries. The strawberry fruit produced are bright red in color with great flavor.

Ventana Strawberries are often sold in fresh markets.

Wild Strawberry

Wild berry strawberry plant is also known as Indian Mock Strawberry. Although as the name itself present, wild strawberries are not poisonous strawberry as what other think. Strawberry plant is unique because its flowers are yellow, not the common white flowers you see on other strawberry varieties. The taste is also not as good as with other strawberries.

Health Benefits of Strawberries

Eating strawberries are good for the body because of the health benefits it can provide. It prevents the risk of getting heart diseases, although strawberries are sweet it can also help regular blood sugar. Other than that, eating strawberries helps in the prevention of cancer.

Strawberry Nutritional Facts

For every 100 grams of strawberries also contains nutrients that includes Water (91%), carbs (7.7 grams), calories (32 grams), sugar (4,9 grams), fiber 2 grams, fat 0.3 grams) and protein (0.7 grams)


What is unique about strawberry?

Strawberries are the only fruit known to have seeds not on the inside but its seeds are on the outside, on its skin. Approximately 200 seeds are on the skin of a strawberry.

What does Strawberry tastes like?

Fresh strawberries tastes like fruit, often spicy and green taste and caramel.

How many times does Strawberry plants bloom and produce fruit?

It is classified into three categories: early, mid season and late season.

With everbearing strawberries it produces three periods (spring, summer and early fall) and does not really produce many runners. Day neutral strawberries however produces fruit all through out the strawberry growing season.


There are other types of strawberries out there but the ones mentioned here are the most common type. We hope that this guide has helped you learn and understand the different types of strawberry varieties and how each type differs from the rest.

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