12 Different Types of Berries with Images

Types of Berries

Berries are one of most commonly used fruits in making pies and other pastries. They are usually small, rounded with pulpy fruits that don’t have big seeds in the middle. Most berries are edible and they are colorful with a combination of sweet-sour juicy taste. But you have to be careful as other berry types such as unripe red mulberry or pokeweed can be poisonous. 

Other countries worldwide are cultivating different types of berries scientifically, producing them on a berry farm, like the famous Walter Knott. While some berries are being cultivated, a lot of them grow in the wild. Berries came from the ovary of a single flower. The edible portion that is commonly consumed is the outermost layer of the flower ovary wall that turns into a fleshy, pulpy fruit. 

What you will find on this post are commonly known types of berries that are being cultivated or used around the globe. Let’s find out more information as you read further. 

Different Types of Berries with Images

 types of berries


Blackberry generally belongs to the genus Rubus in the Rosaceae family and they are mostly found in the South and Pacific Northwest regions. This black round fruit contains a lot of antioxidants. It is a great berry to satisfy those who are looking for sweet treats without worrying about high calories. 

Blackberries are also cultivated to cope up with cold places, thus they could thrive in other regions with colder climates. Blackberry fruits are generally consumed raw, but they can be made into great tasting jams, used in cakes or put into pies and other pastries. 

 types of berries


Strawberries are one of the most commonly known berries that are widely grown in places with cold climates. The strawberry fruit has a bright-red color with an enigmatic aroma and juicy texture with a hint of sweetness. Though strawberry is not considered as one berry fruit since its flesh contains a big flower receptacle and embedded with several fruits that is called achenes, it is still widely known as a berry just like raspberries. 

Strawberry plant is vine-type of plant that produces the fruit. Health enthusiasts can count on this berry as it contains vitamin C and manganese, which are essential immunity boosters. You can use strawberries on different things and can be turned into an ice cream, cakes or a delicious strawberry shake. 

 types of berries


Blueberry is native to North America but they are now cultivated worldwide. This edible small sweet blue-black fruits came from a small bush that produces the whitish drooping flowers. You can find them in the wild soil or at farms being cultivated for mass production.

Blueberries are full of antioxidants that can be good for the heart, prevent cancer, provide healthy skin, regulate blood pressure and enhance mental health. It is said that a cup of blueberries contains 24 percent of vitamin C for the recommended daily allowance. If you are looking for a healthy alternative snack for your family or a beauty food, this type of berry should be considered. 

Types of Berries

Acai Berries

The Acai Berries are reddish-purple that is inch-long in size. This sweet berry can be found mainly in Central and South America but other regions are now cultivating it. Studies show that Acai contains higher antioxidants compared to other berries like Blueberries, Cranberries, Raspberries and Blackberries. 

Since it has a higher antioxidant level, Acai berries should be able to provide a lot of health benefits. These antioxidants are good for the heart, brain and overall health. Aside from that, the fruits also contains healthy fiber and good fatty acids. Its fibers can suppress appetites, so if you are one of those who is into weight loss, this berry is a good alternative. 

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White Mulberries

White mulberry is originally from China but has been introduced to North America in the 1600’s era. This is also known as Morus Alba and its plant tree is a fast growing that can be small to medium in size or about ten to twenty meters tall. The taste of a white mulberry is similar to blackberries that has a low acidity and a mild honey-like taste. 

This type of berry can be used as a treatment for diabetic patients. It also contains vitamin C and minerals that are good in treating high cholesterol levels, handles high blood pressure and even common colds or its symptoms. If you want to have the best-tasting white mulberry, pick it when it is slightly overripe. 

 types of berries

Goji Berries

Wolfberry or known as Goji Berry, is a fruit from the Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense, which are related to the nightshade family called Solanaceae. They are native from China and Tibet and grow in the lush, green fertile valley of the Ningxia Province. Though they don’t grow naturally in other parts of the world, other countries are cultivating it. 

Goji berries are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins such as vitamin C and A. It also contains properties good for cancer prevention, stabilizes blood sugar, promotes healthy skin and hair, and a lot of other health benefits. You can eat them raw, make it into a sweet taste shake, or put it into a herbal tea. 

Types of Berries


Bilberry is similar to Blueberries when it comes to appearance as it is also a dark-blue fruits, but it came from low-growing shrubs of the genus Vaccinium family. It is also more intense when it comes to flavor and is softer and juicier than Blueberries. Since it originated from Europe, it is also referred to as European blueberries. 

Bilberry fruits are rich in natural antioxidants and other nutrients. It also contains beneficial compounds that can be used to deal with inflammation and reduce blood sugar levels. Bilberry can also help in improving eye and heart health. It also said that it can improve brain functions and fight bacteria that causes ulcers.

 types of berries


Cranberry fruits came from evergreen dwarf palm trees that can be found in the wild. You can spot them in areas of Britain and North America. The cranberry fruits produces both sour and bitter taste as it only contains 4% of sugar. But you should not take it for granted as the awful taste is the indication of antioxidants called tannins. 

Let us talk about the benefits that you can get on these fruits. Nutrients found on cranberries are beneficial to the human body. It could help lower the risk of having a Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), prevents some cancers, regulates blood pressure and improves your immune system. If you are worried about the taste but would like to try cranberry, you can also find commercially sweetened cranberry products out there. Or use them in your cooking as there is cranberry sauce available as well. 

 types of berries

Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry or also known as Morus rubra is commonly found in the parts of Ontario, Vermont, Minnesota and to south Florida. You can also find them in the west like South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and central Texas. But this berry is native to eastern and central North America. 

It has dark green leaves that are dull and rough, compared to the While mulberry which has bright green and shiny leaves. This plant is fire intolerant but can thrive in a post-fire environment given that it has enough water and moisture. 

Red mulberries are very edible and their taste resembles a raspberry. You can use them in cooking cakes and other pastries. It can also be turned into a jam or even a wine. Aside from its good taste, the red mulberry also contains antioxidants like vitamins C and K. Native Americans used its tree sap to cure certain ailments as well. 

Types of Berries


Gooseberry is a small fruits that grows on bushes, weighing just around 3 to 6 grams each. The fruit colors can be green, yellow-white, red, pink or dark purple depending on the varieties of the plant. As for the flavors, it can be tart taste or sweet. If consumed unripe, the taste of the fruits can be sour.

Gooseberries offer nutrients like vitamins E and C, phytochemicals and other antioxidants. They help in brain functions and improve the immune system. They can also battle the signs of aging, type 2 diabetes, some cancers and heart diseases. You can eat the gooseberries fruits raw to enjoy its maximum health benefits. But other people prefer to add them to their meals as an ingredient or make a gooseberry juice, instead of eaten fresh. 

 types of berries

Salmon Berries

Native to the west coast of North America, Salmonberry came from the species of brambles in the rose family and was discovered in the mouth of the Duckabush river in Jefferson County, Washington. Its shrub can grow up to 13 feet with a body system that is covered with fine prickles. You can spot its flower as a pinkish-purple in color with five petals that are about 3 centimeters in diameter. 

Salmonberry salmonberries are edible and it looks like a raspberry in structure. It can be eaten raw or processed into candies, jams, jellies or wine. The reason why it was called Salmon berries is because it is commonly eaten with Salmon. Different recipes are also incorporating these fruits as one of the ingredients. 

types of berries


Just like blackberries and strawberries, raspberries are kinds of aggregate fruits as they contain several seeds from different ovaries of a single flower. Raspberry came from the family of rose species called genus Rubus. They are an important fruit crop being cultivated around the world and has a lot of varieties but the most common is the red raspberries. 

Weight loss enthusiasts can enjoy raspberries as they contain low calories but high in fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. These phytonutrients are essential in fighting certain diseases such as diabetes, cancers, arthritis and also provide anti-aging properties. 

If you want to incorporate raspberries as an alternative healthy snack or part of your detox routine, you can eat them fresh. But just eat raspberries moderately as they contain high levels of sugars that might not be good on your weight management. 

Those types of berries listed above are really healthy and they offer a lot of great benefits for your overall health. They can be eaten raw, made into purees, add them on cakes, make them a juice and wine. They are delicious food source and sure do provide more good effects if consumed moderately. There are a lot of berry varieties out there. Have you picked your favorite types of berries already?

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