Authentic Homemade Chicken Larb Recipe and Serving Suggestions

Benefits of Making Homemade Chicken Larb

Home-cooked meals are a great way to control your diet. You can be sure of what goes into your food and make necessary modifications to cater to your nutritional needs or personal preferences.

Take chicken larb for example. When you prepare it at home, you get to decide the type and amount of protein, vegetables and seasoning used. This gives you flexibility to conform to your dietary needs or taste preference.

Preparing chicken larb at home also means fresher meals. Without adding any preservatives, you’re eating food that’s healthier for your body. Moreover, homemade food tends to have lower levels of sodium, improving your heart health and reducing your risk of high blood pressure.

And there’s more! Trying your hand at a new recipe is a chance to refine your cooking abilities. The chopping, stirring and tasting involved in cooking stimulate your senses and engage your mind.

Aside from health and mental benefits, making your own chicken larb could save you money. Typically, restaurants upcharge their meals to cover operation costs. When you cook at home, however, you only concern yourself with your grocery bill. That’s more savings in your pocket!

Finally, don’t forget the joy of sharing a delicious, homemade meal with loved ones. A Thai-inspired chicken larb on your dining table could be the gem that sparks warm, memorable conversations.

The recipe we’ve shared is authentic, flavorful and easy-to-follow. Ready to spend a little time in the kitchen and enjoy the benefits of homemade chicken larb? Grab your apron and let’s get started!

Chicken Larb Stats






250 kcal


20 g


12 g


10 g


3 g


90 mg

This nutritional information is estimated and might vary slightly depending on the exact ingredients you use.

Ingredients You’ll Need

Roll up your sleeves, it’s time to gather your ingredients for your homemade chicken larb. Making this flavorful dish requires simple, yet uniquely combined ingredients. Multiple levels of taste come together in harmony, surprising both you and your guests.

Begin with the star of the dish – 1.5 pounds of ground chicken. You have unrestricted control over the leanness. Preferring extra lean meat? You’ve got it. Want something a bit juicier? Get a mix with a higher fat content. You remain in control of your meal.

Next up, your herbs. In a classic chicken larb, you’ll need 1 bunch fresh mint, 1 bunch fresh cilantro, and 2 scallions. Fresh herbs are crucial. Their vibrant colors will visually please and their aromas will permeate your kitchen.

Regarding the dressing, you’ll want to arm yourself with 5 tablespoons of fish sauce, 3 tablespoons of lime juice, and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Here lies the secret to chicken larb’s distinctive flavor. The fish sauce brings a savory umami, balanced with the tangy fresh lime juice. The touch of sugar blends everything together.

To kick things up a notch, try substituting traditional sugar with palm sugar. It’s a nutritious option having a low glycemic index. With palm sugar, you not only maintain the sweet counterbalance but also incorporate an element of caramel into your dish.

Make sure you have 2 red bird’s eye chilies and 2 cloves of garlic. Their role might seem small, but their influence is mighty. This duo will give your homemade chicken larb that added punch of flavor.

Lastly, for serving, you simply need lettuce leaves and sticky rice. Appealing yet straightforward, these additions will allow your chicken larb’s flavors to take center stage.

Ingredient Amount
Ground Chicken 1.5 lbs
Fresh Mint 1 Bunch
Fresh Cilantro 1 Bunch
Scallions 2
Fish Sauce 5 Tablespoons
Lime Juice 3 Tablespoons
Sugar/Palm Sugar 1 Teaspoon
Bird’s Eye Chilies 2

Step-by-Step Instructions

Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. We’ll break it down into manageable steps so you can confidently recreate this enticing Homemade Chicken Larb in your kitchen. After all, it’s in the doing that the real learning happens.

Step 1: Preparing the Chicken
You want to start by shaping your protein. Using lean ground chicken transforms this recipe into a winner. Remember, control over leanness is your secret edge. Now, heat a splash of oil in a frying pan and cook your chicken, breaking it apart as you go, until its golden and crispy.

Step 2: Building up the Flavor
Next up, it’s time for a flavor explosion. Throw in those freshly crushed garlic cloves and red bird’s eye chilies, finely chopped. You’ll immediately be gifted with an aromatic burst that sets the tone for the rest of the dish.

Step 3: Introducing the Herbs
Once the chicken is cooked, it’s time to introduce those vibrant fresh herbs. Generously sprinkle your chopped mint and cilantro over the chicken. Stir and cook for an additional minute. The more the merrier here – trust us, these local superstars pack a punch!

Step 4: Crafting the Dressing
Your dressing is the soul of the dish. Blend your fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar in a separate bowl. If you want to take it a notch up, use palm sugar. It sweetens with a robust depth of flavor and offers more nutrition. Pour this dressing over the pan of glorious chicken and stir well.

Step 5: The Final Touches
Almost there! It’s now time for the taste test. Adjust the seasoning to your preference. Add more chilies for heat, more sugar for sweetness, or lime juice for tanginess. You’re the chef. This dish is all about balance and harmony of flavors.

There you have it! Five easy-to-follow steps to making a restaurant-worthy Chicken Larb right at home. Are you serving it with lettuce leaves and sticky rice? Remember, these sides are not merely accessories; they’re meal makers.

Tips for Perfecting Your Chicken Larb

As you continue your journey to create the perfect Homemade Chicken Larb, remember, details matter! It’s the subtle variances that make your dish unique. Here are some handy pointers to take your cuisine to the next level.

1. Shape:

To increase flavor, ensure that the lean ground chicken is well-shaped. You’ll need to take your time kneading and shaping to ensure that all the flavors are well absorbed.

2. Herb freshness:

Always opt for fresh herbs. Mint and cilantro are key players in the flavor game, they add a note of freshness to your Larb. The distinction between fresh and dry herbs is striking—fresh herbs provide a vibrant, zesty note that truly brings out the essence of the dish.

3. Aromatics:

Garlic and red bird’s eye chilies are your aromatic armory. They infuse your Larb with a spicy kick and a warm, comforting aroma. Try and source the freshest possible as their potency can really elevate your dish.

4. The soulful dressing:

The dressing is the life of your Chicken Larb. It’s made up of fish sauce, lime juice, and sugar – with the alternative option of using palm sugar. Expect a symphony of flavors playing on your palate: the umami from the fish sauce, the tanginess from the lime, and a delicate sweetness from the sugar.

5. Seasoning:

Finally, do not forget to adjust your seasoning. You’re aiming for a harmonious flavor profile, where no single element overshadows another. Consider this your final finesse to a delicious meal.

Why stop there? Serve your Chicken Larb with lettuce leaves and sticky rice. The crunch from the lettuce and the soft, fluffy texture of the rice make for the perfect companions to your savory Larb.

Serving Suggestions

After perfecting your Homemade Chicken Larb recipe, the next big step is serving. Even the best dishes can fall flat if not presented in the right way. Food served looking appealing and vibrant will have your guests’ mouths watering before they take their first bite. Making sure your Chicken Larb is a feast for the eyes and not just for the tongue enhances your dining experience.

One great way to serve your Chicken Larb is in lettuce wraps. The cool crunch of fresh lettuce complements the flavorful, warm chicken filling. Plus, lettuce wraps are a healthier, low-carb option. It’s a perfect way to incorporate more greens into your meal.

Alternatively, consider serving it with sticky rice. In Thailand, this dish is enjoyed with glutinous rice, traditionally eaten with hands. The mild flavor and sticky texture are a perfect base for your aromatic and spicy Chicken Larb.

Think about your sides too. A fresh cucumber salad or a tangy green papaya salad can add a refreshing contrast. Pickled veggies might be a good idea for those who love a little extra tanginess with their meal. It also aids in digestion.

Another option is to create a buffet-style meal. Put different components of the dish separately, allowing everyone to customize their Chicken Larb. Provide different types of lettuce, a variety of fresh herbs, and other condiments. This way, it becomes a combination of cooking experience and creative fine-dining at home.

Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to serving your Homemade Chicken Larb. These suggestions should spark your creativity and help tailor this dish to your personal tastes or dietary restrictions. Mastering the art of presenting your dishes comes with time and practice. Each time you cook, you’re adding a new chapter to your culinary story.


So, you’ve got the inside scoop on how to serve up a memorable Homemade Chicken Larb meal. Remember, it’s all about the presentation, whether you’re going for a healthier lettuce wrap or the classic sticky rice combo. Don’t forget to add a pop of color and crunch with side dishes like cucumber salad or pickled veggies. And if you’re hosting a crowd, a buffet-style setup lets everyone customize to their heart’s content. With Chicken Larb, you’re not just serving a meal; you’re creating a dining experience. And the more you practice, the better you’ll get at this art of food presentation. So, go ahead, give it a try and impress your guests with your culinary skills.

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