Does Gatorade Expire

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Sports drinks (or a sports drink) have been helping a lot of people get through the day, especially during summer and for those who are on-the-go. Heat would always consume more water in the body as sweat would be persistent. 

This is the reason why some people who move often, like athletes, would lose more water. In 1965,a team of university physicians, led by Dr. Robert Cade, was asked by the Gator’s assistant football coach of the University of Florida to check why their athletes are suffering when exposed to heat. 

The reason why some athletes would get tired immediately when exposed to too much heat is due to the fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates lost in the body are not replenished well. To address this problem, a carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage called “Gatorade” has been created. 

For over 40 years, Gatorade has been used by most athletes during their game (either practice or actual) to get back those lost fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates. As of now, Gatorade is being manufactured by PepsiCo and is distributed in over 80 countries.

But aside from being used by athletes, Gatorade has found its usage during an illness. Since it can replace electrolytes, people who are suffering from diarrhea can drink Gatorade to re-fuel the lost fluids and electrolytes. You might store some of this in your pantry just in case you need them.

Aside from the Gatorade bottle, a powdered Gatorade is also developed. The original Gatorade powder mix includes a variety of flavors, such as Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Orange, Glacier Freeze and Riptide Rush. There is also another version of powdered Gatorade with lower calorie content called the Gatorade G2 powder mix. It comes in Fruit Punch, Grape and Glacier Freeze flavors. 

Does Gatorade Expire

Since Gatorade is so popular and a lot of people are consuming it, you might wonder if it will ever go bad or will it spoil? Just like any other bottled and manufactured energy drinks and food products, there is a date printed on the packaging as “best before end” on every Gatorade bottle or pack (if you have the powdered version). 

That is an indication that you will need to consume the contents before that date ends. It is mandatory that the bottles have a specific manufacturing and end date so that consumers will know when is the right time to ditch or throw away the unused items. 

Gatorade shelf life of an unopened bottle could last from 1 to 3 years. Unrefrigerated opened bottles could last from 6 to 12 hours shelf life. Gatorade powder will last from 1 to 2 years shelf life. 

How to Spot an Expired Gatorade

It might come in handy to have a  basic knowledge on which you can tell if the Gatorade is not good for drinking. If you have checked the date on the bottle and the product is still good, check the things below.

If you have opened a bottle of Gatorade or have mixed the powder already, but it has not been fully consumed, that is still good to be consumed after. But you have to be careful when to do that. 

First, check if the color is still the same as when you opened it. Each Gatorade flavor has a corresponding color depending on the flavor indicated at the bottles. 

Second, look for sediments. If there are unusual sediments sitting under the bottle of Gatorade, do not consume the product as it may have been contaminated already with other substances and is not good to be drunk anymore. 

Or check the smell. You should be able to tell once a bottle of Gatorade or the mixture is already spoiled once it has a not-so-nice smell on it. You can also have a little taste of the product and check for any odd flavors on the drink. 

Lastly, if there are molds or lumps in the liquid, that is a strong indication that it is not good anymore and you need to throw it right away. 

How To Store Gatorade Properly

Since Gatorade has an expiration date, you are safe to drink it as long as the date has not passed yet. But what if you have opened a bottle of Gatorade or powdered Gatorade mix version already? Check out how to store it properly so it won’t go bad easily.

In general, the opened bottle would last for one week and the mixed powdered Gatorade would last from three to five days as long as it is stored properly inside a refrigerator or freezer. Drinking it immediately is still best to avoid getting spoiled. 

Opened powdered Gatorade that has not been mixed yet would be good for up to 6 months if you will transfer the contents into an airtight container and store it inside the refrigerator. This will prolong the flavor and the quality of the powdered sports drinks.

If you don’t have a refrigerator but would like to store Gatorade bottles in your pantry, you can do that as long as you keep them away from heat. You can keep them in a dark spot that is away from direct sunlight at room temperature. Gatorade should be stored in a cool, dry place that not in high temperature to retain its best quality.

Is Gatorade Bad For You

Though Gatorade can replenish lost fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates in the body, there is something that you need to be mindful of when consuming this energy drink

Drinking too much Gatorade would provide higher risk of weight gain. This is prevalent to people who don’t exercise regularly, are less active, or don’t release that much energy in their body. This is because Gatorade has an extra sugar and sodium content used to replenish those lost nutrients in the body. 

If those are mixed with the food that we consume and you are not releasing it since you are not doing any physical activity, the body will accumulate more of them and would result in extra body weight. 

This is also not good for people with tooth decay. Gatorade has sugar content and if consumed beyond what is recommended, would destroy the tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay. So better drink it moderately. 

If you have accidentally drank an expired Gatorade, don’t worry as it would have a serious adverse effect, especially if that comes from an unopened bottle. If you drink expired Gatorade, you will only notice a degraded quality of freshness and flavor. 

This is because the flavor and carbonation will decrease once the bottle has surpassed the end date indicated. But it is still safe to consume the sports drink as long as the seal is intact and the sports drink has been stored in a clean, dry, cool environment.

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