9 Different Types Of Snack Foods With Images

Types Of Snack Foods

Who doesn’t enjoy munching on snacks? Whether they are midday snacks, afternoon snacks, or late-night snacks, eating snacks makes us happy and satisfies our appetites. Because there are so many healthy snacks on the market right now, eating snacks can also be healthful.

Snacks are not just for kids, they are also enjoyed by adults because they are portable and delicious. Additionally, some snacks are nutritious.

Snacks are frequently consumed in between meals, though they can be consumed at any time of the day. In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of snacks. You might be familiar with some of it. If you are interested to know what these common snack foods are, scroll down and continue reading.

Types Of Snack Foods

Snack Foods

Snack Foods

Snacks can be prepared at home using fresh ingredients or they can be packaged snack foods and other processed meals.

Generally speaking, snacks are typically made from goods that can be found at home with little to no preparation. Snacks are frequently cold cuts, fruits, leftovers, nuts, sandwiches, and sweets. The growth of convenience stores led to a huge increase in the market for packaged snack items.

Typically, snack foods are created to be quick, portable, and filling. As a type of convenience food, processed snacks are made to be more enduring, portable, and less perishable than homemade snacks. They frequently include significant amounts of sugars, preservatives, and enticing components like chocolate, peanuts, and tastes that have been particularly created, like flavored potato chips.

A “bedtime snack”, “late night snack,” or “midnight snack” is a snack consumed right before you go to bed.

Snack foods can be any type of convenience food that doesn’t require lengthy preparation. People have always eaten moderate amounts of fruit, vegetables, or nuts in between meals to replenish their energy and sate their appetite. Since the invention of processed, packaged snacks in the 19th century, things have undergone a tremendous transformation. Due to their exquisite flavors and accessibility, snacks have grown to represent a significant component of the modern diet. Additionally, individuals are now looking for alternatives to traditional meals due to the fast-paced pace of life. Thus, they turned to snacks as a widely obtainable and socially acceptable dietary alternative that can substitute a regular breakfast, lunch, or supper.

People typically categorize snacks into different varieties based on a wide range of factors since they fall under the broad category of snacks. In addition to the primary distinction between sweet and savory snacks, consumers classify snack food according to the methods of food processing used in its manufacture. The first generation contains snacks prepared from dried fruit, almonds, or peanuts. The majority of savory snacks, on the other hand, belong to the second generation and include things like corn chips, puffed corn goods, balls, and curls manufactured from extruded materials. High-fiber, high-protein, low-calorie snacks are what are referred to as second-generation items. The term “third-generation snack” describes flavored, fried snacks made from extruded pellets.

Check out the different types of snacks below.

Batter And Dough-Based Snacks

1. Batter And Dough-Based Snacks

Typically, snacks made of batter or dough are deep-fried. The doughnut, which you can make at home or purchase in any bakery or supermarket, is a common example of fried dough. A batter or dough’s main components include liquid, flour, flavorings, and additional ingredients.

Actually, there are a variety of techniques used in many nations to make dough and batter-based sweet snacks. For some of them, raising the yeast dough could take a specific amount of time.

These goodies can be in a variety of forms, it seems. However, because they are fried snacks, their distinctive shade is a golden brown that can be either soft or crispy.

Some examples of batter and dough based snack foods are listed below.

Banana Fritter

Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent are where it first appeared. a deep-fried fritter made from battered banana or plantain. Usually sold by street vendors if you go to Southeast Asian countries.



Fried dough that has been leavened is used to make donuts. It is a delicious snack that may be made at home or bought at bakeries, supermarkets, food stands, and chain specialty shops. It is popular throughout the world and is produced in a variety of ways. The names are interchangeable; donut is the shorthand spelling while doughnut is the more common one.



Also known as hotcake, griddlecake, or flapjack. It is a flat cake, frequently round and thin, made from a starch-based batter that may also include eggs, milk, and butter. It is baked on a hot surface, like a griddle or frying pan, and is frequently fried in oil or butter. It is a variety of batter-baked bread. It is likely that pancakes were consumed in prehistoric communities, according to archaeological data. The structure and shape of the pancake vary between regions. In the UK, pancakes are frequently unleavened and resemble crêpes. In North America, a leavening agent is used to create a thick, fluffy pancake, usually baking powder.



A waffle is a tasty snack food that is prepared from leavened batter or dough and fried between two plates that have been designed to give it a certain size, shape, and appearance. Depending on the waffle iron used and the recipe, there are numerous variations. Waffles are enjoyed globally, but Belgium, where there are more than a dozen regional variations, is where they are most popular. Waffles can be made from scratch or simply heated after being cooked and frozen commercially.

Other examples of batter and dough-based snacks are falafel, Bitterballen, Cereal, Bonda, Cracker nuts, crepe, croquette, Fingos, and many more.


2. Cookies

For many years, people have enjoyed eating cookies. The first cookie was developed in the seventh century AD, and by the fourteenth century it had become widely accepted throughout Europe. There are many various types of cookies, each with unique preparations, forms, and ingredients.

Basically, cookies are delectable treats that you may buy in shops or make at home. Flour, butter, eggs, and sweetener make up the majority of a cookie, with additional ingredients like chocolate chips, oats, nuts, and so forth being quite typical.

Outside of America, cookies are also referred to as “biscuits” in various nations. However, the term “biscuit” refers to crisp biscuits, whereas chewy cookies are the standard. On the other hand, they might be referred to as bars or date squares depending on their shape.

Examples of cookies are listed below.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

A type of drop cookie that is American in origin and is distinguished by the presence of chocolate chips.

Typically, a dough made of flour, butter, brown sugar, white sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, eggs, and vanilla is the first step in the process. The recipe can be modified to include different kinds of chocolate and extra ingredients like nuts or oatmeal. With the proper ingredient substitutions, such as vegan chocolate chips, vegan margarine, and egg alternatives, there are also vegan equivalents available. Yes, this cookie can be made into a healthy snack.

 A chocolate chocolate chip cookie uses a batter flavored with chocolate or cocoa powder, before chocolate chips are added in. Depending on the combination of dough and chocolate kinds, these recipe variations are often known as “double” or “triple” chocolate chip cookies.

Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers

A graham cracker is a type of cracker with a sweet flavor prepared with graham flour that was invented in the United States in the middle of the 19th century. It saw commercial success around 1880. It is consumed as a snack food and is an ingredient in various meals. It is typically flavored with honey or cinnamon.

Oatmeal Cookie

Made with oatmeal cookies. Sometimes, raisins and additional ingredients like chocolate chips are also added.

Peanut Butter Cookie

A specific kind of cookie that may be identified by the inclusion of peanut butter in the ingredients list. With their growth beginning in the 1910s, these cookies generally originated in the United States.

Cakes And Pastries Or Baked Snacks/Baked Sweets

3. Cakes And Pastries Or Baked Snacks/Baked Sweets

The usual ingredients for baked sweet snacks include butter, flour, eggs, baking powder, and shortening. These snacks often consist of butter-rich pastry that has been distributed throughout it prior to baking. A flaky and airy texture is the outcome. Choux Pastry, Puff Pastry, Flaky Pastry, Phyllo, Sweet Crust, and Shortcrust are a few of the popular types of pastry dough. Due to a long history of pastry consumption and a strong rate of innovation, sales are continually high and customer interest is strong. 

Examples of cakes and pastries are listed below.

Snack Cake

Cakes are probably the most popular desserts that are readily available at many special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays. Snack cakes, on the other hand, are unique because they’re not for these significant events.

They must be offered in single or little amounts that can be found in a box. Furthermore, you can find them in any American grocery or supermarket under a variety of labels, including Drake’s Devil Dogs, Little Debbie, and Twinkies.

These mini cakes can be baked snacks or sweets made with cake batter, sugar, and frosting. Additionally, you can consume this sweet snack whenever you like during the day.


The Marinela Brand, which is owned by Grupo Bimbo, produces and distributes the Gansito Snack Cake, which is a popular snack cake in Mexico and is also sold in the United States, Colombia, Peru, and many other countries in Latin America, as well as in a small number of European nations.

Jaffa Cakes

Named after Jaffa oranges when it was first introduced in 1927 by McVitie and Price, it is currently produced by many businesses, including McVities, Cadbury and other cookie makers, Tesco and other grocery chains.


A type of fried dough from Spanish and Portuguese cuisine is called a churro. They can also be found in Filipino cuisine, Latin American cuisine, and other cuisines that have been influenced by immigrants from Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations, particularly in France and the Southwest of the United States.

Pineapple Cake

A popular delicacy in Taiwan is pineapple cake, which is a traditional sweet pastry made with butter, flour, eggs, sugar, and pineapple jam or slices.


Suncake is another well-liked Taiwanese delicacy. Originally from the central Taiwanese city of Taichung. Maltose (condensed malt sugar) is the common filling, and it is typically sold in specialized gift boxes as a souvenirs for tourists. There are consistently lengthy queues of people waiting to purchase boxed suncakes at some well-known pastry shops.

Among the examples of sweet snacks are fairy bread, fruit buns, pastries, scones, snack pies, and toaster pastries.

Salty Snacks

4. Salty Snacks Or Savory Snack Foods

Salty snacks dominate more than half of all snack sales, and as such, they play a significant role in modern consumer diets. The market for salty snacks is expanding mostly due to convenience and flavor trends. The food industry for salty snacks continues to be dominated by full and intense flavors, as well as convenience, which forms and packages salty processed snacks.

Examples of salty and savory snacks are listed below.



A baked bread product known as a pretzel is produced from dough that is frequently formed into a knot. The ends of a long strip of dough are interlaced and then twisted in a certain manner back upon themselves to create the classic pretzel shape. Pretzels can be found in a variety of shapes today.

Pretzels are typically seasoned with salt, which goes well with the washing soda or lye treatment that gives them their distinctive skin and flavor from the Maillard reaction. Other spices include cheeses, seeds, nuts, sugar, cocoa, cinnamon, mustard, and sweet glaze. Pretzel varieties include hard-baked pretzels, which have a long shelf life, and soft pretzels, which should be consumed soon after baking.

Salted Peanuts

One of the first processed snack foods was salted peanuts. Freshly roasted peanuts were offered as a snack in the late 19th century at circuses, fairs, sporting events, and by street food vendors. Customers like salted peanuts with new flavors as well as the traditional salted in-the-shell kind, which is the most popular.

Potato Chips

Potato Chips

A thin slice of potato that has been deep-fried, roasted, or air-fried until crunchy is known as a potato chip. They are frequently offered as a side dish, appetizer, or snack. The basic chips are salted and fried, the additional kinds are made with a variety of flavorings and substances, such as cheeses, herbs, spices, and other natural or artificial flavors.

In Western nations, a significant portion of the market for convenience and snack foods is made up of potato chips.

Tortilla Chips

Corn tortillas are used to make tortilla chips, which are then sliced into triangles and fried or baked. Nixtamalized corn, vegetable oil, salt, and water are used to make corn tortillas. Although tortilla chips were initially mass-produced for the American market in Los Angeles in the late 1940s, they originated in Mexican cuisine, where dishes like totopos and tostadas were popular.

They can be produced using white, blue, or red maize in addition to the conventional yellow corn. While certain tortilla chips may be seasoned with a variety of flavors, most tortilla chips meant for dipping are merely mildly salted.


These delicacies are baked goods made primarily of layered dough, which contains flour and flavorings. Some additionally include seeds, cheese, or herbs. Since some varieties have mild flavors, people can either eat them alone or mix them with other foodstuffs like cheese, butter, jam, spread, etc.

Crackers are one of the favorite snacks available on the market since they are inexpensive and highly portable. Consider well-known brands like Ritz Crackers, Cheese Nips, and Bremner Wafers.

They can be spherical, triangular, rectangular, or even irregular in shape. However, many people confuse crackers with cookies when they mean savory biscuits, whereas cookies are more commonly associated with sweet desserts.

Bread And Sandwiches

The humankind has consumed bread for a very long time. Although they are typically categorized as bread, you may eat them whenever you want as a snack, and they go well with both sweet and salty elements. This is definitely a great afternoon snack.

Various kinds of bread are available today, thus some may not be the best snacks. Sandwiches, on the other hand, are acceptable subcategories of bread snacks. They often have two or more slices of bread with filling sandwiched in between.

Different sandwich types each have unique ingredients, such as jam sandwiches with sweet jam/jelly, or open sandwiches with toppings. In addition to being delicious snacks, they make excellent lunch items.


Since cheese is rich in protein, eating it as a favorite snack is one of the healthiest ways to do so. You may feel full once you have consumed this delicious snack.

Cheese is a dairy product created from animal milk, like goats, cows, and buffalo. There are many different varieties of cheese, but not all of them work well as snacks.

String cheeses, cheese sticks, or processed cheeses make the greatest grazing cheeses. They make excellent after-school or late-night snacks in general. Additionally, they can speed up your weight loss if you use low-fat cheese. It definitely has a lot of health benefits.

Cream cheese, string cheese, cheese balls, processed cheese, are among the types of cheese that you can eat as a snack.

Meat-Based Snacks

The most popular food consumed worldwide is meat. A variety of meats are healthy ingredients and essential components in a variety of cuisines.

Many are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which can help you feel fuller for longer. You can make these high protein snacks yourself, much like beef jerky, however they are also accessible in any market or grocery stores.

Additionally included in this subcategory is bacon. This is cured meat made from various pig cuts. Despite the high levels of fat and salt in bacon, eating them in moderation makes them safe to eat.

Other types of meat based snacks are corn dog, dried cuttlefish, dried fish, dried squid, hotdogs, and a lot more.


Instant noodles that have been cooked can be consumed at any time as a quick snack or supper. Regular noodles contain a lot of carbohydrates, which can immediately satisfy your hunger.

Bombay mix is a popular snack in India that combines a large quantity of spiced dried noodles with additional ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, or almonds. You can offer these delectable delicacies, which are overflowing with flavor, as a snack or an appetizer in the countryside.

Ramen, cup noodles, and instant noodles are also consumed as snacks.

Snack Bars

These bars are flexible snacks that include dried fruits, nuts, oats, or cereals and provide a nutritious, nutrient-rich snack. The finest examples are energy bars because they are more precise.

These bars are the best energy supplement, and since they combine the three primary food sources of energy, you can even consume them in place of regular meals.

Granola bars are a popular snack in many nations, including the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and so on, just like energy bars are. Similar treats are known as Flapjack in the UK, where oat and sugar are the main ingredients.

Confectionery Or Sweet Snacks

5. Confectionery Or Sweet Snacks

Food products that are high in sugar and frequently referred to as confections are similar to confectionery. The practice of making sugar-based desserts, or subtleties, frequently using pastillage, is known as confectionery.

Confectionery, also known as confections, is a traditional snack with a rich, sugary flavor that you should try if you have a strong sweet tooth. These snacks do contain sugar, however there are two main sorts of confectionery.

Depending on the storage and water level, these treats have varying shelf lives. If they are properly stored and have a high sugar content, like boiled candies, they have rather prolonged shelf lives.

Most snacks under this type are candy, chocolate, and baked sweets.

Frozen Snack

6. Frozen Snack Food

Ice creams are considered snacks under this type.

A creamy frozen treat known as ice cream is prepared from cream, milk, and sweetener together with a variety of flavorings. There are many different ice cream flavors and recipes available, but no matter what kind it is, ice cream will always delight your taste buds.

In addition, frozen custard, which is quite similar to ice cream, makes a delicious summertime snack. The primary distinction between the two is an ice cream-like frozen custard produced with cream instead of sugar.

Another frozen treat is the milkshake, which also contains ice cream, milk, and other ingredients. If you are lactose intolerant, or don’t want cream or milk on your frozen snack, the best option is an ice pop, sometimes known as a popsicle.

Fruits and Vegetables

7. Fruits And Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are considered natural snacks. The abundance of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in fruits and vegetables is well known. However, they shouldn’t be overly sour or bitter for snacking. Bananas, apples, melons, cherries, and other fruits are the finest for snacking.

Cucumber, tomatoes, celery, carrots, and other sliced vegetables are edible whether they are fresh, cooked, or dried. If you require a longer feeling of fullness, matching fruits or vegetables with dip, spread, or cheese is desirable.

Edible Seeds, Nuts, Grains, And Legumes

8. Edible Seeds, Nuts, Grains, And Legumes

These are also considered as natural snacks.

These tasty little products are important sources of calories and protein. They are among the healthiest snacks to munch on throughout the day because they can reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases.

These snacks are the best type of food to pack because they are portable, filling, and provide energy quickly. You can bring these on your next camping trip or when you’re on a hike.

These include things like trail mix, popcorn, cashews, pistachios, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and more.


9. Drinks

Drinks that can be consumed as a snack include juice, smoothies, bubble tea, energy drinks, and soft drinks.

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