24 Best Tasting Shots To Take With Your Friends

Best tasting shots

Most of the time, when we go out with friends it would always be as fun when enjoying at the bar and taking tasting shots. Truth be told, strong and straight shots of liquor often taste strong. From whiskey shots, to vodka shot or even tequila shots can be strong and hard since most or even all shots are not diluted with any liquid. However, there are also tasting shots that can be creamy, sweet, and fruity as well. In here, we have gathered some of the best tasking shots to take with your friends.

Best Tasting Shots

The idea way to make tasting shots when at a party is to carefully measure well the ingredients and allow each shots to chill in a mixing glass. The list in this articles includes different tasting shots so that no matter you are taking shots with your friends at a bar or at home making homemade tasting shots you have a lot of options to choose from along with different shot recipe.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple upside down cake shot is also known as Layered shot. This tasting shot is a delicious and fruity shot.

Aside from being pretty to look at, it is also easy to make. This tasting shot is made of vanilla vodka (3/4 ounce), pineapple juice (1/2 ounce) and grenadine (1/4 ounce).

It is a unique type of tasting shot for those who loves sweets because vanilla and pineapple juice goes well together to give a shot a tangy taste while the sweetness of the shot comes from the grenadine.

Kamikaze Shot

Kamikaze shot is perhaps one of the best shots that you can find at any bar. It features a bright blue color hue (often called Blue kamikaze). And since it is a shot, the Kamikaze shot is just a smaller version of the popular drink Kamikaze.

The Kamikaze shot uses three main ingredients: Triple sec, vodka and lime juice. If you are familiar with margarita, both margarita and kamikaze uses the same ingredients but the only difference is that Kamikaze uses vodka instead of tequila.

Kamikaze shots are best served when it is cold, therefore throw a couple of ice to the glass with the ingredients then shake it until chilled then transfer to rocks glasses and serve lime wedge.

Mind Eraser shot

Mind eraser shot is the smaller version of the well known mind eraser cocktail, yet another borrowed shot from a cocktail drink.

The shot version of the cocktail drink is made from layers of Vodka, Kahlua and club soda (often uses sprite as an alternative).

Since this is a layered shot, preparing this shot is simple: Pour Kahlua to the bottom of the shot glass. Layer the vodka on top of it using a bar spoon and then layered again with club soda.

Green Tea Shot

Most of the green tea variety gives health benefits but this one right here may not be that kind. Although this type of green tea is quiet a delicious shot.

The shot may have the green tea name, but actually this shot does not contain any green tea at all. It is made of whiskey (Irish Whiskey), sour mix, peach schnapps and lemon lime soda. The mixture of these ingredients can actually make the shot taste like green tea.

This green tea shot is not a strong shot and regarding its alcohol content it is similar to at least a full glass of wine.

Alice in Wonderland

The popular Disney movie Alice in Wonderland is also named for after a drink. The drink uses Tequila and Grand Marnier, the mixture of these two ingredients will definitely make a delicious yet very strong shot.

Alice in Wonderland is best enjoyed when it is served cold. Although considered a strong shot, the shot may actually be tasty because of the Grand Marnier used.

Hot Damn

A hot damn shot is made of whiskey, orange juice, vodka and rum. It is very easy to make and prepare by simply mixing all the ingredients together in a glass with ice. Then shake until chilled, strain into a shot glass.

The drink may taste good, that bars have this one simple rule wherein you need to shout out the word “hot damn” after drinking the shot. It’ll make the shot more enjoyable and taste even better.

Irish Car Bomb

Although it is named as an Irish Car bomb, the drink is not an Irish drink. As a matter of fact, the drink is completely American but since it uses Baileys, Guinness and Jameson it may look like an Irish drink.

The complete list of ingredients used in this Irish Car Bomb drink includes: Irish cream, Irish Whiskey, and Guinness Stout.

Making the shot is simple:

  • Pour Irish Cream and Irish whiskey to the shot glass.
  • Drop in Guinness Stout
  • Serve and drink the shot.


Another tasting shot is the Afterburner shot. It is called as such because it usually leaves a a little bit of burning feeling on the throat.

There are two versions of the Afterburner shot:

  • First version: uses Bacardi with hot and cold cinnamon schnapps
  • Second version: uses Vodka and Tabasco sauce.

Jolly Rancher

Jolly rancher shot may be your kind of drink if you are the type who like to switch colors and flavors in a drink. For instance, the original and classic Jolly rancher shot uses melon liqueur, vodka and cranberry juice, but if let’s say you do not like melon you can use alternatives such as green apple vodka, schnapps and cranberry juice. Also, instead of cranberry juice, you can use cranberry gelatin as an alternative.

This shot is simple to make, all you need to do is to place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled and then strain into a shot glass.


If you like a shot of liquor but with a taste of sweetness, you’ll definitely want to add B-52 on your list of tasting shots.

The ingredients used are: Coffee liqueur, Orange Liqueur, Irish cream and Overproof Rum. Since it is a layered type of shots, when pouring and using the spoon technique carefully layer the ingredients will do the trick of making this three layered shot. The overproof rum is the highlight of this drink.

Red headed slut

The Red Headed slut is a type of shaken shot. It is another popular tasting shot that features a bright red drink, hence the name.

A very simple but delicious shots is made of ingredients such as: Jägermeister, peach schnapps and cranberry juice.

The mixture of these ingredients is what makes this shot exciting. The Black licorice flavor comes from the Jägermeister, while its fruity and tarty taste comes from the peach schnapps and the cranberry juice is responsible for the bright red color of the drink.

Motor Oil

The name of the shot may be not as exciting, but this shaken shot has a unique peppermint-cinnamon-coconut flavor that actually tastes good and considered to be a great shot. The classic recipe for making Motor oil shots includes: Jägermeister herbal liqueur, peppermint schnapps, cinnamon schnapps and coconut rum.

The ingredients are mixed together in a shaker filled ice, shake until chilled and then strain into a shot glass.

Tootsie Roll

Another tasting shot is Tootsie roll. Although the ingredients used may not sound like the famous Tootsie roll, but the chocolatey taste similar.

It is made of just 2 main ingredients: Kahlua and Orange Juice. To prepare this shot, all you need to do is to mix the ingredients in a shake filled ice glass, shake until chilled and then strain into a shot glasses.

If you want it to taste even more like a tootsie roll, use at least a third of orange juice and 2/3 of Kahlua. But if you just can’t get enough of the orange taste of this drink, you can add more orange juice instead of Kahlua.

White Gummy Bear

Gummy bear has been the crowds favorite, then till now. These little and delicious gummies gives you a sweet and tangy flavor that is why the famous gummies was turned into flavorful and tasting shot.

White gummy bear shots uses ingredients such as: Raspberry syrup, Peach schnapps, Lemon lime soda and Sweet and sour.

This type of tasting shot has a mild to medium strength, yes not a very strong shot.

Girl Scout Cookie

This tasting shot has the delicious flavor of thin mint. There are different versions of this shot, but the most common version uses the ingredients: Irish cream, peppermint schnapps and coffee liqueur.

There are instances when chocolate liqueur or Jägermeister is used instead of coffee liqueur. It is therefore recommended to try the classic and original version first, and then try the other version to know which version suits you best.

You can also try the layered version of this shot wherein when using the spoon technique, layering the bottom of the shot with the coffee liqueur and then add layers of schnapps on top of the glass.

Cherry Bomb

A type of Bomb shot that should be on your list to order at the bar when out with your friends. It is made using two ingredients, yes just two: Cherry vodka and Red bull energy drink.

It is very simple to make, just pour cherry vodka into a shot glass, then fill the highball glass with the next ingredient Red Bull Energy drink. Drop shot glass into the glass of filled with Red bull energy drink.

This drink will keep you up all night because of the red bull ingredient on this shot.

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake is not just about the classic cake during birthdays, you can also have a chocolate cake shot that tastes sweet similar to that of a birthday cake.

The ingredients used to make this drink are as follows: Vanilla vodka and Hazelnut Liqueur. Making this drink is very simple and easy. Just place the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled glass with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a shot glass. Serve with sugar coated lemon wedge on the side.

Washington Apple

Washington Apple is a type of Shaken shot. The shot is made of whisky, apple schnapps, cranberry juice and lemon lime soda.

Making this shot is relatively easy, in a cocktail shaker filled with ice add apple schnapps, whisky and cranberry juice. Shake until chilled then strain into a shot glass. Lemon lime soda is an optional ingredient.

Although the ingredients can make the shot taste sour, it actually isn’t because of the whisky ingredients that mellows down the sour flavor of the drink.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean shot is another tasting shot that is made of layered shots of Blue Curacao, Pineapple juice and either blackberry brandy or cherry vodka.

Since this is a layered shot, carefully layer the shot will do the trick. First, pour blue curacao to the bottom of the shot glass. Then using the spoon technique, layer pineapple juice on top using the bar spoon, then add either cherry vodka or blackberry brandy.

Melon ball

Melon may have a subtle but it has strong flavors as well. Melon Ball shot is a type of shaken shot made from pineapple juice, melon liqueur (ex: Midori) and vodka.

Making melon ball is very easy, simply mix all the ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a shot glass.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a shaken shot recipe made from Cinnamon Whiskey, apple cider and a dash of lemon juice. To make this shot, simply mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled glass with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a shot glass.

Chocolate Almond Amaretto

This kind of shots is made with Amaretto liqueur, creme de cacao and Bailey’s Irish cream. simply shake the ingredients in a glass with ice and strain into shot glasses. then served while chilled.

Blow Job

A classic yet popular shot, a fun shooter shot that you can serve to make a party more fun and exciting. Especially when drinking this shot without even using your hands.

This layered shot recipe consists amaretto liqueur, Irish Cream liqueur and topping of whipped cream. To make this drink, simply place amaretto liqueur at the bottom of the shot glass, layer Irish cream liqueur on top of and then with finishing touches of whipped cream on top.


Nowadays, going out with friends and enjoying a party there is usually drinking involved. Although not everyone can tolerate all shots because some are strong shots but there are also medium strength shots available.

Strong shots does not necessarily mean totally avoiding the shot, there are some of the best tasting shots with fun and cool flavors, different combinations of ingredients to choose from.

Now if you’re ready to party and have fun with friends, you now have a guide as to the best tasting shots that you can order at the bar.

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