25 Best In N Out Secret Menu Items in 2024

Best In N Out Secret Menu

One of the best fast food restaurants in the country is In-N-Out. Each In-N-Out restaurant, recognized for their tremendously courteous personnel, is vibrating with friendly, inviting energy.

Naturally, In-N-Out is noted for its amazing fast food selections. Their fries and burgers are excellent enough to compete with many other fast-food restaurants. But their secret menu is where they really stand out.

In order to assist you choose which meals to try for yourself, we decided to compile a list of the top items from In-N-Out secret menu. If you’ve been to In-N-Out before, you’ve definitely customized your standard cheeseburger, hamburger, fries, and shake using their secret menu.

To reward yourself, let’s explore some of the best stuff on In-N-Out secret menu. If you are interested to know In-N-Out’s secret menu items scroll down and continue reading.

In N Out Secret Menu

In-N-Out Restaurant

In-N-Out Restaurant

Situated largely in California and the Southwest, In-N-Out Burger is a regional chain of fast food restaurants in America. Harry and Esther Snyder founded it in Baldwin Park, California, in 1948.  The fast food chain’s main office is in Irvine, California, and it has since extended beyond of Southern California to include the majority of the state of California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oregon, and Colorado. It also has growth plans for Idaho. The only grandchild of the Snyders, Lynsi Snyder, is the rightful owner.

In addition to the original facility in Baldwin Park, the chain has established other distribution locations as it has progressed. The brand-new buildings in Lathrop, California, Phoenix, Arizona, Draper, Utah, Dallas, Texas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado will make it possible for potential future development into other regions of the nation.

One reason why In-N-Out Burger decided against franchising or going public is the possibility that unreasonably quick business growth may compromise the quality of the cuisine or the consistency of its customers. Numerous customer satisfaction studies have ranked the In-N-Out restaurant business among the top fast food establishments and have revealed that its customers are incredibly dedicated.

In N Out Products

In N Out Products

Three burger options are available at In-N-Out: hamburger, cheeseburger, and “Double-Double”, which is made with two burger patties and two slices of cheese. There are three different milkshake kinds as well as French fries and fountain drinks offered. The hamburgers are served with lettuce, tomato, “spread” sauce, which is a Thousand Island dressing variant, and either onions, the customer is asked if they like their order fresh or grilled.

However, each In-N-Out offers additional named items that are not included on the menu. Although the chain’s “secret menu” is available online, these modifications are seen there. These variants include 3×3 (three burger patties and three slices of cheese), 4×4 (four patties and four slices of cheese), Neapolitan shakes, grilled cheese sandwiches (which have the same ingredients as burgers but are wrapped in lettuce and have the buns removed), and Animal Style (prepared in a thin layer of mustard, adding condiments such as pickles, grilled onions, and extra spread). Two slices of melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions are placed on top of the Animal Style fries. Chili peppers can be ordered whole or diced upon request. The company has trademarked both Protein and Animal Style due to their connection to the business.

Instead of buying pre-made fries from other businesses, In-N-Out creates its own fries using the Kennebec variety of potato. The company uses “100% pure, cholesterol-free sunflower oil” to prepare its French fries. Additionally, fries can be prepared to order and cooked for a variety of times, from “mild” to “extra well done”.

Lemonade, unsweetened iced tea (sweet tea is only available in Texas locations), coffee, three milkshake varieties (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry) that can be combined in any way you like, soda, and three milkshake flavors are also available from the brand. Two separate soda manufacturers supply In-N-Out. It offers beverages from the Dr Pepper Snapple Group and The Coca-Cola Company, including 7 Up and Dr. Pepper, as well as Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke, and Barq’s Famous Olde Tyme Root Beer. The business makes the claim that their milkshakes are “100% real ice cream”.

Check out the different In N Out secret menu items below.

Cheesy Fries

1. Cheesy Fries (Cheese Fries)

Although technically not on the menu, these cheese fries are typically offered if you ask for them. Your fries are loaded with melted American cheese. These are absolutely delicious.

Animal-Style Burger

2. Animal-Style Burger

Another secret menu is the Animal-Style burger. Your choice of burger with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, a beef patty cooked with mustard. Basically, the meat is added with a dollop of mustard fried and then cooked. You also have the option to add pickle, more spread, and grilled onions.

Generally speaking, you will receive a “animal-style” burger if you request one. A burger with each patty having mustard cooked into it. One of the most well-known “secret” versions is “Animal Style”, in addition to the usual toppings, Animal Style burgers also come with pickles, chopped grilled onions, and extra spread, as well as mustard that has been fried onto each beef patty. The terms “3×3,” “4×4”, and other permutations of “m” and “c” designate burgers with varying numbers of meat patties and cheese slices. For instance, a “6×3” burger has six meat patties and three slices of cheese. Only the “3×3” and “4×4”, which are the company’s registered trademarks, are mentioned in the In-N-Out website’s “secret menu” section.

Up until 2004, In-N-Out allowed customers to order any size burger and add patties and cheese for an extra fee. On October 31, 2004, a group of friends ordered a 100×100 sandwich from a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada, and posted pictures of the burger online with Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. However, after word spread about the insanely huge burger, In-N-Out management banned any sandwich larger than a 4×4.

Mustard Grilled Patty

3. Mustard Grilled Patty

The secret menu at In-N-Out lets you add mustard to any burger variety to give it a flavor boost. You can enjoy a fantastic burger treat by simply asking for a “mustard grilled” burger. Simple as that. The In-N-Out staff only needs to pour some mustard onto the patty before grilling it.

This is essentially a scaled-down version of Animal Style, made with your preferred burger and a splash of mustard added to the patties before grilling.

4. Root Beer Float or Any Soda Float

When you request a root beer float, you’ll actually get a root beer shake (made of vanilla shake and root beer). Additionally, they will gladly add any soda to your float.

5. Veggie Burger Or Wish Burger

This is another secret In N out menu. As it doesn’t actually include a burger, the name “burger” is misleading. A toasted sandwich with In-N-Out spread, lettuce, tomato, and fresh onion make up the alternative. Substitute ketchup and mustard for the spread to make it vegan. Yellow chilies, whole or diced, can be used to make it spicy. Another vegetarian choice is a grilled cheeseburger. In-N-Out no longer uses the name Wish Burger, which is a more traditional word.

6. Animal-Style Fries

If there is burger Animal style, there’s also a fries Animal style.

Fries are also available in the Animal style if there is an Animal style burger.

Definitely the most popular products on In-N Out’s secret menu are the animal-style burgers and fries.

Fries are fried to a golden brown and then topped with their special sauce, melted American cheese, and caramelized onions.  Basically, these animal-style fries are topped with cheese and In-N-renowned Out’s sauce, which is made up of mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sweet pickle relish, white vinegar, salt, and pepper. You will be delighted if you serve this sauce with crispy fries and some fried onions on top. For “Upside Down” Animal Style Fries, get a second paper dish and flip the contents upside down.

7. Whole Grilled Onion Burger

The sliced onions in the animal-style burger you get from In-N-Out are occasionally not that fresh. You have the option to choose the whole grilled onion burger if this concerns you.

 Yes, you can actually request a freshly grilled, circular onion to top your burger instead of one that has likely been sitting out for some time or more. As your burger cooks, a whole piece of raw onion is grilled on both sides. When the burger is done grilling, the whole grilled onions will be the last component added. This requires about 9 minutes to cook, which is roughly twice as long as a typical burger would.

Even the animal-style burger can have this added. Therefore, you can combine the two.

8. Black & White Shake

Another secret menu item is the Black & White Shake. This is actually both a vanilla and chocolate shake.

9. Well-Done Fries or Fries Light

The difference between well-done and light fries is that well-done fries are extra crispy fries and oily whereas light fries are somewhat more done than standard fries. In-N-Out serves its fries in seven different cooking styles, these may be regular, slightly light, regular light, very light, light well done, well done, and extra well done.

10. Protein Style

One of the secret menu burgers is “Protein style”. Basically, your favorite burger will be wrapped in hand-leafed lettuce rather than a bun.

11. Roadkill Fries

One of the well known secret menu fries is Roadkill fries. Roadkill fries are not always easily accessible. They are essentially animal fries with shredded hamburger on top.

Even the ingredients may be given to you by the chef at select In-N-Out locations.

12. Double Meat

On a freshly baked bun, two 100% American beef patties are stacked high with hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, and you can request with onions or no onions at all. Generally speaking, is actually a burger with two beef patties.

13. Extra Everything

You can request more tomatoes, extra lettuce, onions, pickles, spread (which goes in packs ), and chilis at no additional cost. This could be a side dish or a hamburger.

14. Extra Salt

You can choose this basic In-N-Out secret menu adjustment. Simply ask for the hamburger patty with extra salt. Yes, you have the option to request for extra salt.

While the burger is grilling, the chef will add a couple more pinches of salt.

15. Flying Dutchman

Two beef patties and two pieces of American cheese are stacked together in an In-N-Out burger. That’s all, but if you want more toppings, just let us know. According to legend, In-N-Out’s founder, Harry Snyder, a Dutchman, invented this “burger” and loved it.

16. Monkey Style Burger Or Gorilla Style

This monkey style burger is a myth that stems from an internet fabrication. You can still make it yourself by ordering a burger and animal style fries and sandwiching the fries in the center of the burger.

17. 3×3 Or Triple Triple

Three 100% American beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, and three slices of American cheese, with or without onions, are stacked high on a freshly baked bun to make this tasty “three by three” burger.

18. 4×4 Or Quad Quad

Four 100% American beef patties, hand-leafed lettuce, tomato, spread, and four slices of American cheese, with or without onions, are stacked high on a freshly baked bun to make the “four by four” burger. 

19. Scooby Snack

There is only one beef burger patty on this secret menu item.

20. Pup Patty

A dog-friendly meal. It is like a salt-free Scooby Snack for your dog, which is, as the name suggests, a beef patty. But, it is  also edible to humans.

21. Medium Rare & Well-Done

In-N-Out, unlike certain fast food burger restaurants, lets you order any burger medium-rare or well-done.

22. The Grilled Cheese

It’s not exactly the same as the grilled cheese sandwich you seem to want to create at home when it comes to In-N-Out grilled cheeseburger.

There is only one burger here, but the patty isn’t present. The bun, cheese, legendary sauce, and other vegetables are still included.

23. Fly-Away Burger

In-N-Out will pack your burger and condiments in separate packages if you ask for this kind of secret menu so that you may reheat and prepare it when you get home or to your office.

24. Double Toasted or Non-Toasted Bun

You have the option to request for non-toasted buns for a spongy texture or double toasted for additional crisp.

25. Cold Cheese

If you prefer cold cheese over melted cheese, you can request for it to be put on your burger.

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