Can Chickens Eat Raisins

can chickens eat raisins

Have you been wondering if feeding raisins to chickens can negatively affect their condition? Can chickens eat raisins without getting intoxicated? There have been speculations that raisins are not good for animals. Let us find out…

can chickens eat raisins
What Are Raisins?

Raisins are dried grapes that are commonly used in baking, brewing, and cooking. The grapes have been dried out and turned their color to dark brown or golden brown. Thus, raisins are produced. Raisins are delicious treats with an alluring taste that can be eaten raw. The taste of the raisin varies depending on its color. Golden raisin is soft and fleshy with a unique flavor, while brown raisin has a sweet sour taste.

Aside from being utterly delicious, there are also health benefits you can get from eating raisins. To name some, raisins help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. Raisins are rich in fiber which can help lower bad cholesterol, hypertension, cancer prevention, diabetes control, cure fever, and nurture bone health. Raisin is also a natural antioxidant. Healthy weight gain is also among these benefits.

These are just a few of the many health benefits you can get from this delicious treat. And because of that, can chickens eat raisins? Read more…

can chickens eat raisins

Can Chickens Eat Raisins?

Chickens eat grapes. Since raisins are made from grapes, therefore chickens eat raisins. But there have been reports that raisins are not good for chickens and dogs. Many chicken owners also stated that they remove raisins from chicken’s normal diet. A discussion in the chicken community about the amount of raisins has also fired up. It is believed that raisins contain toxins that can cause seizures and kidney failure to animals. In fact, raisins contain solanine, a toxin that can destroy red blood cells.

So what really is the score? Can we feed raisins to chicken? Is raisin really a healthy treat? The answer is yes. Chickens can eat raisins. A few benefits have already been mentioned above, but there are also a few caveats that you ought to learn.

A few things to remember:

  • Chickens can eat raisins.
  • Chickens do not digest wet foods, so do dried fruit. So if you are a chicken owner, you should only give a few raisins to your chicken.
  • Chicken health wouldn’t be affected as long as you feed them moderately.
  • Raisins have higher sugar content than the regular grapes, and feeding your chickens too many raisins can affect their balanced diet. Thus, affecting their egg production.
  • Raisins should only be an occasional treat for chickens.
  • Most chickens are picky eaters, so giving raisins should not be on a daily basis. Make sure as well that you give your chickens easy to eat size raisins.
  • As much as possible, do not give this chicken treat to laying hens. As mentioned, raisins have high sugar content and if you are not sure that you are providing them the right portion of the raisins, don’t risk giving them this savory snack.

After hearing the answer to the question “can chickens eat raisins”, you might probably ask how many raisins you can feed your chickens. You’ll find out the answer below. Read further.

can chickens eat raisins

How Much Raisins Should You Add To Your Chicken’s Diet?

Feeding your feathered pet too much raisins can inadvertently affect its health. As mentioned, raisin should only be an occasional snack for your chicken. Just like other fruits, raisins can cause indigestion and when consumed in a higher amount, can lead to digestive disorder and even up to death.

Thus, you should be feeding chickens not more than 10% of their normal diet. Chickens love many foods and most fruits like grapes and raisins. These are even their favorite treats. So make sure not to give them too many raisins because they will surely eat all of them. And you’ll end up regretting why you fed them with raisins.

Best Way Of Feeding Raisins To Chickens

Every chicken owner should be aware of the proper way of feeding raisins to their chicken. If you don’t prohibit your chickens to eat this healthy treats, here’s a list on how to feed chickens raisins:

  • Soak raisins in plenty of water for an hour or until softened before giving them to your chicken.
  • You can slither enough raisins into the water dish.
  • Mix raisins to scratch grains.
can chickens eat raisins

Why Soak Raisins Into The Water

It is recommended to soak these treats into the water before feeding them to your chickens to soften its texture. As we all know, raisins are dry in nature. Thus, it is harder to digest compared to regular grapes and other citrus fruit. Soaking raisins into the water also removes some of its sugar content.

So when buying raisins online or at your nearest grocery store, choose the small nature raisins because it has no sugar added. Or if it isn’t an option, then all you need to do is utilize the soaking method to soften the raisin and remove the sugar content.

can chickens eat raisins

What Are The Nutrients Chicken Can Get From Raisin?

Chicken fed with raisin in a desirable amount, can acquire various nutrients their small body need. Here are some of the important nutrients raisin has:

Fiber – Chicken digestion is very poor . In fact they are prone to constipation. In this case, raisin should be the perfect treat for them as it contains a high amount of fiber. Aside from that, the fiber contained in raisins can help your chicken gain weight.

Iron -Raisin is also a good source of iron. And most hens are prone to anemia. So, this makes raisin a perfect treat for them. In addition, iron helps improve red blood cells, strong muscles, and even bone health.

Potassium – Raisin is high in potassium which is essential for digestion and hydration. To keep your flock hydrated and refreshed, feed them raisins.

Omega-6 Fatty Acids – Surprisingly, these dried grapes are also rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids. This nutrient is good for your chicken’s feather, skin, and proper growth.

Folate – This nutrient is also good for hens. Just like pregnant women, hens have the tendency to be folate deficient. Therefore, they need folic acid. For more productive and high-quality eggs, give your hens these wonderful treats.

Other nutrients you or your chickens can get from raisins are Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Copper, Calcium, Selenium, and Magnesium. So definitely raisin is a healthy treat your chickens can eat.


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