How Long Does Lemon Juice Last

how long does lemon juice last

Those who are not fond of lemon, its fresh lemon juice is actually extracted to create that drink called lemonade. Lemon juice is extracted by crushing the pulp of lemon fruit, then water and sugar are added to create the refreshing lemonade drink.

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Aside from that, lemon juice is also used worldwide in both culinary and non-culinary purposes. In composition, freshly squeezed lemon juice is about 5% to 6% citric acid, with a pH of around 2.2. This gives the juice of the lemon a distinctive sour taste.

There are different recipes that use fresh lemons in their ingredients. For example, fruit curd is a dessert spread and topping that is usually made with lemon and other fruits such as lime, orange or raspberry. A popular American dessert, which is the lemon bar, is also using lemon.

The fresh lemons would not only produce lemon juice as its main product. Citric acid, citrate of lime, lemon oil, and pectin are some of the most in-demand by-products of lemons. The oil of the lemon is essential in perfumes, soap, and flavouring extract. 

Aside from lemonades, lemon juice is also processed into bottled lemon juice, packed juice or powdered juice and is sold in groceries. 

Will Lemon Juice Last Long

You might be wondering if the lemon juice would ever get spoiled or will it ever go bad. You might be asking as well, “If it goes bad, how long does lemon juice last?”. 

Well, the lemon juice, just like other liquids, will eventually go bad once it reaches a certain period of time. The shelf life of the lemon juice would actually depend on several factors, including how it is being handled, the room temperature and a lot more. 

Fresh Lemon Juice

A freshly squeezed lemon juice will show signs of spoilage faster if it has been exposed without proper storage. That is due to the bacteria, mold and yeast that will develop. To further extend its shelf life, store the freshly squeezed lemon juice in a refrigerator or freezer. 

If you have a freshly squeezed lemon juice that has been left out, look for the signs of spoilage before using it again. First, check for the color. If the lemon juice has turned darker, it is spoiled already. Second, smell if it still provides that fresh lemon juice vibes. If not, then it is time to throw the lemon juice away. 

Lastly, you can tell if lemon juice that’s freshly squeezed is not good once you tasted it and it has any odd flavors in there other than the familiar lemon taste. If the lemon juice doesn’t taste good anymore, it’s time to ditch it and open up other fresh lemon juice to be used. If you store the lemon juice that’s freshly squeezed in the fridge, it could last from two to 3 days. 

There is also a trick to further get a longer shelf life of fresh lemon juice. If you store lemon juice inside a freezer, you can use some ice cube trays. Put the squeezed lemon juice in the ice cube trays before putting it inside the freezer. Frozen Lemon juice that’s freshly squeezed will last up to one week before it spoils.

This will be more convenient if you want to have some fresh lemon juice in the future. Simply put the frozen lemon juice in a glass and add some water and sugar. 

You can also use other clean containers or bottles to store the squeezed juice. If you do that, the lemon juice should be stored in the refrigerator to get a longer storage life. 

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Bottled Lemon Juice

Unlike those extracted lemon juice from fresh lemons, bottled lemon juice has been processed and has a longer storage life since preservatives are already added. There is actually an expiration date provided on each store bought lemon juice to let the buyers know when is the best time to use them. 

However, if you will be using lemon juice in a bottle once in a while, there’s a tendency that it could spoil and may not be good to be used anymore. A bottled lemon juice may spoil faster after opening it and not storing the opened product properly. 

Just like the squeezed lemon juice, bottled lemon juice could be inhibited by bacteria and molds, causing the spoilage to happen. If you want to extend the usage of the bottled juice, put it inside the fridge after opening it. The best way to avoid spoilage is to consume it immediately right after opening the product. 

If you are going to buy bottled juice, it is best to put them inside the fridge as it helps the juice to avoid inhibition of molds and bacteria. Freezing the content is also a good idea, especially if you won’t be consuming it immediately. 

Should you have no fridge at home, make sure to store lemon juice at room temperature. This will prevent faster spoilage of the product. You can buy some of the processed lemon juice by clicking here

What Is The Danger of Consuming Spoiled Lemon Juice

It is inevitable that some of the store bought lemon juice, even those unopened plastic bottles, would go bad unexpectedly. You might not be able to notice it and consume the product accidentally. You might also have some squeezed lemon juice in the fridge and have stayed in there for more than 3 days. 

The risks of consuming bad lemon juice could vary. It would depend on the amount of bad bacteria that has entered the body. The worst case scenario that we are seeing would be food poisoning. 

If the lemon juice has not been stored properly, amounts of bacteria, molds and yeast could form into the liquid and may bring harm to the digestive system once consumed. This could happen if the lemon juice has been exposed to dirty surroundings or high temperature. 

Seeing signs of the lemon juice getting spoiled has been discussed above, so make sure that you will be more vigilant when it comes to using it, may it be on a recipe or making lemonades. 

Let’s Wrap It Up

Lemon juice is a very versatile liquid that can be used on various things. You can turn the fresh juice into a lemonade drink, or incorporate it in a recipe. 

The best way to store the lemon juice and get a long storage life is to freeze it. Using a plastic container is best to be used when freezing the lemon juice and use that in a week or so. 

Refrigerating the opened bottled juice is also best to prevent bacterial accumulation and refrigerated juice prolong its shelf life. This will prevent you from getting food poisoned as well. 

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