20 Best Chipotle Menu Items With Images

Best Chipotle Menu Items

Craving for Mexican food? Check out the Chipotle menu. There are many reasons to adore Chipotle. First off, the fast-casual Mexican restaurant brand is committed to protecting the environment. 

For many years, Chipotle has been the consumers’ go-to place for Mexican food thanks to its high-quality ingredients and flexible menu options. At Chipotle, customers have the creative opportunity to make any burritos, tacos, salads, and burrito bowls they choose.

Chipotle serves food that is prepared with top-notch, fresh ingredients that are obtained from reputable suppliers. The security of their food is a top priority for them in both their restaurants and supply chain. They place a high importance on complying to food safety and quality standards to reduce health risks that may result from the handling, preparation, and storage of food in all aspects of their operations, from their supply chain to their restaurants.

If you want to discover what the finest Chipotle menu items are, scroll down and read on.

Best Chipotle Menu Items


Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc

Frequently referred to as just “Chipotle”, this American restaurant business operates fast-casual locations across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. It is noted for its made-to-order bowls, tacos, and Mission burritos. The Nahuatl word for smoked and dried jalapeno chili peppers, chipotle, is where the word “chipotle” comes from.

One of the first fast food restaurants is Chipotle. When McDonald’s Corporation became a significant investor in Chipotle in 1998, it had 16 locations (all in Colorado), having been founded by Steve Ells on July 13, 1993. The chain had more than 500 stores by the time McDonald’s entirely divested itself from Chipotle in 2006. In 2015, Chipotle, which operated more than 2,000 restaurants, had a net income of US$475.6 million and more than 45,000 workers.

After 25 years of cooperation, Chipotle announced in May 2018 that it would move its corporate headquarters from Denver to Newport Beach in Southern California.

Check out the list of Chipotle menu items below.

Chicken Burrito

1. Chicken Burritos

Try the chicken burritos from Chipotle if you have a burrito craving. Ordering their chicken burrito is actually a terrific choice.

Chipotle burrito is prepared with the protein of your choice, rice, beans, and vegetables, then tightly enveloped in a warm, soft flour tortilla.

If you decided to order Chipotle’s burritos, you should try the roasted chili-corn salsa or the fresh tomato salsa on it. They complement the adobo flavor of the chicken well and are less watery than salsas made with tomatillos.

Chicken Bowl

2. Chicken Bowl

A balanced and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day is a burrito bowl cooked with their distinctive Adobo-marinated chopped chicken.

The marinade with adobo is outstanding. In addition to other spices, it is produced by mixing white vinegar, soy sauce, peppercorns, garlic, and bay leaves.

The meat is cooked in the marinade until it is ready to eat after marinating it for a least eight hours, usually marinated overnight.

You can choose between black and pinto beans, white or brown rice, and fajita vegetables in this bowl. Additionally, you can add toppings like guacamole, lettuce, various salsas, shredded cheese, queso, or sour cream. You may also double the amount of chicken and vegetables and add cheese, pinto beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo on top. Getting twice as much protein comes at a slightly higher price.

Fajita Veggies

3. Fajita Veggies

Another excellent side that can be combined with just some rice and beans is the fajita veggies.  Red and green bell peppers, onions, and fresh oregano are all included in this combo.

They are not only nutrient-dense but also have a great grill flavor that pairs nicely with any type of protein.

The fajita veggies are definitely the ideal topping if you are a vegetarian.

Barbacoa Bowl

4. Barbacoa Bowl

Mexicans invented the barbacoa method of cooking meat, which is Spanish for “barbecue.” The seasoned meat, which is typically lamb or goat, is cooked slowly until it is juicy and tender. The beef shoulder used to make Chipotle’s barbacoa has a peppery, garlicky flavor and is slow-cooked for up to eight hours.

By substituting pinto beans for black beans and adding lettuce, mild salsa verde, cheese, guacamole, and sour cream, you may modify the barbacoa bowl.

The texture of the barbacoa is wonderful, and the flavor mixture with all of the toppings is just extraordinary.


5. Guacamole

There are only six ingredients are to make Chipotle guacamole, these include mashed avocados, lime juice, chopped cilantro, red onion, jalapeno peppers, and kosher salt.

A thick, creamy, delectably delicious guacamole is the ideal complement to any dish on the menu when the right ingredients are blended in the right proportions with a big metal whisk.

Although adding it to your meal may come with a small additional cost, it is really worth it. Guacamole is good on salads and burrito bowls. Additionally, the pico de gallo salsa and the salsa verde go incredibly well with it.

Salad With Chicken

6. Salad With Chicken

Chipotle has some amazing salads to offer if you’re trying to eat healthier or are simply not in the need for a big dinner.

A basic mixture of romaine lettuce, baby spinach, and baby kale is used to make all salads. You can further personalize your salad by adding beans, queso Blanco, guacamole, or any of their sauces and vegetables. You also have the option to use their distinctive Chipotle-Honey Vinaigrette to top the salad.

The salad with the chicken on top is full and healthy. The average number of calories in a salad with chicken is around 195, depending on the additional toppings you select.

Vegan Sofritas

7. Vegan Sofritas

For people who don’t eat meat or animal products, Chipotle offers a variety of protein options. Sofritas, or shredded tofu (typically spicy organic tofu), is one of those alternatives that many vegans prefer as substitute for chicken, barbacoa, or carnitas.

The sofritas at Chipotle are stewed in a variety of spices, along with roasted poblano peppers and chilies, giving them a rich flavor with a little kick.

You can enjoy the taste and fullness that Chipotle’s sofritas give even if you aren’t vegan. They are also delicious on tacos and burritos.

Taco Salad

8. Taco Salad

At Chipotle, guests may pretty much choose any toppings they want to put on their salads, the only thing that really distinguishes a salad from a burrito bowl is the addition of romaine lettuce. You can actually order a  “taco salad” on the Chipotle secret menu.

A salad with chicken, black beans, guacamole, mild salsa, corn salsa, additional cheese, vinaigrette, Tabasco, and chips are the typical ingredients to make this delectable entrĂ©e.

This healthy salad stands out because of the chips, so either smash the chips yourself and mix them in, or leave them whole and eat the salad with your hands rather than a fork.

Cheese Quesadilla

9. Cheese Quesadilla

Nothing is better or more delectable than a cheese quesadilla. If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll definitely love this dish.

When it comes to that wonderful combination of a warm, gooey cheese and a crunchy flour tortilla, Chipotle’s quesadillas never disappoint.

A combination of Monterey Jack and white cheddar is used in the shredded cheese at Chipotle, and it has a wonderful, sharp flavor that gives this straightforward meal plenty of depth.

Every quesadilla at Chipotle comes with your choice of three sides, including guacamole, sour cream, and one of their many salsas.

To make the dish more satisfying, try serving it with one to two dips, such salsa and sour cream, and a heartier side like beans.

Copycat Elote

10. Copycat Elote

The well-known roasted chili-corn salsa from Chipotle contains corn.

The sour-like Mexican crema, mayonnaise, lime, salty cotija cheese, cilantro, zingy chili powder, and Tajin give traditional elote its distinctive flavor. Bites of sweet corn flavored with a creamy, buttery, salty, spicy, slightly citrusy flavor result from mixing all of this and slathering it over the corn. 

Corn, cilantro, jalapenos, lemon and lime juices, onions, poblano pepper, salt, and corn are the main ingredients in Chipotle’s corn salsa. It lacks the acidic, creamy flavor of traditional esquites when consumed alone. It tastes great because warm cheese and corn salsa go so well together.

Carnitas Bowl

11. Carnitas Bowl

The carnitas, a subtle braised pork that is marinated and simmered for hours, is the major protein in the carnitas bowl.

When carnitas are braised, they become so soft that they can be shred by hand, giving each bite in a burrito bowl a pleasing texture.

Despite not traditionally being spicy, carnitas are flavorful and wonderfully filling.

They are also the protein option with the greatest calorie content at 210 calories per serving.

You can also choose to add fresh pico de gallo and pinto beans, which go well with all of the toppings you could put on your burrito bowl.

Carnitas Taco

12. Carnitas Taco

An fantastic choice at Chipotle instead is the carnitas taco.

Every taco at Chipotle includes your choice of grilled protein in a soft-shell or hard-shell taco, as well as presumably any toppings you like.

You can also select the quantity of tacos you want to eat. Go for a snack if that’s what you’re in the mood for. You have the option to order three if you want a complete meal.

You can select your preferred tortillas based on your tastes. Although hard shell tacos have a satisfying texture, soft shell tacos have a more authentic flavor.

Queso Blanco

13. Queso Blanco

The new queso Blanco, a smooth, creamy cheese dip prepared with over 10 ingredients, was introduced by Chipotle at the beginning of 2020.

The aged Monterey Jack and white cheddar cheeses, together with tomato, garlic, and three different peppers for extra heat, are used to make the dip.  It is considerably better than their traditional queso and has a lot more palatable texture.

On salads or bowls, their queso Blanco is quite excellent. Keep in mind that it can be a little bit extra mess, but it tastes great on portable foods like tacos or traditional burritos as well.

Quesadilla Burritos

14. Quesadilla Burritos

The “quesarito,” commonly referred to as quesadilla burritos, is a little-known Chipotle menu item.

The quesarito is a Mexican cuisine indulgence that is arguably one of Chipotle’s most talked-about secret menu items. Fans of Chipotle came up with the quesarito trend, which involves wrapping a standard burrito in a cheese quesadilla, as if the restaurant’s burritos weren’t already a hassle. Every bite of the giant burrito contains a mouthful of the end product, which is crispy, melty, and cheesy. It tastes too delicious to be true, yet it is meaty and cheesy.

If you request this item, make sure to give your server a hearty thank you because it doesn’t seem to be the easiest to prepare.

Vegan Chorizo Burrito Bowl

15. Vegan Chorizo Burrito Bowl

For vegan and vegetarian customers who want to customize their meals, Chipotle also offers plant-based protein, chorizo in addition to the Sofritas.

The chorizo is created from pea protein, and each serving has up to 16 grams of protein in addition to the savory flavors of chipotle peppers, garlic, and smoked paprika.

With 220 calories per serving and 6 grams of fiber, the vegan chorizo is on the higher end of the calorie scale.

A four-ounce serving of it comprises more carbohydrates than standard proteins typically do because it is a plant-based protein.

Other Chipotle dishes are listed below some are on their “secret menu”.

16. Salad With Steak

In addition to steak being a protein choice at Chipotle, you have the option to top your favorite salad with a portion of cubed steak.

Such as their chicken, the steak is seasoned in an adobo sauce, making it Chipotle’s spicier meat option.

Despite the fact that this order appears basic on a menu overflowing with excellent choices, its straightforwardness is its strongest point.

The steak’s deep taste complements the salad’s veggie foundation and is soft, juicy, and flavorful.

17. Nachos

Chipotle’s chips are fantastically thin and crunchy, with the ideal ratio of salt and sour lime, and they should be eaten with all of their dishes or on their own.

Remarkably, despite adding queso on their menu, a nacho’s best partner, Chipotle doesn’t offer nachos. Chipotle’s secret menu fans have discovered a method to eat nachos, but once more, you might need to do some crafting of your own. When ordering a burrito bowl at Chipotle, request chips as the base rather than rice. After that, add whatever you want to them, including protein and vegetables. It is recommended to choose advise choosing queso instead of standard shredded cheese.

18. Double-Decker Taco

Comparable to Taco Bell’s renowned cheesy gordita crunch, the double-decker taco is a standard taco with a soft-shell cheese taco wrapped around the outside. Ask for your choice of taco, either crunchy or soft, and then place an order for a soft-shell taco with simply cheese. Then, just place the cheese taco on top of the standard taco shell to create a double-decker taco. The additional layer of tortilla creates a doughy, cheesy bite by sandwiching the melty cheese to the other taco.

19. Burritodilla

Burritos and quesadillas can combine on the secret menu in other ways besides the legendary Chipotle quesarito. The burritodilla is a quesadilla that has half the toppings that you would typically get on a burrito. Since it only contains half of the ingredients of a quesarito, the burritodilla is less substantial and more cheesier.

The burritodilla appears to be comparable to the quesarito in that not all Chipotle locations will offer you one. At Chipotle, you can select up to two proteins or the quesadilla’s filling and three side dishes. It is possible to create your own burritodilla, but don’t anticipate it to be appealing. It is recommended to order  your quesadilla with your choice of protein and three sides typically found within a burrito, such as rice, beans, and pico de gallo. Furthermore, it is advisable for you to request that the staff not cut your quesadilla for you. After receiving your order, carefully open the tortilla and tuck the burrito’s components inside.

The burritodilla is messy, but it’s also loaded with excellent burrito flavors and loads of gooey cheese. It might even fall as the whole thing suddenly becomes soggy. 

20. Mix And Match

You can have black and pinto beans, as well as white and brown rice, for no additional cost.  By using the “mix and match” secret menu, you may spice up your typical order without paying extra. Similar to ordering extra beans or salsa, you can order double ingredients without paying a higher price.

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